The Tarot of Eli, LLC-Major Arcana: Thoth Tarot- ATU 11-Lust & The Astromatrix Tarot-Key 11-Strength(Copy)

Western Qabalah, Tantric, Astrological, Numerical, and Alchemical Tarot Card Comparisons.

· Astromatrix -Thoth

Above all things, know thyself!

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Thoth- ATU XI-Lust

To those of magic, lust is not obsession with the opposite sex. It is obsession with being complete. It is the luster of Will- that ejaculated this universe of I AM Energy into Self- manifestation in the womb of “To Be”. It is the indivisible creative strength of I Am the Divine Image/Child that radiates through us, outward, as a Sun of creative passion that restores life in the dead. Therefore, even in the most imposed mundane indolence, we still can dance!

-1988 speech on "enfleshenment"-Eli

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The Astromatrix Tarot-Key 11-Strength

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In this world of the Military Industrial Complex (coined by Dwight Eisenhower), which indoctrinates by propaganda and dividing and conquering through dogma and media controlled "word hypnosis", we have forgotten our Lust for being by dividing our spirit and mind from our bodies as if spirit was an achievement rather than the harmonic spiral of energy animating us and/or our higher mental nature into the coagulation of Light we call matter. Because of this "false ego" divisionism we have become automatons of our perceived environment who are reaction instead of the powerful positive active expression of I AM Spirit who changes environment by the strength of Will and the powerful Lust of Being that began with Kether- whose god name is Eheieh (I Will Be!). This card represents the powerful purpose of the Divine Hermaphrodite- the Immortal Solar Being that is our Soul which is us before our identity was lost in a Paper Mache' mask of authoritarian pasted on words and a media created "false ego" that mimics our True Ego/Soul.

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Thoth- atu 11-lust

In Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot deck, the term "ATU" is an abbreviation for "Atouts," which is French for "trumps." The Major Arcana cards in the Tarot are often referred to as the "trump cards," and Crowley chose to use the term ATU to denote these cards in his deck.

Each ATU in the Thoth Tarot represents a specific archetype or concept, and Crowley assigned unique titles and symbolic imagery to each card. The use of ATU reflects Crowley's emphasis on esoteric and mystical symbolism in his tarot deck, aligning with his broader interests in Western Hermetic Qabalah and High Magick.

On the Thoth Card, the scarlet woman and/or Red Goddess is shown with the Grail held high, filled with the "Scarlett womb" energy that is the primal force of Life and/or "The Cleansing Blood of Mother". The High Priestess (key 2) is seen riding the Lust for life as Lilith. The misogyny of fundamental religion has painted the image of Lilith, the first Woman, with a tarred brush as it had all future women of wisdom and knowledge that dared to stand for themselves. Crowley rightly put her back where she belongs, untarred and beautiful.

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Lilith-The Independence of Woman

In the realm of metaphysics and mysticism, we often explore the profound and enigmatic aspects of existence. Today, let us delve into a thought-provoking concept that revolves around Lilith, often associated with the darker aspects of spirituality, and her role as "Lucifer's brightness in life."

Lilith: A Symbol of Independence: Lilith, in various mythologies and belief systems, is a symbol of independence, rebellion, and autonomy. She is often portrayed as a strong and assertive figure, unafraid to challenge societal norms. This aspect of Lilith can be seen as a source of inner strength and light in one's life.

Lucifer: The Bringer of Light: Lucifer, on the other hand, is commonly associated with enlightenment and illumination. In many traditions, Lucifer is seen as the morning star, heralding the dawn, and bringing light to the darkness. In the Western Hermetic Qabalistic Tree of Life Lucifer Daath, is the invisible Sephiroth of Knowledge. This symbolism aligns with Lilith's role as a source of brightness.

The Union of Lilith and Lucifer: When we contemplate the idea of Lilith as Lucifer's brightness in life, we can interpret it as the union of independence and enlightenment. Lilith's defiance against conformity can be seen as a path to self-discovery and inner illumination. Embracing one's unique qualities and breaking free from societal constraints can lead to a brighter, more authentic life.

The Sunshine in Our Lives: Just as the absence of the "lady of roses", another name for Lilith, can make the sunshine leave our day, the absence of self-expression and individuality can dim the light within us. Lilith, as a symbol of embracing our true selves, can guide us towards a more vibrant existence. By incorporating Lilith's essence into our spiritual journey, we can find the inner sunshine that brightens our path.

Conclusion: In the intricate world of metaphysics and mysticism, we discover that even the darker aspects of spirituality can hold profound wisdom and meaning. Lilith, as "Lucifer's brightness in life," reminds us to be unapologetically ourselves, to seek enlightenment through independence, and to let our inner light shine. Embrace Lilith's energy, and you may find that even in her absence, the sunshine never truly leaves your day.

