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· spiral -Thoth

Above all things, know thyself!

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Thoth-ATU XVIII-The Moon

The ruler of flux and reflux;The child of the Suns/Sons of the Mighty.

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The spiral Tarot- Key 18- The Moon

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In Western Hermetic Qabalah, THE MOON, which is the 18th ATU/Key of the Major Arcana or Tarot Trump, is called the Path of Qoph; Qoph is a Hebrew letter--meaning, back of head or ear. Connecting Netzach (Victory) with Malkuth (Kingdom) the Path of Qoph is described as "the Victory of the Material World" and/or "the deceptive effect of the apparent power of the Material World". This path, is also known as "the Threshold to life”: a spiritual birth that may be considered on two levels. On one level, it is the course of incarnation where the soul organizes the physical body (sets frequency and reception) of which it will inhabit/animate in its name. It is a kind of sleep (physical consciousness not yet formed), a kind of pre-consciousness, that differentiates into mater from the instinctual collective unconscious of 7th Sephiroth-Netzach. On another level, where the student is advancing spiritual awareness up The Tree of Life/The God Molecule, it is a path of conquest of the phantoms (gods, demons, angels) which are "creations of the created" (Emerald Tablet) and/or Creations of the Personality via the subconscious mind.

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The path is a probationary path, where the student must face the emotional phantoms hid in the dark recesses of their own mind, as well as those of the human race. The moon symbolizes "the Self–reflection” that goes on with the inner Solar Logos and our sub-consciousness. Our sub-consciousness is the Moon of self-reflection and/or a reflection of the unconsciousness. Therefore, the Moon shows a path beyond the poisoned darkness of deep instinctual fears into the unconscious where dreams are made. However, this is not an easy path as it represents the multi-cultural myth of the hero's journey, a journey of ancient wisdom, that is full of disturbing trials and tribulations in the poisoned darkness where monsters and phantoms are met and conquered often with great effort. The Moon is a symbol of something primal not social. Therefore, the primal fears which are the reflections of the animal- survival mind are experienced personally and deeply.

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The Moon is also the ancient symbol for the Triple Goddess of Maid-Mother and Crone fame as is shown in the art of the Spiral Tarot-Key 18-The Moon. The Crone is the Dark One who holds a torch, the old wise woman that guides the souls to their proper domain, after they leave the body. The wolf howling at the Moon, represents the animal-survival mind and/or subconsciousness. The Hebrew letter Qoph is also present on the upper right side of the Goddess images, along with the upside down triangle symbol for the water element. The Mother of Maid-Mother-Crone- fame, is holding the Orphic egg (seed of the Cosmos) while the Maid, is shown in the Full Moon. The upper left of the Goddess images is the astrological sign for Pisces, a water sign and beneath it is the representation of the Tree of Life.

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As previously stated: the meaning of Qoph is also the back of the head, behind the head itself, is the Sun -Resh. The Moon symbolizes the anterior to the bright intellect of the Sun. The Moon, the Path of Qoph, only reflects the light of the Sun. Thus the central path of the Thoth card goes from the dark side of the Moon, towards the light side that reflects direct Sunlight (Son-light). This rising act of direct Sunlight is show as what some call the Egyptian Scarab symbol of the God Kephera (kheprera), pushing the Sun towards the Moon. More traditional Tarot Cards show a crayfish or lobster crawling out of a dark pool of water. However, Lady Frieda Harris, has artfully portrayed on the Thoth Card a Water Strider, not a dung beetle. This Water Strider is carrying the Sun off of the surface of the Dark Water (subconscious) implying that the dark night will soon be over. Basically, the Moon -ATU/Key-18, symbolizes the rebirth of light out of hideous darkness; bright intellect overcoming the dark denizens of our subconscious, i.e. the illusions of emotional and/or survival fears and terrors of what the unseen sounds of the dark denizens of fear may herald.

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Crowley warns us of the path as he states: "This path is guarded by *Tabu. She is uncleanliness and sorcery. Upon the hills are black towers of nameless mystery, of horror and of fear. All prejudice, all superstition, dead tradition and ancestral loathing, all combine to darken her face before the eyes of men. It needs unconquerable courage to tread this path." [The Book of Thoth, Pg., 112)

Indian Actress-Tabu

Indian actress-Tabu


(təˈbu, tæ-)

adj., n., pl. -boos, adj.

