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Thoth- ATU 7-The Chariot

Motion or change and identity or rest are the first and second secrets of Nature: Motion and Rest. The whole code of her laws may be written on the thumbnail.


The Thoth Chariot represents the Universal Key of change/movement combination of stillness and-activity: of movement and repose.

Every individual is touched by change multi-dimensionally in their areas of Earth, Air, Water and Fire, as symbolized by the 4 pillars, the 4 wheels, and the 4 kerubic animals. These 4 elemental aspects of ourselves combine to create who we are, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The spinning disc in the hands of the charioteer, symbolizes not only the wheel of fortune but also esoterically the Blue and Red Grail. The 2 in 1 Grail and/or Blue Grail is the Wisdom of the Great Mother and the Red Grail is the Blood of the Great Mother (Water into Wine). All things are made of Mother's blood, in the Universes and on our Earth. The Wheel of Fortune implies that we have free-choice and can choose fortunate, positive, and abundant changes for ourselves.

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The 10 crystals on the golden armor represent the ten powerful positive choices of the 10 Sephirothic Spheres on the Qabalist' Tree of Life; The crown, which is "the crowning achievement", wisdom, understanding, mercy, severity, beauty, splendor, victory, foundation and kingdom, in that order. These 10 states of conscious energy are multidimensional movements and repose that are known as "Our Greater Self" and/or our "Holy Guardian Angel".

When this card is thrown during a reading, it generally means that a new force is dissolving old forms. This is a time for clearing out, moving beyond the past, beginning with new energy and taking full responsibility for the past. This is a time of supreme magical power and self-mastery. But as always, this explanation is too short for a more profound understanding of this Powerful symbol for Self movement and much more imagery is required.


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Is the Path of Cheth on the Tree of Life, the Hebrew letter Cheth or Chet means enclosure, or fence which is that enclosure which the Chariot provides for the Charioteer.

In the THIRTY TWO PATHS OF WISDOM, DR.Paul Foster Case stated:

The Eighteenth Path is called the House of Influence (by greatness of whose abundance the influx of good things upon created beings is increased) and from the midst of the investigation the arcana and hidden senses are drawn forth, which dwell in its shade and which cling to it, form the cause of all causes.

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Between the 5th Sephiroth-Geburah (Severity) and the 3rd Sephiroth-Binah (Understanding) the Great Mother on the Tree of Life, runs the Path of Cheth. This is the highest and most profound Path on the Pillar of Severity and introduces the Personality to the Supreme Spiritual Self that wraps our Soul in the Golden Armor of Protection so that the Psyche can be carried through the unmanifested Universe, and/or Dark Matter and Dark Energy of the Universal Collective Unconscious. The Chariot is the enclosure that holds the Soul in a state of peace, as moves through all planes.

In his BOOK OF TOKENS, Dr. Paul Foster Cases, or very own Qabalistic Master in the USA, stated this about the Chariot:

I am the hedge of protection

Enclosing the field of existence in this field thou dwellest,

And I am thy defense,

Against the darkness which is without.

Yet is this hedge of safety

Alas a wall of limitation,

And the darkness against which it defends thee

Is the radiant Darkness of the Limitless Light, too brilliant for thine eyes.

The Darkness that Case, refers to is that of the Limitless Light of Kether, the very pinnacle of the Supreme Spiritual Self.(Dark because light must have measurement to be seen). Pictured in the Chariot, the experience of the Spiritual Self is known in Alchemy as the "Exhalation", where the Alchemist becomes the Philosopher's Stone. Hence, utterance and/or declaration, which begins with "I AM", invokes powers of the Source of us all which is the I AM and/or YHVH.

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The Thoth Chariot, shows the influences of both the Hindu Tattvas (the central black symbol is space) and the biblical text of Ezekiel with its "living creatures" being represented as 4 Sphinxes pulling the Chariot. These 4 Kerubim (angelic beings) represent not only the 4 Tarot Elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth, but also each has 4 sub-elements (reflexions or shadows), as do the Tattvas, and in the Western Mysteries are represented as the 4 faces of the creatures.

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Geburah, is often symbolized with a Pentagram, or five pointed star, that has the Four Elements crowned by the Spirit. Thus, making 5 the number of Geburah on the Tree of Life, Geburah is a Red Force, and is symbolized on the Thoth card as Red Wheels, meaning that the force of Geburah (Severity) is the motive force of the Chariot.

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Geburah is complimented by the 4th Sephiroth- Chesed (Mercy) on the Tree of Life, and this compliment is seen in the constant usage of the number 4, Chesed's number. In the Thoth Chariot card there are 4 Sphinx, and four columns (4 Universal Elements) holding up the starry canopy or heavens of Binah (The Great Mother- Empress Card key 3). These four elemental columns are called by Crowley, "the four columns of the Tree of Life in a Solid Sphere", adding a little more of the arcane to this card. I suggest the curious student gets the book, THE QABALISTIC TAROT by Robert Wang, as it is a fine text for understanding the Arcane.

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Above the Golden Armored figure on the Thoth Card is a crab, symbolizing the sign of Cancer Woven into the canopy is the word "ABRACADABRA", which Robert Wang thinks is an apparent pun on "ABRAHADABRA", a word that Crowley called, “one of the most important key numbers of the Liber Al...The word of the Aeon....the cypher of the Great Work", which when using Qabalistic Geomatria (numerology), (Book 777 of Crowley) adds up to 418. Using the math of numerology, we do the sum, 4+1+8= 13, the Key 13 of the Death Card of great spiritual change. The Hebrew letter Cheth, is numerically 418, which is the same number attributed to ABRAHADABRA, magical utterance that expresses the formula of marriage of the microcosm to the macrocosm and/or the aspirant to his/her Holy Guardian Angel. Hence, ABRAHADABRA, is also indicative of the uniting of Female (anima) and Male (animus) that we see in other Major Arcana, such as the red/white lion and the white/red eagle. The Chariot represents the sign of cancer (69) which is a obvious glyph for the Tantric Yoga position that mixes male and female fluids, energy, and thereby, essences are perfectly prepared, balance and exchanged to create the 2 in 1 elixir of Life. The elixir is conveyed in such a manner to serve as a eucharistic talisman of unlimited creative potential ("awakens mind children"in the female) He drinks of She and She drinks of He, and they both become intoxicated and annihilate all concepts of separation. Hence, this card is more than just sexual alchemy, it is really only a reflection of the magic and mystery of the "gods" (Microsoprosus and Macrosoprosus) and a faint ego of the titanic forces, energy and love that creates, sustains and destroys the Universe. 0=2

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Crowley understood that something martial is going on in the Psyche of the Seeker themselves. Much like the Bhagavad Gita, where the pursuit of enlivenment is symbolized by warring factions. On this highest Path of Severity, the Soul Warrior of Geburah has reached a pinnacle, as shown by the 10 stars on his golden chest that represent Assiah or Matter. Seated in meditation, with the Holy Grail in his hands: the 2 colored Cup (Womb) that we look directly into when using our Imagination and intuition to produce images, i.e. the womb with a view.

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The movement of the Chariot conceals a mystery (arcana) of great significance. The Chariot is reminiscent of the Greek Chariot of the Sun, Helios, as the four horses of the Sun pulled the Chariot of the Sun across the sky. This is significant as a representation, since the Chariot moves between the Light, centered in Tiphareth (Beauty) and the Supreme Darkness of the Limitless Light (Dark Energy) at the hidden side of Kether (Crown). Yet, there is even a more complex meaning suggested here, as the Sun is guided by the Moon! And in both Greek and Egyptian Mythology and the Qabalistic Tree of Life, the sun is subordinate to the moon. Since the Chariot is of the sign of Cancer, that is ruled by the Moon (and in which Jupiter is exalted), the Charioteer follows this philosophy of subordination to the Great Mother. The cardinal Path of the Moon, leads from Tiphareth (Beauty-Solar Logos) to Kether (Crown) and is the middle Path of the Priestess. Water (Pure Consciousness) takes precedence here and is represented by the Moon.

