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Thoth- atu 10-fortune

The Thoth ATU 10-Fortune card is called the Path of Caph (meaning Fist) and runs from Chesed (mercy) to Netzach (Victory) on the Tree of Life. This path is on the side of the Tree of Life called The Pillar of Mercy, and connects the Personality to the Higher Self (all Sephiroth above Tiphareth are in the Higher Self).

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The Path of Caph, has a mediating function for the planet Jupiter is assigned to this Path. Jupiter, is also said to govern the flow of blood, thus reinforcing the mediating function of Caph.

The letter Caph, is a Hebrew "double letter" (Soul) meaning that it is a union of opposites, riches and poverty, which are the natural fluctuations of Jupiter's forces on this path. Since this Path is one of the "Gateways to the Soul", the riches and poverty here are of the Psyche itself.

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The meaning of Caph (Kaph) is fist, and refers to a completion of an activity, such as, the closing of a circle or grasping comprehension. This card represents a cycle, albeit a closed one, the Wheel of Fortune is considered a flow of Karma, which is a state in which you get what you put out. The Wheel is an important symbol, besides that of a prayer wheel, it is also the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

Therefore, this is is not a roulette wheel of chance and accidents, for in Qabalah, it is known that we are solely responsible for our own destinies which the words "freedom of choice" imply. The Wheel of Fortune supplies us with what we earn, which can be pleasant or unpleasant.

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The interchange of opposites is what makes the Fortune wheel Spin, in this case, we have, the Feminine, Geburah: Severity, and the masculine Chesed: Mercy, interchanging their forces and form. This interchange of opposites, is shown by the 10 Spokes on the Thoth card, symbolizing the 10 Sephiroth on the Tree of Life which is a continuity of Force and Form, in equilibrium.

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In his work, The Thirty Two Paths of Wisdom, Dr. Paul Foster Case calls the Path of Caph, the Intelligence of Conciliation which would best be seen as a gyroscope, two wheels interlocking within each other, spinning in opposite directions., for this card represents the mediation of activity between rotating and/or moving opposites. The sense being that there is a cyclic and rhythmic motion of activity, as well as, cause and effect.

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What is interesting here, is that on the Thoth Card, the Sphinx is seen as the stabilizing element in the midst of change and is positioned on top of the Wheel. The ancient Egyptians used the Sphinx image as the Pharaoh, usually vanquishing his enemies, with lion like power. Later on the Greeks, modified the Sphinx by illustrating it as a women on a male lion's body. Thus, the Sphinx came to represent the union of mankind, with the raw power of the animal kingdom/instinctual mind, and a balance of male (electric)/ Will to Force and female (magnetic)/Will to Form, the Divine Creative, in the same form. Again the union of opposites, is the birthplace of all Power. When Spirit-Mind (psyche)-body, spin together in a harmony and/or a stabilized union, much like a gyroscope, we are at our absolute power and become Lions rather than obedient sheep, whose obedience is merely a reflection of fear.

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The Qabalistic concept of the Sphinx is that it is the Synthesis of all Elemental Forces, much like the Pentagram symbol of Man, where the Spirit is the Fifth element above and added to the 4 elements of the Universe. In fact, among the documents of the Enochian Mysteries of the Golden Dawn, the Sphinx has 4 forms, that of a Bull, Eagle, Man and Lion. These four faces are also describe by Ezekiel in the Bible interpretation of his vision. The Wheel of Fortune, is the glyph of perpetual motion where the flying Eagle balances the Man; the roaring Lion counterpoises the laborious Bull.

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As stated, the Sphinx represents the stabilizing element in the midst of change. It is both the balancing phase of cyclic energy and the guardian to the gateway of the Mysteries, holding the secret of life and death. Thus the Sphinx is a gate guardian of the Path of Caph (fist) as it is both that through which one passes in birth or death, and that which controls the passage.

The Sphinx also symbolizes the directing aspect of the Higher Self in Tiphareth (beauty) and being a Gatekeeper, it is protective and keeps the Personality from absorbing more force than its system can handle.

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By correctly answering the question of the Sphinx, which is an extension of the Greek Axiom, Man, know thyself, implies that one is ready to pass through the gate of inner consciousness. As in the Oedipus legend, once correctly answered, the Sphinx throws itself back into the Sea which to a Qabalist means that the Gatekeeper is no longer needed and is reabsorbed into the vast Ocean of the Universal Collective Unconscious that created it. If the initiate can't answer the Sphinx's question, they are "slain" , which is the protection part of the Sphinx, as it sends back those cultural personalities/man made egos, that are unready to pass consciously beyond the restrictions of time/space. We must pass through our Beauty/Soul, and become shed of the "man made worded identity" (the devil within our brain) for we are not made by or of words, we are an image of our Soul.

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The dog faced monkey, on the left side of the wheel, is in reference to the Plutonian, Cynocephalus. Cynocephalus is the not only the companion of Thoth but also the symbol of time and eternity. Thoth, being called the Lord of Holy Words, by the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, is the inventor of writing and the scribe for the gods whose duty was to record the results of the weighing of the Souls on the Path of Lamed (See the Adjustment Card).

Thoth is also said to divided time into months, seasons and years. Thus his companion is Cynocephalus, the symbol for time and eternity. In a nutshell, the "Words" of Thoth are not man-made words, but the vibratory/microwave patterns that turn the Wheel of Fortune. Being quite esoteric here, the Wheel of Fortune means that when the Higher Self brings the Elements under control, it bestows upon the Personality that "knows itself" faithful companions that are the "words" (information), vibratory patterns that free the Personality from the General Wheel of Fortune and/or Karma that governs the "sleeping souls" who "above all things don't know themselves"; those put to sleep by the hypnotic propaganda of the Patriarchy and /or Military Industrial Empire. The literal word is not, nor ever has been, a truth. Truth is made manifest, in the world of in-form-action. Your truth lies beyond the noisy cacophony of words that "bangs" around in your brain. For you are not a brain, for it is an artificial self. You are a Psyche/Soul whose information, has become manifest as in-form-action. Above all things Know Thyself! Hence, this is also a wheel of Karma*1.

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    The wheel of karma. Birth, death, and rebirth is the natural process of reincarnation in Hinduism. As per Hindu beliefs, when the soul takes the form of the body, if the ego gets the better of the person, then it will make the soul impure. But death only destroys the body, and the soul will remain impure, which will then take another body. Aug 7 2019 (click on link for more info.)


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The Thoth Wheel of Fortune card, depicts the interaction between the Sphinx, