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What did Sigmund Freud say about ego?

“attempts to mediate between id and reality”

Sigmund Freud Theory: Ego. The Ego seeks to please the instinctive drive of the Id but only in realistic ways that will benefit in the long term. The Ego, says Freud, “attempts to mediate between id and reality”. The Ego comprises organized structure of one’s personality.

Sigmund Freud Theory: The Id, Ego and Superego


Sigmund Freud Theory: Id According to Freud, the Id directs basic drive instincts. It is unorganized and seeks to obtain pleasure, or avoid pain, at times when increased arousal of tension takes place. It is not in the conscious realm and thus its awakening and input is typically overlooked at a conscious level.

Sigmund Freud Theory: The Id, Ego and Superego

The Dreams of Gaia Tarot- 8 of Air, represents the ego as the center of our consciousness and our personalities major driving force. Sigmund Freud felt that the Id is the "subconscious" and the director of the basis drive instincts, that I call the "survival mind" of the animal. The Ego, is the self-consciousness that we like to call our "mind", but in reality, is not. Our Mind is the Universal Collective Unconscious and/or Macrocosmic Mind, which has invented "self-consciousness "as its servant to operate in the microcosm/world of materialized forms. The Superego, being the person's conscience. The Superego, tries to constrain the Id and ego, to act in a moral and socially acceptable way. Hence according to Freud, the "Whole Personality" is Id-Ego-Superego. The Psyche, is the whole persona plus the Spirit/Energy/Will to be. The Whole Person, for the Persona of Spirit what we call a "Soul" and/or "Son/Sun of God". The Personality invented by the Soul, is what we call "ourselves", if not profaned by indoctrination. Hence, you might glean from all this that you are a multidimensional intelligence who is more invisible than visible...and you would be right. You are Energy, which is a No-Thing, and to "know" yourself, you have learned how to be "something".





  1. the part of a person's mind that acts as a self-critical conscience, reflecting social standards learned from parents and teachers.Compare with ego and id.

    "the father is the model for the superego" ·



    unconscious mind · mind · imagination · inner self · innermost self · self · inner man/woman · psyche · ego · id · true being · essential nature

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  1. the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.


    psyche · inner self · inner being · essential being · pneuma · anima · ego · id ·


    • a person's moral or emotional nature or sense of identity.

      "in the depths of her soul, she knew he would betray her"


      spirit · psyche · (inner) self · innermost self · (inner) ego · inner being ·


  2. emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, especially as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance.

    "their interpretation lacked soul"


    inspiration · feeling · emotion · passion · animation · intensity · fervor · ardor ·


    • African-American culture or ethnic pride.

  3. the essence or embodiment of a specified quality.

    "he was the soul of discretion" ·



    embodiment · personification · incarnation · epitome · quintessence ·


The Ego, can have us feeling confident and sure, or have us feeling uncertain and afraid. Therefore, one would think that the ego is in charge of the "feelings" of the body or at least the conscious ones. However, the Id (base instincts) is also connected to feelings via survival thinking. One would call these "gut feelings". Since the ego is inseparable from the id, the combination will often supply defense mechanisms to shield self from uncomfortable truths or a reality that we are not willing to accept. Therefore, "fear of the unknown", a common animal reaction, is called "fear of truth" by many of us. Actually, it is fear of discomfort. What makes us most uncomfortable is "not knowing" the reality being presented to us. This is fear is usually easy to dispel by just supplying a "word" as identifier. Such as when viewing a certain animal in the forest, one might have a "start" and ask "what kind of animal is that?", Their partner supplies the word "skunk" and we now feel better as we now "know it". Which is completely a delusion, for words are not knowing. However, if we are attacked by a skunk, as it sprays us with its chemical defense, we think we have experienced the skunk and now know more. But again, that is illusion. For skunks can become domesticated pets. They are intelligent, creatures that even have a sense of humor and once you prove to be non combative, they ignore you, or if you feed them, they become domesticated and learn "cute" mannerisms to get you to supply them with more food, much like a dog. Hence, they are persons to and like you, have an id and ego. Therefore, living with skunks is the only way to get to "know" them. This little story, is written just to get you to realize that a "word" is not knowledge and that there really is only One Self, who has many forms.

Self, is a very complex identity, as it is the One Mind, that all "minds" come from, and/or Self is the Creator of selves. When we are "Whole Self" we are operating from the "Knowing" of the One Self that we all call...I AM. I AM Me is a Self acknowledging the "selves/andor small self" it has created as a way of examining "It-Self". This sounds so very complicated but to help simplify: Without "self-reflection" one cannot know themselves. So, we'll venture to say you are a Sun/Son of the Divine Creative, which is another way to say a Radiant Self-Reflection of the Creative. Being a I AM, you have the ability to define "self" anyway you like, but there is a caveat, for you must "live"/experience your definition as a Personality in Form.

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Id/Ego/Superconscious are the trinity of that makes up Personality. Three points make a plane. However, there is no depth to a plane. However, if you draw another triangle in the center, you now get depth. Now we get a representation of Self-big triangle, and many smaller triangles as "selves" and/or depth made by making copies of self-knowledge. This is the Qabalistic way of explaining the Divine Creative and its "self-reflections" and/or the Macrocosm and the microcosm. Hence, the tree of life is represented as "sephiroth" (number circles) as points of a Triangle, and/or a plane of intelligence.

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So you can see that everything is I AM Me. Hence, everything I see is another way to be me. Now this is not how the instinctual animal survival mind thinks, because it is "mortal" and must eat other mortals to stay alive and/or be eaten by them so they can stay "alive". This is because the material world must recycle it-self as organic matter is a very limited form of matter, so it is a "serpent that eats its own tail". However, "dying" doesn't end anything, it just transforms "self" into another way to be Self. Or as Jahaladine Rumi, the 12th century Sufi Poet has written, " The grape becomes wine, so it can be me".

Therefore, you are the Spirit, and the id-ego-superconscious, are all under your willful direction, and/or should be; not an outside source, such as the Patriarchy. You are the inner depth of authority that created you! You are light, everything is of the electromagnetic spectrum of light. Light that is reflecting upon itself, so that it can "see itself". The invisible spectrum of light is what we call "spirit". The visible spectrum of light is "reflected light" and is only about .4% of the light spectrum which we call ourselves. It is the "afraid" part of you. That leaves 99.6% of Self, unseen and unafraid for it is infinite in depth and doesn't eat itself to stay alive as it isn't "alive" it is the energy that powers "life". In other words, the true you is Energy that powers Life and/or Spirit and/or the Divine Creative! So what gives? What's with all this emotional turmoil? Why are taking experimentation of Self-Identity so serious? Simply because you are taught to let the Id control the ego, who controls the body by "fearing life" and/or fearing death. The Soul, is the I Am of your id-ego-superconscious trinity called a "Me". The Soul is experimenting with "What I Am" as a form of self-awareness. The foundation of the Soul's intelligence is "love" not fear. For it knows all to be Self and Self is the "I's" most beloved.

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Divine hermaphrodite

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What we are taught to believe, is in conflict with fact. The Fact is I AM Me, a Trinity of Self-awareness that is a collective of self-concepts, brought together to give I AM...Depth! All is Mind, and I AM is Mind. Me is a mental experiment is self-identity. As Spirit, I Am, as me, I am the self-reflection of Spirit. Hence by controlling how you think, makes a world of war, hate, poverty, fear, and suffering... a world that requires "rulers" to make some kind of order out of the chaos of lies that the "rulers" call "fact". Remember, the definition of a ruler is one who controls definition. Therefore, ruler controlled facts are subject to propaganda not truth. Truth is made manifest! Pinch your flesh, does it sting? Then you are "born truth" and not man-made truth. I AM Spirit, who is identifying myself as a reflection in the mirror of matter. No one else can control that reflection nor identify it, as they are a reflection of their own frequencies of light. The moral here is "Get over yourself and get on with you, for impeccability is what we do". "We" be the "Royal We" of the Spirit collective of SELF. Fact, when the Original Trinity of I AM-the Supernal Triangle of the Divine Creative makes copies of itself, all is Divinity looking at its -self-creations of I AM Me. Hence, your identity has been interfered with, go inward and find your Authority within for in the depth of Self, is the Truth of you.

The Dreams of Gaia-8 of Air, displays the Higher or Whole- Self, holding one Sword up, as in "upward or higher thinking" and one sword down, wounding its left hand. This would signify "wounded thinking" as in the ego feeling wounded and/or fear based thought.

When the 8th of Air is thrown in a divination it implies:

  • Ego does not always tell the truth.
  • Effect will always follow cause.
  • Time to change your ways.
  • Admit that you made a mistake.
  • Memory is imperfect.
  • Self-justification does not mitigate harm.
  • Consequences are inescapable.
  • Mistakes are 50% of Wisdom, the other 50% is correcting them.
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thoth-8 of swords-interference

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The Thoth- 8 of Swords-Interference, is in the 8th Sephira -Hod on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, which is called Splendor. Splendor signifies lack of persistence in intellectual and matters of contest. Splendor, is cosmetic and has little depth of character. However, ruling this astrological Decan, is Jupiter in Gemini, thus good fortune may have attended even weakened efforts. However, Gemini has its own contest, which is constantly interfering with the Will.

This constant distraction of the intellect is shown by the 6 Crossing Swords between two major Swords signifying too many different thoughts to consider at the same moment.

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The Thoth 8 of Swords, is also in the Suit of Air/Thought, which blows wherever it may. All of this contradiction well displays the mental conflict that comes from splendorous displays of intellectual thought. In such a shallow display, the faux intellectual must constantly babble on with gaudy words and hollow concepts that have very little mental "nutrition". This is a common disease of the human brain that prods our personalities on with a shotgun blast of thoughts, scattering our intellectual strength so that our thought is too weak to go the distance. This dysfunction serves the “slave masters indoctrination” that has interfered with the Soul's Self Image that is "You". Many of us are taught, that to be ignorant or incorrect, is bad and the brain/ego wishes to be good and well liked, so it does everything it can to impress other brains; hoping for a "pat on the back". This tends to "narrow and restrict" the mind, so that all we hear are the echoes of many thoughts rattling around in our tinny head. It is not that such a person is "closed minded" it's just that there is such a cacophony of rapid fire thoughts that the person's identity is closeted in mental noise. Such mental interference often assaults the individual's moments of mental repose; sleeping and meditation becomes a contest between will/spirit/"inner-self" and brain/ego/"outer-self", making both sleep and meditation weak attempts.

This lack of focus, requires us to add correctional software to our brain's programing; one such correctional software package, is the study of the Gnostic Qabalah where "above all things, know thyself" is the foundational focus of I AM. Rather than, "thyself is made by the acquiring of more things" which only produces impoverished thoughts based on " I don't have so I must have”. (In the study of Yoga, the Sanskrit word for this impoverished thinking is Neti-Neti, which means “not this-not that”.) The solution to mental fuzz, is focusing on one thing at a time and to stop seeking happiness as if the accumulation of things will cure dysfunctional identity. This may sound easy, but requires intense sensual intimacy with self, where we become love of being and in love of what you are doing as being.

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Again, THE 8 OF SWORDS- Interference, is also called The Lord of Shortened Force. This card is attributed to Jupiter in Gemini, and Jupiter's natural expansiveness is in determent in Gemini, as the Duality of Gemini affects Jupiter's positive energy scattering half one way and half the other.

Here, Hod is in Yetzirah, the Astral World.

The angels of the Decan are, Vemibael and Yehohel.

Because of the desire to go one way than the other, the shortened forces of Jupiter are scattered, erratic and unstable. This is indeed an interference when trying to focus one's consciousness on a goal. Yes, it can be an intense and positive beginning, but it soon loses momentum in misdirection.

Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris, illustrates this in the Thoth- 8 of Swords, as 2 strong and long main swords, being crossed (as in Crossed-up) by 6 short swords of different designs (scattered thoughts). The shorter swords also imply, shortened force, narrowness and restriction. There is a definite lack of persistence in intellectual matters and of contest. Jupiter's natural good fortune still attends even the weakest of efforts, yet the will is constantly thwarted by recognized or unrecognized interference.

The 8 of Swords also implies:

  • A certain amount of fear of change, of moving out of a binding or restricting situation.
  • The Positive side of this is that change, no matter how resisted, will soon come anyway.
  • The Good Fortune of Jupiter, will show up.
  •  Stop wasting time and proceed with change, your scattered efforts will not stop it, only interfere with your wholesome transition.
  • Experiencing confusion, and a feeling of being trapped, isolated by oppressive ideas.
  •  Feeling trapped or ashamed, are the beginnings of recognizing the need for change, and moving on ward with your life.
  • The mental dissolution or loss of faith in situations or ideas, is a sure sign of progress beyond the old.
  • For 8 weeks 8 months or since they were 8 years old, narrow and restrictive thought.
  • Shortened Force and petty thinking.
  • Too much force applied to small things, too much attention to detail, at expense of principal and/or more important points of thought.
  • There is a tenancy to admire wisdom, yet applies it to small and unworthy objects. 
  • The querent may experience great ease in some things, counterbalanced by equal disorder in others and is often impulsive.
  • There is a fondness of giving or receiving money, or presents promoting a generosity without a strong feeling of affection.

When ill-dignified by the accompanying cards, the implication is:

  • Malice.
  •  Pettiness, and domineering qualities.
  • Confusion. 
  • Mental blocks. 
  • You believe everything you think.

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