This is a Higher Path card, (Holy Guardian Angel) and requires much skrying, meditation, and arcane study, so this author recommends that you devote more time to this card than a brief blog-lesson. At least, get the books I have recommended in this treatise and read them liberally! What is also noted here, is that the Male-Female relationship, is represented backwards here in our reflected world. The Male Force of the Universe is Subservient to the Female Force in order for Force to become Form. Idea is subservient to Understanding, for Life to progress. There is much to consider here, if one wishes to "Know thyself!"

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Tarot Illuminati- Key 7-The Chariot

The soul is extended in action.

The Tarot Illuminati- Key 7-the Chariot, depicts the Soul as the chariot, which is driven by the Charioteer and dawn by 4 Horses. Again, reminiscent of the Greek God Helios. The nature of the Soul is Solar, it is a whirling fire that like the Sun/Son expands outward (radiates) through action; However, the Soul's energy is carried forth into the world by intention, the body (its Avatar), speech (utterance) and reason. The Soul is like the questing hero, searching the whole wide world for answers to the question of "What am I"? To experience Self, the Soul must become aware of itself, by questioning and answering that powerful whirling utterance of Kether, "Eheieh!" which sounds like the exhalation of breath and means "I Will Be". The Soul goes about, through action,collecting experience and creating Being in an attempt to answer this Primal Will with "I AM Being"! With its Solar Union with the Moon (Priestess) Knowledge is formed into I AM Me! Hence, the Self-Awareness of the Greater Self (10 Sephiroth) becomes Self-Experience and/or Self -Image in the 10th Sephiroth of Malkuth/Material World. The infinite 0 now equals 2. He-She, the Soul made them.

However, due to profaning of the homo sapiens sapiens image, by dogma, and indoctrination, we hold the reins to our soul, very loosely, if at all. Thereby, letting the momentum of the soul's action become unruly steeds, that lead us into catastrophe and tragedy. One must lay upon the reigns, strong hands of uninterrupted will (I AM) thereby exerting control over Self and ride forth into the world victorious! You are Spirit-Mind-Body, undivided in the Macrocosm and fail to see the illusion of divisionism that is the Microcosm. Even the separation of the sexes, is illusional, as in your very own bodies, you all are both sexes. Each Sphere of I (identity) , =2 (I AM) The child of that union is "Me". The Ego that is "Me", is but an experiment is active self experience, and not your true identity. Whole Self, requires 2=0. United, Spirit-Mind (IAM) -Body (Me). Each of us a trinity of power and/or the Spirit's ability to work on the Earth plane.

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The Truth of Self is shown in 10 Sephirotic Beings. Utter these descriptions daily and purge the lies from your identity.

When this card is thrown during a reading, the querent is reminded:

  • To devote themselves to the combination of activity and quietude so that they may have the drive to attain goals.
  • It is a time of clearing out the past, moving beyond and beginning with new energy while taking responsibility for one's present condition.
  • There is a need for victory here, by combining the images or content of the unconscious with the consciousness for the purpose of achievement.
  • The Chariot also signifies that the querent has begun controlling a situation by the force of their personality....a focus of Will.
  • The goal will need fighting for, but you have been granted the energy to win it!
  • Gaining speed and momentum!
  • Swift and assured victory. 
  • Facing a situation head on. 
  • Exerting control. 
  • Intention carried forth as action. 
  • Controlling the lower self (ego).
  • The quest and journey. 

If ill defined by the surrounding cards in the layout:

  • High handedness.
  • Megalomania.
  • Ultimate failure because of obstacles. 

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