Light is all around us, through us and is us.

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Lucifer and Lilith-Horns are attributed to the Celtic God of the Woodlands. Lucifer is Latin for "the bringer of Light" and/or "light bearer". The Love of Lucifer and Lilith is the unsanctioned love of Couples who know that marriage doesn't belong to the Patriarchy, nor can it sanction it. That sacrament belongs to the interfacing of Souls.

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The Solar Lion of Many Sainted Heads is seen as the Dragon/Lion-Serpent and/or Chimera. The anima, (female) and animus (Male) of Earth species manifest as individual separated gender although Life is a collective and we all belong to each other, and the human brain is both male and female. Hence, separation is called an illusion. Therefore, here on the Lion body, are the many sainted faces of life that all are under the leadership of the Active Goddess/ The Creatrix/Lilith.

This is the universal principle of Passion, awareness, and aliveness!

Lust is self-esteem, with the strength and the courage necessary to acknowledge the whispered convictions of the Inner I AM, so necessary to manifest as the Passionate Creative-Self. Deep In all of us is this irresistible strength of Spiritual Will; this Divine Frenzy of I Am Divinity! On bottom right of the card, is the Hebrew letter Tet or Teth, meaning "Serpent", for it is the serpentine solar frequency of energy based at the "root of the spine"- a Primal Power that we call Kundalini, and which is being "tamed" here and is shown as a lion headed serpent tail. On the right side of the word "Lust" is the astrological sign for Leo.

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The Lion Serpent within-Kundalini

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The Power of this card comes from Courage (from the Latin-cor-meaning "heart") that comes from the Soul and/or "heart" to tame the predator in mankind/all of us, with the love of vigorous motion. We are beasts of our own passion, so that we become Saints of the Divine's Passion, which is fulfillment of the Universal "I Will Be' (Eheieh)! Here the Sun of God, is Christened in the Homo Sapien Sapien by the inheritance of Greater Self as vigorous Life throughout the Cosmos. Our aggressive nature is not to be errantly oppressed, chained by shame, or caged in religious embarrassment, becoming a "false ego" of fear and oppression, which then lies hidden in the subconscious while influencing our false identity of self. For it began as an innocent (just look into the eyes of your dog or cat) that is also created by Spirit. It is to be gently controlled by respect and love of its very nature. Without this inner lion/beast, none of us would have the instincts necessary to "climb the next mountain" or take the next risk necessary to move forward. We must tame it with Wisdom, respect, and love. It helps to know that its animal experiences have been honed to "purr-fection" by 3.6 million years of evolution.

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Only our imagined fear and devaluation of the "animal-within" has profaned it in our "I's" and the animal instinct then goes ferial, becoming a parasite known as the "False Ego" or Shadow Self within the subconscious. It really is the inner-earth child, innocent and lover of play and joyful motion and the core of our Powerful Presence; it is pure in its activities but when abused by our ignorance and oppressive indoctrination, it will fear its survival as any abused animal would and fight back by trying to take control of the brain. Therefore, be its friend then it will come to your rescue when "shit hits the fan", for it will defend the Body/Mind integrity. Subconsciousness is the body's instinctual intelligence, Self-Conscious is the Soul's/Psyche's intelligence, and the Universal Collective Unconscious is the Mind created by Spirit. Our awake- consciousness is the youngest form of consciousness and must observe the "false ego", thereby, making the subconscious more consciously aware for it is our indoctrinated awake consciousness that has covered up the subconsciousness making it seem a backwater of mind. This is error, for it is the power of instinct, both mental and physical and the link to the collective of earth and the Universal Collective Unconscious. Hence, our whole -self, is a trinity of Spirit (Will)-Mind (Imagination/intuition)-Body (Soma).

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Look into the eyes of innocence, it is the animal nature of us all.

The Self-Conscious must adopt this wonderful instinctual-self and change its outlook of fear-based survival thinking, and show it love-based creative thinking. When you are loving and gentle towards your body, you will find that the Subconscious wishes to please you, the awake consciousness as well. This makes sense as you are the Life-Energy of Spirit that makes it live! You are the True Ego of Light who must look upon the Dark survival-based ego of the animal----light vanquishes the dark and brings the beautiful animal into understanding and love.

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The Strength/Lust-Key speaks to us of the power of Love and how the impulsive, animal self is embraced and soothed in the softness of the feminine Yin, and/or Anima-Spirit. Hence, inner strength is much more about empathy, gentleness, and grace than brute force and violent ferocity. The Sexual nature of Spirit is not just fierce and aggressive sexual nature of the threatened animal. It is also the loving union of all as one I AM. Spirit interfaces with the brain as Love and Respect. Spirit sees no good nor bad, it sees only experience as Life as a gathering of knowledge. Knowledge is neither good nor bad, it is power to do your work; It is knowing what doesn't work and what does. When we know the Dark isn't alive, unless the Light enlivens it, we understand that I AM LIFE and not seeking one, nor earning one from the Military Industrial Complex. Life is ALL, and each of us is quantumly connected, as well as, mentally, emotionally, and physically connected.

