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dreams of Gaia tarot- VI of Air

The Dreams of Gaia Tarot- 6 of Air-, depicts a Gaia Image that is black and white, holding the Caduceus, the wand of Mercury, that is of black and white serpentine forces/life forces. Rainbow crown chakra and celtic designs put more artistic expression in this card. Lovely design for a card that implies solutions born of compromise. Solutions that aren't black nor white, but somewhere in between in what is called "gray areas". In reality, I would say that this card represents the Mind that is Gaia, and she must always make decisions that are good to some and bad to others.  

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In our 2 dimensional understanding of either good or bad, we make decisions that often see these 2 dimensions as the only options available. However, choices are freedom. They are based on the multi-dimensions of Passion, fun, excitement, and wants. Decisions are based on past experience, while choices have no previous experience except newness. So don't confuse the 2, decision and choice. Decisions are often based on fear of discomfort, which comes in many ways, such as fear of confrontation, fear of loss, fear of opinions, fear of being labeled, fear of poverty and fear of death- the Grand Parent of all the other fears. Choices are made by a free thinker/free soul, one with an open mind who loves the risk of doing something new; one who listens to intuition. One who faces challenge with a smile rather than a frown. So when this card shows up in a reading, it is implying that now is a good time to contemplate and compare a larger range of options in order to discover the best solution for everyone. Hence, if a decision is to be made, it is time for research and investigation. Consider the options, take notes, weigh the pros and cons for each and leave fear outside on the porch, for its constant whining interrupts intuition. Sure. it may whine and moan in the background, like a peekanesse who wants in, but just ignore it and study on!

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The 6 of Air, is also a card of revelation, and illumination, a singulare "Ah-Ha" moment when the mind opens a previously closed door and understands the extent it has in the power of the body's life. Suddenly, you see the potential in everything! Decision or choice, shows you how experiencing decisions made for you by others or by you, have shaped and formed your life and brought you to this moment when you finally opened the "refrigerator door" revealing the light and options within!In turn, you will see choices that were never part of the "good-bad" decisions and they also will change your future. Every decision or choice you make in the present, will shape your tomorrows. Take the time and examine carefully, snap decisions, may cost you your freedom. Decisions, are weighed, "good or bad" and then the choices are reviewed; here life is considering itself. For above all things, you are Mind. The body is how you experience your decisions and choices, an avatar who sensates "thought" so that it becomes a lucid dream, rather than a "will-o-wisp", or a passing moment of gas. For, you are Psyche/Mind that dreams itself as Life because, life is Self-Awareness. Your life, Yourself-expression.

When the Dreams of Gaia- 6 of Air is thrown in a divination, it implies:

  • A time of research and investigation.
  • Look at, compare, a range of options.
  • Weigh pros and cons. 
  • Be willing to compromise when working with others.
  • Don't let rigidity hamper possible success.
  • A moment of epiphany.
  • Step into your personal power. 
  • Do not discredit what others offer.
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The Thoth-6 of Swords -Science.

The complete interpretation of this card is the perfect balance of all mental and moral facilities, hardly won and almost impossible to hold in an ever-changing world. The 6 of Swords is the science of the mind that is both objective and fair-witnessing. All is Mind. Spirit is the energy that develops Mind, the Body is Mental Information and/or in-form-action of Mind.

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The 6 swords, suggesting the form of the unicursal hexagram, and/or "Holy Hexagram", where all forces and influences join in the center of the Rosy cross; a Rosicrucian Cross, which is the universal symbol of integration, synthesis and blessing. This Rosy Cross indicates that the 6 of Swords represents the integrative mind that recognizes sources of inspiration that are sometimes unexplainable. The holistic mind is symbolized by the circle while the crystalline diamond represents the crystal clear creative mind. This mind can consider many thoughts at once (the many pinwheels in the background) and integrating them into a whole clarity that is objectively communicated in such a way as to present a new perspective that is otherwise unseen.

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Mercury is seen at the top of the card and Aquarius at the bottom, symbolizing Mercury in Aquarius. Mercury is the winged messenger (clear communication) and Aquarius is the New Age (new perspectives) symbolizing the ability to communicate new ideas in such an objective way that they are easily understood and heard.

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In reiteration, the Minor cards are all under the rule of a Sephiroth, in the case of the 6's, it is the Sephiroth Tiphareth- Beauty. The adept will find the initiation of Tiphareth the first of the Greater Initiations into the meaning of self. This Tiphareth initiation is literally a scarifying of all that we know to be self, and life as we have lived it. Here the sacrifice is not relinquishing the much desired something, but rather a transition of Force, from that of the will of lesser self- consciousness to the Pure Will of the Greater Self-Self as Mind rather than body. "Thy will be done" rather than, "my will be done'.

The four 6's are about definite accomplishment and carrying out of a matter.

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`THE 6 OF SWORDS- Science card is also called: Lord of Earned Success the Angels of the Decan are: Rehaayal and Yeyezeil. The 6 of Swords is influenced by Tiphareth in the Astral World [Yetzirah].

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The air sign of Aquarius, is ruled by Saturn, which tends to stabilize the fleeting qualities of Mercury. The positioning of Mercury in Aquarius, a Mind sign, leads naturally to science and humanitarianism so success is the result of Saturn's work in this aspect. Now the cutting power of Swords is turned toward the positive, and the Rose is resurrected after being war torn in the 5 of Swords, related to the Severity of Geburah. In the 6 of Swords, the swords all come together at a point in the restored Rose Cross of 6 squares, which Crowley calls, “The Rose Cross at the central secret of Scientific Truth." Thus, we have the definitive meaning of "success after anxiety and trouble", for the Way of the Cross is suffering before ascension. Here, Tiphareth shows the perfect balance and idea of the card, as all moral and mental faculties are perfectly balanced, won by great effort, but hard to hold in an ever-changing world of political propaganda and commercialized morality.

When thrown during a reading, the 6 of swords implies that the querent is:

  • Objective, logical and prone to logical thinking.
  • Showing strong analytical ability, and displays logical scientific thinking both internally and outwardly.
  • In Six weeks or Six months, problems will be ended, because the correct, logical things have been done or are being done.  
  • Communication patterns are logical, reliable and promote problem solving.
  • There is a general acceptance of attitudes and belief systems that promote rhythmic and cyclic life style.
  • The ability to see things as a whole objective perspective. Here, the mind is watching itself and aids in passage from one world of conscious perspective to another.

Again, depending on the accompanying cards.:

  • When this card is thrown it indicates that in the next 6 weeks or 6 months it is important to look at things as they are rather than what you want them to be. It is important to be clear in your own mind so that you can successfully communicate new ideas or decisions in such a way as to be non threatening and easily heard. 
  • This card can also indicate that you should make a special effort to communicate clearly to the important Aquarian people in your life (January 21 to February 21). The Science-mind is clear, sharp and free of confusion, uncluttered with "should have beens" and "wannabes". It is a rare state of mind that is important to utilize.
  • Compromise as a strength in united cooperation.
  • Comprehensive perspectives.
  • Balance between Spirit (will)- Mind-and Body. 

The negative of this card, determined by the surrounding cards:

  •   Confusion because of extreme mental activity producing conflicting thoughts, ambiguity and indecision.
  • Letting decisions being made for you. 
  • Thinking there is no choice. 
  • Thinking compromise is weakness. 
  • Mistruct. 
  • Scepticism. 

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