1. proscribed by society as improper or unacceptable: taboo words.

2. set apart as sacred; forbidden for general use; placed under a prohibition or bar.

3. a prohibition or interdiction of something; exclusion from use or practice.

4. the system or practice of setting things apart as sacred or forbidden for general use.

5. exclusion from social relations; ostracism.

6. to put under a taboo; prohibit or forbid.

7. to ostracize.

[1770–80; < Tongan tapu or Fijian tabu]

Random House Kernerman Webster's College Dictionary, © 2010 K Dictionaries Ltd. Copyright 2005, 1997, 1991 by Random House, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Crowley's use of the word Tabu, for Luna, is interesting. For woman has become a misogynist nightmare of Patriarchy indoctrination. This began as the myogenic interpretation of the first book of Genesis by the Patriarchy sponsored religions, blaming Eve for the downfall of mankind that became the damning of woman as the temptress whose seductive mechanisms got mankind banished from the garden of Eden. Hence, woman became the image of original sin. All of which is a convenient propaganda misinterpretation of the book and of the "god" that created man to toil in the garden. {see-The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin] . The myths of a tyrannical god named Jehovah or Yahweh, are about a Alien Master Race who created slaves on the Planet Earth. These slaves where a genetically modified Homo Erectus; a modification done by splicing Annunaki genes/ DNA (Sumerian for "those who from the sky or heavens came") to Homo Erectus DNA, forming the Homo Sapiens to labor a slaves for the "Master Race". Read the books of Zecharia Sitchin, it will enhance your reasoning. Now we all carry within our DNA, The God Molecule of the Anu.

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Sumerian Tree of Life, and the Procession of the Gods.

Before the Patriarchy of Rome , The Matriarchies of Europe owned all agriculture and therefore, the Land; the Patriarchy/"military industrial complex" of Rome, in order to conquer and hold the peoples of Europe under their "sandal heels" found this misinterpretation of the Creation Myth as a proof to destroy the matriarchies of the Celts, Germanic Tribes, and Franks etc. Later on, all Patriarchies found this interpretation of this Creation Myth, as a good excuse to steal the land and banish woman from politics of all conquered lands. Making women a "2nd class" citizen whose rights were not those of men and often tortured them if they dared to seek knowledge. Using the word for "Wise Woman" (Witch) as a form of blasphemy or even heresy against their dogma-god and Patriarch. That wise woman word witch, is the Anglo Saxon "Witch" which is interpreted to mean a " woman with her wits about her". This is the False Witch of Fear and superstition, all supplied to keep "woman in her place" and to make men transfer their "Love of Family" to the State as the Patriarchy is now the Military Industrial Complex. Therefore through the clever manipulation of propaganda/Words, the true Wise Woman of Wicca or "the craft of herbology" became a "evil woman" who dared to usurp the control of the male. Hence, Superstition is just a Profaned Imagination; a propaganda play on "fear of predation". Rather than the Bright I-magi-nation of Creative Life, the Imagination of the people was profaned by fear mongering religions to keep the "slave mentality" so necessary for tyrants and oligarchs to rule.

  A subconsciousness ruled by profaned imagination is the "Dark Luna" that enslaves reason.

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Thoth- ATU 18- the moon

In Thoth Deck Tarot, THE PRIESTESS, is a source of pure, crystal clear waters (consciousness) emerging from the Godhead-The Father, to God the Son/Sun (Solar Self) and is the Highest state of Luna (I-magi-nation). The Same waters of consciousness are seen here on The Moon card, but they are polluted and/or profaned (wavy lines of red and black on bottom of card) with the dark subconscious fears of mortality and torture, that fear of physical pain, rejection and death bestows on the subconsciousness and therefore, the lowest state of Luna (Dark Imagination). However, as I have stated before, the traveling up the Path of Qoph, towards the "Son/Sun Consciousness” of the Soul (Tiphareth) notably changes the body physiology, as the Bright Beautiful Light Intellect of the Sun/Son (Tiphareth) descends into it. and awaking The God Molecule in our DNA (Philosopher's stone). When traveling up the Path of Qoph, the Personality becomes increasingly aware of the Higher Self and less controlled by the dark fears of the mortal body.

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Dr.Paul Foster Case, Qabalistic Founder of B.O.T.A., called The Moon, the ​"Corporeal Intelligence" which means the "body consciousness". Also in Hebrew the word "corporeal" means "to rain upon", which is why we see the symbols of Yods raining down from the central orb of the card. Since this is a Watery Card, the ancient Egyptians , of a more poetic bent, say that these Yod symbols are "tears of the Moon- Goddess" raining down and filling the Nile. What we all agree on is that something descends from the Yesodic Sephiroth of the Moon to the Earth on the Path of Qoph, which is represented as raining Yods.

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 The path of Qoph is that of primitive instincts, of nature red in "both tooth and claw" which emerges uncontrolled by moral or ethical reasoning. The traveler of this Path will face aspects of themselves that our cultural beliefs force upon them to repress but are indeed integral and undeniable parts of our predatory human form and therefore, become profaned by repression. This is the Survival Mind, where the "law of the jungle" resides in the dark pools of violence and conquest. This can be a very cruel path to endure, especially after centuries of  superstitious culture profaning of the subconscious mind.  Until the student is able to fearlessly approach these internal demons and thereby, removes the veils of darkness, from the subconscious,  allowing in the Bright Intellect of the Son/Sun who applies beautiful reason to our consciousness allowing one to emerge from dark subverting fears into a bright, beautiful, sunny mind of warm intelligence and thereby, domesticate the animal/beast within making it a loyal companion who understands the need to do unto another as it would have done to it. 




  1. having or showing a belief in superstitions.
  2. "many superstitious beliefs and practices are connected with sneezing"


mythical · irrational · illusory · groundless · unfounded · unprovable · traditional · credulous · prone to superstition · naive · gullible

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The simple Hebrew letter of Qoph, also translates into the English word, sleep. Thus we have a conscious relationship with the Moon, The bright Sun reflecting side, our waking consciousness and the dark sunless side of the " profaned imagination of the sleeping" subconsciousness. As the Moon has cycles, so does our consciousness, as during the cyclic phase of conscious withdrawal from the physical (Sleep) many of us still act upon the fantasies and information closely related to the body’s survival based experiences. Their dreaming is filled with phantoms produced by the body’s ancient fear of pain and/or death which once consciously transcended, is the successful completion of the Path of The Moon.

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The initiate, finds that birth, death, and resurrection are pivotal concepts on the Path of the Moon. These biological processes occur in the light and dark of our sensual perceptions. The 2 figures of Anubis, the jackal -headed gatekeepers, symbolize this cyclic process (Spiral energy) as the god Anubis was the Egyptian god of light and darkness, death and resurrection. The "As above, so below" is shown as a pattern on this card and also reinforces this meaning. The Gateway, is also shown on the Triple Goddess Tarot (past blogs) as the dark Skrying mirror. John Dee, a Alchemist, astrologer of Queen Elizabeth the 1st court, use a "moon pool" and/or a bowl filled with dark water. Therefore, The Moon, symbolizes the process of "self-reflection", as well as, a process consciousness goes through, when energy proceeds from order to disorder (2nd law of Thermodynamics), from organized flesh to death.

To understand the Path of Qoph--The Moon, is to understand the partnership of our personality- and/or self-consciousness to the physical vehicle, which the Soul-the Divine Personality builds for each manifestation. Since most people perceive themselves as having existence only through their bodies, this is often a most difficult undertaking. One must realize that they are Spirit (Will) born before they created a personal "Mind" from experiences of the Universal Collective Unconscious and that the information gathered from that "Mind" collective of I AM, must become information before it can be "Knowledge". Information, becomes form in this universe. Life is information experienced through a sensual form and/or in-form-action. Intimate Experience, produces knowledge. What many of us learn, is that what we call "outer space" is actually the Dark fabric of the Universal Collective Unconscious (God) and all exists in it not just from it.

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The Spiral Tarot-Key 18-Luna, depicts the full moon affecting the tides of the Ocean of Emotion (waves). Energy-in-motion, is emoted frequency of light and the changing phases of the moon actually influence the spiraling motion of microwaves/frequencies. The shape of a crab (Cancer- a water sign) is shown in the waving seaweed covered in pearls of "wisdom" at the bottom of this ornate card. The influence of the Moon is the Magnetic to the Sun's Electric, and bends and shapes the reflected light/energy. This often shows up in humans as emotional phases (lunatics). Hence, she is a mirror to our, often ignored electric "emotional" self, that emotes energy into illusions of belief and therefore, manifestation. She is the perfect example of the Magnetic Female, which can also affect the fertility of the female species on earth. When we learn to connect to the moons rhythms of change, we handle flux with ease and grace, learning to emote what we want not what we fear.

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In the past, The Moon was also often seen as an Triple Goddess, Innocent Maid, Goddess of Life (White Goddess of Light and a Goddess of Death (Dark Goddess/Crone) at once praised and then feared. As previously stated: it is the physical fear of dying and/or being preyed on, that hounds our subconsciousness in many subtle ways, producing phantoms who manifest as phobias, obsessions, and mental - emotional disorders. Our consciousness comes from the immortal Soul, which can become confused as it is unused to such thoughts of fear filled ending. In death the Soul recycles, our self- consciousness, which is a "reflection" of the Soul Conscious-I AM. Bodies forget, that they are a recycled part of the Whole Organic Organism that we know as "Organic matter". Like I have often said, to my own body," You came from cranberries and to cranberries you shall return..." which is a slightly dark humor that I use to give the brain pause from its attempts at survival thinking (worry, fear of death, fear of rejection, fear of loss etc..). We are not a physical brain (Wet-ware). We are Spiritual Souls (Intelligent Celestial-Solar Energy), who are supposed to program the brain-wet-ware with the golden Sun's/Son's own software, for the purpose of experiencing the discernment of being a "living Spirit", something we as "I AM" are not (I AM-means existence-but not what exists). Thoughts can no longer be indiscriminate mental ramblings of an uncontrolled or profaned imagination, they now must support life, and expand and liberate the "living" from and beyond fear of death- based thoughts of a slave. Spirit causes life, but is infinite and unmeasured, and therefore, is not "alive", even though it exists. "I Am" denotes, existence not what I AM is. What "I AM" is as a Self, is totally a Fantasy/Assumption and therefore, a Soul is free to imagine itself anyway it wishes. What we are told "Reality" is, is merely a Ruler's propaganda binding our Identities into group controlled definitions and/or group hysteria. The Moon Card represents "Reality" as the fantasy it really is! For what is deemed real, is imagined like every other image (Imagination means to "image make"). Hence, the Moon card implies that One should "Take charge of the Story you are telling yourself!"


Violet is her name, (from wolf to total cuteness/the subconscious as companion!)

The Immortal Being that Souls are, must redesign/domesticate the "survival mind" of the animal body as we as a people have "redesigned" the mind of a Wolf into that of a domesticated pet/companion dog. We are the Suns of Living Creative Conscious Energy, the Lover of Entity not the Profaner of Entity. The Soul is one who must mentally reflect upon a world of Matter, which for generations was symbolized by the Moon for as we all know, this is the realm of "Reflected light" which is less than one percent of the total electromagnetic spectrum that is the foundational medium of our “personality-consciousness". One could say, that on the Path of the Moon, the Souls learns to run the physical vehicle by expanding the brain's perspectives beyond that of life and death, good and bad, into the knowledge that keeps personality-resurrection, liberation and expansion as a form of I AM ME. Spirit will always build form, for it is necessary to experience the assumptions of I AM and turn that data/information into Knowledge. Reality, will always be a fantasy, as for what is "truly real" ----All is Mind. Hence, I AM is truth, but what I AM is; well, that is assumed.

When the Moon card is thrown during a reading it implies:

  • The querent is experiencing dissatisfaction and voluntary change is on the horizon.
  • The querent is experiencing choice and authenticity over old illusions and delusions.
  • A call to enter into the darkness of the unconscious and to come to grips with one's fantasy made demons.
  • Within 18 weeks or 18 months the querent must take control of the survival mind and expand it beyond its fear based perspectives.
  • They must remember, that they are a Spirit who owns a body, not a body who owns a spirit; an Immortal Conscious that owns a mortal consciousness.
  • Devotion to intuitive knowledge.
  • Mirror of the Soul and/or the bridge between the inner and outer world.
  • Strong dreams

If ill defined by the surrounding cards of the layout (Thoth) or reversed (Spiral) it implies:

  • Hysterical illusion.
  • Persecution complex.
  • Hallucinations.
  • Fear.
  • Drug abuse.
  • Flights from reality.

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