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The Military Industrial Complex-The Patriarchy

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However, in most of us, the Divine-frenzy/Vitality is oppressed as we are divided against ourselves and devote the creative power of lust to the faux reality of good and bad emotional-Patriarchy-indoctrinated and worded identity or lacking any identity at all and trying to find it in the outside world. This seeking of self-results in division of forces and unable to call upon the inner power that cleaves us from our chains of fear-based reactions which create our indoctrinated manmade-identity of imposed slavery thereby creating maddened animals that strike out at each other, leaving us in a world of depression, slavery, and "seeking" what we already have i.e., Divinity.

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We are the Dancing Children of the Divine.

We are born to be the Children of Divinity, dancing in matter as the active images of Goddess and God and/or The Divine Creative, whose self-expression is "Being". I AM Spirit should be shouted above the victimized animal's fear-based whining! To Crowley (and myself), the Lust card replaces Strength, for it is more about the Love of Vigor, (vigorous life motion) rather than suppressing the vigorous courage of the predator to move forward, observe and learn, a movement stopped by mentally chained passivity and the mental/emotional abuse of the " ego-identity". Here passion is the Love of Being...I AM Divinity, not to be confused with " I am trying to be a me" in a world of words and illusion.

I AM Divine!

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Adam Khadmon-Heavenly Human (Divine hermaphrodite)

When this card falls in a reading, it means that you are in union with or you should be listening to, the passionate roar of I Am Divine Spirit that resides in your very essence of soul to find the bliss within that radiates you as it’s highly creative and unashamed Self. We live now! We are not Wanna-Be's" who are the faux life of the past, still running around in yesterdays', hoping for a pretend future, and therefore, not living the truth of today's passionate expression of I Am All! As Lilith has pointed out, our definition belongs to no one, not our environment, not our parents, not our rulers, and not our theologians, not our words; our definition belongs only to our passionate Creative- Self as the Divine grant of “freedom of choice”. Divinity, not a mask of "Words", I AM gave you the right to define yourself as an image of the Supreme Being (Qabalah tree of life). Peer pressure, culture, and language deny your freedom to choose and are not your definition!

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Spirit defines you as Itself manifested!

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We see in the Thoth and Astromatrix Key 8-Strength- Tarot card the universal myth known as "beauty and the beast". This key and/or the 19th Path of Teth, represents the Beauty (Tiphareth The 6th Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life) that is represented in all of us as a Soul built of combinations of talent, gifts, and creative resources from inherited Divinity, which can quell our body's bestial natures, and the mind virus of the "false ego", by play rather than the self-torture of suppression ourselves to "fit in". We have exceptionally good instincts and should practice reserving them when a Real life or death situation arises rather than an indoctrinated media-controlled imagined false jeopardy (Drama Queens). When our Spirit, Mind, and Body are in a balanced combination of movement and repose--we manifest Divine Beauty. While the divided play only a tune of discord, whereas the undivided are a melody of Creative joy. The Spirit, I AM, daily kisses the body awake with the Divine Love of Being. This is Lust as Crowley states:

"Lust through the joy of Strength exercised".

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Astromatrix Tarot-Key 8-Strength

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The multi-headed lion represents the saintly beasts within, the Yang which the inner Yin has tamed to do her love of expanding and liberation of life. Thus, transforming the lion's head into "the heads of the Saints" (Crowley). She expands and liberates the living from their past bonds of survival thinking onward to greater achievements of courageous and vigorous and eternal creation.

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Our word Lust comes from the Latin root word Lustre which is radiance. 

We cannot shine if we are not in our strength which occurs when we are divided by obfuscation and therefore, weak because of our ignorant fear of the survival mind of the "beasts within", which is the founding "nightmare" of the indoctrinated virus and/or "false ego". Inner Strength is steadily weakened by daily divisionism, until we cannot radiate our purpose on this earth.

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Yin Yang

The Beauty of Divine Communion between "Goddess-God", Yin Yang (The Sun/Son of the Divine Creative, 2=1, is our soul) created the Soul /Solar Sun that is our true "us" to radiate ourselves into the movement of vigorous life across the galaxy. We all have much more purpose than we can see in a world of slaves and masters, a shadowy world of the "mind parasite"!

Strength and Lustre are inseparable partners in creation.

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The Idea of Strength and/or the Lust to be is easily seen as a soft spongy mushroom pushes its way through asphalt as if that medium was wet tissue paper.

In all of us lives this quiet manifestation of strength that can push through what are often seen as imposing blockages.

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The Thoth Deck LUST card, ATU-11, replaces the traditional STRENGTH card which is often the Key-8 in the old Tarot Decks. Strength is Key 8 in the Astromatrix Tarot, Triple Goddess Tarot, Golden Dawn, Rider-Waite-Smith, Spiral Tarot, Haindl Tarot, Modern Witch and Manara Tarot Decks, to name a few. So, it may be confusing when I place it in the Path of Teth (path of the serpent), which is normally called STRENGTH-Key 8. However, in another blog of this series I have compared Key 11-and ATU-11, just to show similarities to Justice. We must also understand the "Law of Attraction", where we attract to ourselves what we put the most passion/emotion to. 

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As I stated, I agree with Aleister Crowley's expansion of the STRENGTH card, into the LUST card, because it is the Passionate Vital Force of Universal Self-Construction---"the motion within the movement" of everything and the indivisible strength of I AM. Lust is the Passionate expression of the- I AM as Two (0=2), the I-phallus and the Am-womb, who then Join to become One Passion (2=1) that creates all, and is in all of us, i.e., the Luster within as the Active and Passive force of Kundalini, and/or of the Lion-Serpent. This lion serpent is shown as the "Holy Serpent" tail of the beast on the Thoth Card. It can also be called "Serpent theory" instead of the Quantum Physics "String Theory", where every particle has a serpentine string of active, vigorous, and vital energy within it. In other words, there are within all vibratory strings of Vital Fiery strong Atomic Will-to-Force and Will-to-Form manifestation. The Hindus call it the sound/vibration of OM. What you may have forgotten, the human brain is a copy of your Psyche/Soul. Left side is Male-Animus/Yang and Right side is Female-Animus/Yin. The Soul is a Divine Hermaphrodite, of which our brain is an imitation of. Hence, you are not limited to the gender of the body you operate in the name of "I AM".

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Aum or Om=I AM

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The twin serpents of Yin Yang

Thus, Lust, where active and passive forces come together, seems a more appropriate understanding of the underlying "motion" of Life. The Kundalini, or Fiery Lion Serpent is the vital aspect of Life Force, which in manifestation is duality of passivity and activity. Kundalini is known as the Sacred Fire (Lustre), when in its active phase, purposely unleashed by Spiritual- Will which is another way to say, " Solar Courage". But a "house divided" must never seek to unleash the magnificent roar of the inner Sun, for it will feed the most self-centered- concentrated on emotions of victimization. It would be a mind melting under fiery emotional dysfunctional disaster when released in a "drama queen". One must own all of themselves before the "Sun" and/or the Lustre within is invoked. You cannot be a victim of your indoctrination or dogma under the control of the "false ego", if you wish to "Above all things, Know thyself". Unless you are free from the "self-destruction" of the divide and conquer indoctrination of "good and bad", never invoke your inner kundalini/lion serpent, for it will only feed your self-destructive emotions!

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Above all things, Know thyself!

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The Thoth UNIVERSE -ATU 21, is the completion of the LUST CARD, and you'll see the Woman figure riding the Lion Serpent on the Lust card, dancing with the Serpent Force (Lord Python) in the Universe card. Both illustrations are veils, concealing creation principles, though at different ends of manifestation. LUST is the beginning of Microcosm and THE UNIVERSE is the completion of it. Both cards are of that which is Womb, at the Highest Level, the womb-man who has tamed the Lion-Serpent and the womb-man who dances in space surrounded by the Cherubim of the four elements are both expressions of that which is the EMPRESS- Key/ATU-3. So once again, we are reminded that this is an immensely powerful path and those of sensitive self-absorbed false psyche will be profoundly affected in the negative and fear life's transformative motion. Therefore, they must avoid exposure to this vigorous energy. One must appreciate the fact, that this Path of Teth (meaning- serpent), Lust Card, is a statement of methodology; whereby the Spiritual Will controls the Vital Life Energy, rather than the lesser- or false ego, and if we are of divided will, this energy will empower what we "will the most" and if that is "emotional dysfunction" and/or fear based identity, we will crash and burn with vital energy going to "self-destruction".

Let go and let the inner goddess (love) control this force.

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We must also remember, that the word Power, means "the ability to do work" and our body, if loved as a master Craftsman loves and adores one's favorite-tools, gives us the Soul's- Will- to-Power- and/or be Absolutely Present, without reservation, in this dimension of crystallized or coagulated energy; a power to weave our very own Vital Life Force into our own masterpieces of movement and repose! So let us all ride the “Lion Serpent” or Inner Dragon/Sun, with the powerful presence of loving control, fearless, and shameless presence! With this "fire within" we can resurrect our Divine Identity from the ashes of slavery and profaned mind and fly in the solar glory of the Phoenix as opposed to crawling on our bellies like some fear-soaked lizard.

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The Phoenix rising in the Sun of the Soul

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Lemniscate-0=2 and 2=1

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Above the head of the Lady, is a symbol of Western Hermetic Magick, called the lemniscate. It is a symbol of infinity, where 0 becomes 2 by twisting upon itself.

This is the Divine Frenzy that obliterated "Alone" (0) and split into 2. It is an Self-annihilation, of 0 that is also the process of becoming 2, Will-to-Force (Male) and Will-to-Form (Female); the I and Am, who then become the Dragonish expression of Frenzy and Form, when the Red-Babalon (Crowley’s spelling for purposes of Gematria) unites with the Golden Fiery Force of the Solar Husband, the offspring are Beautiful Celestial Children, not some chimera of a profaned identity made by the brain parasite and/or mind virus that is the "false ego".

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4 universal elements

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Anunnaki ("Those who from the heavens came to earth")

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Ancient showing of ET's as "beings who fly".

All about us on Earth, in pictographs, statues, and written words do we have proof of being genetically modified Organisms derived from Galactic/ Angelic/DNA splicing from "Those who from the Heavens that came to earth", known to Sumerian's as Anunnaki. This Angel-Alien- hominid-interbreeding, creating the biblical Nephilim and/or children from the "sons of god" (all beings who came from the sky are given wings by ancient artists) and hominid breeding. However, because of the well documented *"War of the Gods", we the "Meek" (slaves) have inherited the Earth. The Souls of the Creators, are Us and the body of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, is our new "will-to-form": form is our Merkabah (Throne of God), and/or our physical and intimate expression of "I AM Divinity "seen as a fiery Solar Body of light (We have 8 light bodies--the physical is one of them). Some of us have yet to "love" this beast-body of star dust that we operate in our name of "I AM". However, to reject the body, is to divide the Spirit-Mind- Body connection that makes us a "Heavenly Being", as we are all quantumly entangled and/or connected to the Universal Creative Being, the One- I AM who is many in Self-Reflection.

*(War of the Gods, documented in Vedic, Nordic, Greek, Sumerian, Jewish, African, Native American, Chinese, Japanese, Hindu, and Assyrian literature, to name a few)

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We are the Rainbow People-Whose 7 Light bodies give life to the "human body".

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Sight controlled by the Patriarchy.

To be Whole requires a focused willful spiritual intelligence, and not some "Mad Hatter" type of personality, which can't even control its own thought, as it is told what to see and be by those who control worded identity. Scry the Lust card only after you can hold one thought or image focus during an entire meditation! Any Psyche that Touches the Lust of The Great Father/Mother (Ida Pingala), will be profoundly charged, changed, and expanded beyond comfortable perspectives; all of which can be dangerous to our delicate denial based false egos. In other words, one must be diligently trained in channeling higher and higher vibratory levels of Vital Life Force, before they "Ride the Lion-Serpent". That is why A. Crowley calls the Traditional Strength card Lust. For even the "little lust" of the manifested (Microcosm) seems to be beyond the cultural-false ego's control, as every politician, and most theologians "secret life" of greed and sexual conquest will show. It is hard to imagine, what the Macrocosmic Lust would do to such a weak psyche... but then again, we have examples in Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc., where lust becomes a violent form of masturbation.

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  The Kundalini must never be opened prematurely, for it can cause great pain, both physical and emotional (called Kriya). One must have a knowledgeable mentor to help them achieve Kundalini flow in a balanced and comfortable manner of tempering. I would recommend getting the book: A Chakra & Kundalini Workbook-by Dr. John Mumford which will help one slowly build the proper body for Kundalini rising energy.

Spontaneous kriya, often associated with Kundalini awakening, refers to involuntary movements or gestures that occur during deep meditation, intense spiritual experiences, or energy practices. Kriya, in the context of yoga and spirituality, generally refers to intentional actions or movements designed to manipulate the flow of energy in the body.

During spontaneous kriya, individuals may experience sudden and uncontrolled bodily movements, such as shaking, jerking, swaying, or spontaneous postures. These movements are believed to be manifestations of the awakening and movement of Kundalini energy, a powerful spiritual energy located at the base of the spine.

Kundalini is considered a dormant spiritual force that, when awakened, ascends through the various energy centers or chakras along the spine, leading to heightened states of consciousness and spiritual transformation. Spontaneous kriya is often seen as a sign of the Kundalini energy rising and clearing blockages within the energy channels.

Practitioners of various spiritual traditions, including those involved in Western Hermetic Qabalah and High Magick, may encounter spontaneous kriya as part of their journey towards spiritual growth and self-realization. It's crucial to approach these experiences with mindfulness and a deep understanding of the spiritual practices being undertaken.

While spontaneous kriya can be a profound and transformative experience, it's recommended to have guidance from experienced teachers or mentors familiar with Kundalini awakening and related practices. This ensures a safe and supportive environment for the individual undergoing these experiences.

If you have specific questions related to how spontaneous kriya may be interpreted or integrated within the context of your Metaphysical and Qabalistic practices, feel free to provide more details via my email for a more tailored response.

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Ida-Nadi and Pingala-Nadi

Ida and Pingala are two of the three main nadis (energy channels) in the human body, with the third being Sushumna. These nadis play a crucial role in the flow of prana or life force energy. Here's an in-depth exploration of Ida and Pingala:

  1. Ida Nadi:

    • Ida is often associated with the feminine, lunar, and cooling aspects of energy. It is linked to the left side of the body and the right hemisphere of the brain.
    • It is represented as a white or silvery channel, symbolizing the moon's soft, nurturing energy.
    • Ida is connected to the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes relaxation, rest, and receptivity.
    • Activation of Ida is said to enhance qualities such as intuition, receptivity, and creativity. It is often associated with the energies of the Divine Feminine.
  2. Pingala Nadi:

    • Pingala, in contrast, is associated with the masculine, solar, and heating aspects of energy. It is linked to the right side of the body and the left hemisphere of the brain.
    • It is represented as a red or fiery channel, symbolizing the sun's active and dynamic energy.
    • Pingala is connected to the sympathetic nervous system, which stimulates the "fight or flight" response and activity.
    • Activation of Pingala is believed to enhance qualities like action, focus, and willpower. It is often associated with the energies of the Divine Masculine.
  3. Balancing Ida and Pingala:

    • In yoga and meditation practices, the goal is to balance and harmonize these two nadis to awaken the central channel, Sushumna (called the "middle pillar").
    • A balanced flow of energy through Ida and Pingala is thought to lead to a state of inner harmony and spiritual awakening.
    • Techniques like pranayama (breath control), meditation, and specific yoga postures are used to balance these energy channels.
  4. Sushumna Nadi:

    • Sushumna runs along the spinal cord and is considered the central channel. It is associated with spiritual awakening and enlightenment.
    • When Ida and Pingala are balanced, the dormant energy within Sushumna can awaken, leading to heightened states of consciousness and self-realization.

In your practice of Western Hermetic Qabalah and High Magick, you may find parallels to the concepts of Ida and Pingala in the exploration of polarities, balance, and the awakening of higher consciousness. Understanding and working with these energy channels can be a valuable aspect of your metaphysical and spiritual journey.

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Lust represents an especially important initiatory formula dealing with Serpent/Vital Solar Power. This Spiraling Power is the Force that opens, stimulates, or spools up all the Chakras (energy centers) in the Human body. The principles embedded in the Lust Card tell us how to use this power. This is a "Divine Frenzy" a special vitality which when stated alchemically becomes; “the heat of the furnace makes the Stone" or if religious; “inflame thyself with Prayer" or as Dr. Paul Foster Case stated, "the adorable fire". The Heat applied is the Great Passion held with friction in the confines of a condensed magnetic field that is the human. This Heat or burning is experienced often in Tantric and Taoist exercises, or the exercise of the Middle Pillar (Aleister Crowley's book, 777), all which study is recommended to the interested party who wish to "Above all things, Know thyself".

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Crowley's imagery may shock some, as he presents the Whore of Babylon, taming the Lion-Serpent but then he understood that the epitome of virginity (sign of Virgo), was the Sacred Virgins of the Temples, before Christianity, made them "evil women", whores or Saints, of which all 3 perspectives were confusingly and dogmatically applied. The Christian word 'Whore" is a bastardization of the Greek word, Hetacrate, meaning female companion. Something more for the diligent student to investigate as the Goddess is the mother of Form and is indeed our Feminine Companion as Anima and the Highest Form of Mother-Life!

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The number 11 is considered a highly significant and powerful number in both numerology and gematria, often carrying spiritual and mystical connotations. Here's an explanation of its symbolism in each of these disciplines:

Numerology: In numerology, the number 11 is known as a "Master Number." Master Numbers are double-digit numbers (11, 22, 33, etc.) that are not reduced to a single digit through addition. They are considered to possess a heightened level of spiritual and mystical significance. Here's what 11 symbolizes in numerology:

  1. Intuition and Insight: The number 11 is associated with intuition, psychic abilities, and deep spiritual insight. It is often seen as a symbol of heightened awareness and a connection to higher realms of consciousness.

  2. Spiritual Awakening: 11 is often seen as a number that signifies spiritual awakening and enlightenment. It represents a spiritual journey and a call to explore one's inner wisdom.

  3. Balance and Harmony: The two ones in 11 can be seen as a representation of duality and the need for balance. It suggests the integration of opposing forces or energies to achieve harmony.

  4. Divine Guidance: 11 is considered a number that signifies divine guidance and protection. It suggests that one is on the right path and that spiritual guides are watching over them.

  5. Manifestation: Some interpretations of 11 suggest that it is a powerful number for manifesting desires and intentions. It symbolizes the ability to bring thoughts and ideas into reality quickly.

Gematria: In gematria, which is the practice of assigning numerical values to letters of the alphabet, the number 11 may be associated with specific words or phrases that have the same numerical value. The significance of these associations can vary depending on the cultural or religious context. For example:

  • In Hebrew gematria, the word "אהבה" (ahavah), which means "love," has a numerical value of 13. In some interpretations, 11 can be seen as representing the idea of love on a higher spiritual level.

  • In English gematria, the word "light" has a numerical value of 11. This aligns with the idea that 11 symbolizes enlightenment and spiritual illumination.

It's important to note that interpretations of gematria can vary widely, and the significance of numerical associations often depends on the specific system or tradition being used.

In your practice of metaphysics, numerology, and spiritual exploration, you may find the number 11 to be a symbol of heightened awareness, spiritual awakening, and the need for balance and harmony on your journey. It can serve as a reminder of the deeper spiritual aspects of life and the pursuit of higher consciousness.

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Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot-key 8-Strength

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The Astromatrix Tarot-Key 8-Strength clearly uses an image based on the Rider-Waite-Smith Key 8 Strength Card. In both numerology and Gematria, the number 8 is associated with specific characteristics and symbolism.

Numerology: In numerology, the number 8 is often considered a powerful and influential number. It is associated with the following characteristics:

  1. Success and Achievement: The number 8 is often linked to material success, wealth, and achievement in the material world. It is seen as a number of abundance and prosperity.

  2. Balance and Harmony: The shape of the number 8 is a continuous loop, representing balance and harmony. It is often associated with the concept of karma – the idea that what goes around comes around.

  3. Power and Authority: The number 8 is considered a number of power and authority. It is associated with leadership qualities and the ability to make sound decisions.

  4. Infinity: The horizontal shape of the 8 resembles the infinity symbol (∞), and as such, it is associated with the concept of limitless possibilities and eternal cycles.

Gematria: Gematria is a system of assigning numerical values to letters, words, or phrases, often for mystical or esoteric purposes. In Gematria, the number 8 may be associated with words or concepts that have a numerical value equal to 8.

For example, in Hebrew Gematria, each letter has a numerical value, and the word for "life" or "living" (חי) has a numerical value of 18, which can be reduced to 1 + 8 = 9. However, the number 8 is still significant in this context as it is linked to concepts of vitality and life.

It's important to note that interpretations can vary across diverse cultures and belief systems. The characteristics associated with the number 8 in both numerology and Gematria provide a broad understanding of its symbolism.

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The Astromatrix Tarot-Key 8-Strength imitates the art of the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot of this key. However, the wreath of roses is around the neck of the lion and the lady strength is caressing the Lion who represents the internal strength of Spirit and the animal mind of the Subconscious as a friend rather than an antagonist that is the "media programed" ego that exists in the survival mind that is the subconscious.

The lemniscate (Symbol representing infinity and the 2 that equal 1.) and/or the horizonal figure eight, which is a powerful symbol of infinite divine unity that is shown with the key 1-Magician card hovers overhead.

The red roses represent passion and desire while the white rose represents purity. This card suggests that one must have the courage to feel compassionate and overcome self-doubt. We must transform raw emotions with wisdom. Mental discipline is a spiritual endeavor. We must realize that raw emotions are based on sub-conscious animal survival thinking which is not a representative of our True Self. We are the Spirit who rules the mind that rules the body. The river flowing through the fertile land represents the flowing life force and can even mean the flow of the Unconscious mind.

This card acknowledges the fact that being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. The character trait of courage is also applied to the sign of Leo.

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Individuals born under the Sun sign Leo, typically spanning from July 23 to August 22, are associated with several characteristics. Keep in mind that while the Sun sign provides general traits, each person is unique, and their complete astrological profile includes other factors like the moon sign, rising sign, and more. Here are some key characteristics of Leo:

  1. Confidence and Leadership: Leos are often known for their confidence and natural leadership abilities. They have a regal and charismatic presence that draws attention and inspires others.

  2. Generosity and Warmth: Leos are warm-hearted and generous individuals. They enjoy being surrounded by friends and loved ones, often expressing their affection openly.

  3. Creativity and Expressiveness: Creativity is a hallmark of Leo individuals. Whether it's in the arts, performance, or other forms of self-expression, they enjoy showcasing their talents and basking in the spotlight.

  4. Loyalty and Protective Nature: Leos are fiercely loyal to their friends and family. They have a protective instinct and will stand up for those they care about, often taking on a leadership role in relationships.

  5. Determination and Ambition: Leos are determined individuals with ambitious goals. They have a strong desire to achieve success and recognition, and they work hard to attain their objectives.

  6. Playful and Fun-loving: Leos have a playful and fun-loving nature. They enjoy socializing, engaging in creative activities, and bringing joy to those around them.

  7. Attention to Appearance: Leos often take pride in their appearance and enjoy being noticed. They may have a keen interest in fashion and presenting themselves in a stylish manner.

  8. Dramatic Flair: There's a theatrical and dramatic aspect to Leo individuals. They may enjoy the drama in life and have a flair for the dramatic in their expressions and actions.

  9. Challenges with Ego: On the flip side, Leos may sometimes grapple with issues related to ego and the need for admiration. It's essential for them to balance their confidence with humility.

Remember that individual personalities can vary, and other astrological factors play a role in shaping a person's character. This overview provides a general understanding of the typical traits associated with the Leo Sun sign.

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As one may note, a chimera image (Lion Serpent) is an imaginary animal who is a combination of many animal species, and therefore, an image of the Natural Collective of Earth. Those of us who can "ride the lion serpent" are connected to the Above and Below, in an inseparable union of the Will of the One, to Be! Joined in the Vitality of Earth Life, with the Vital fiery flow of the Spirit as one being of Many faces. Just as is Spirit.

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The symbolism of horns in mythological art is rich and diverse, and it can carry different meanings depending on the culture and context. Here are some common interpretations of horn symbolism in mythology:

  1. Strength and Power: Horns are often associated with strength and power in various mythologies. Animals like bulls, rams, and deer, which have prominent horns, are often seen as symbols of vitality, stamina, and physical prowess. The imagery of gods or mythological beings with horns can convey their formidable and formidable nature.

  2. Fertility and Life Force: Horns are sometimes linked to fertility and the life force. In ancient cultures, the horned god or deity was often connected to agricultural cycles, the abundance of nature, and the renewal of life. Horns may symbolize the generative and regenerative aspects of the natural world.

  3. Divinity and Transcendence: In some mythologies, horns are associated with divine beings or deities. For example, the horned god Pan in Greek mythology was a symbol of the wild, untamed forces of nature. In Christian art, horns can be associated with angels, symbolizing their celestial nature and connection to the divine.

  4. Protection and Warding Off Evil: In certain cultures, horned creatures or beings were believed to possess protective qualities. For example, the use of horned masks or amulets in ritual practices was thought to ward off malevolent spirits and bring good fortune.

  5. Dualism and Balance: In some mythologies, horned beings or creatures embody dualistic qualities. They may symbolize the balance between opposites, such as the balance between the earthly and the spiritual, the wild and the domesticated, or the masculine and the feminine.

  6. Transformation and Shamanic Journey: Horns are sometimes associated with shamanic or transformative experiences. In shamanic traditions, the shaman may wear or adorn themselves with horned headdresses as they embark on spiritual journeys or connect with other realms of consciousness.

  7. Cultural Variations: Diverse cultures have their own unique interpretations of horn symbolism. For example, in Norse mythology, the god Odin was often depicted wearing a horned helmet, symbolizing his wisdom and connection to the spirit world. In Hinduism, the god Shiva is sometimes depicted with a third eye on his forehead, which can be seen as a symbolic horn representing spiritual insight.

It's important to note that the specific meaning of horns in mythological art can vary widely depending on the culture and mythology being referenced. Additionally, the interpretation of horn symbolism may evolve over time and take on new meanings in different historical and cultural contexts.

Lady Frieda Harris and Crowley knew of horn symbolism and applied it to a few cards of the Thoth Tarot Deck, for horns do symbolize Vitality, self-power, and the transformative experience of "riding the lion-serpent".

When the Lust/Strength Card is thrown during a divination, it implies:

  •  The querent is relying on spiritual powers to manage the situation at hand and is receiving the strength to overcome.   
  • Following one’s own inner light, doing what their "heart of heart".  
  • Inner self says it is right.  
  • There can be an experiencing of a "gut level" driving force, instinctual and compelling for protection or survival.  
  • Also, possessing the courage of one's convictions. 
  •   The strength of Passion, in Higher Nature, is dragon like power, courage, energy, action and magnanimity.  
  • One is experiencing the Law of Self-Domination, self-rule, and self-control.
  • This card represents the querent’s' passion, awareness, and aliveness.
  •  A symbol that you have a strong faith in your abilities. 
  • You have no qualms about relying on the spiritual powers within to handle the situation at hand. 
  •  In other words, you radiate your inner beauty and the ability to give love.
  • Mind over matter.
  • Lust for Life.
  • Directing kundalini.
  • Sex magick.
  • If ill defined by the surrounding cards it implies:
  • Feeling blocked from one's power.
  • Weak.
  • Overwhelmed.
  • You need some form of meditation or relaxation which may help restore strength.
  • Egoic mania.

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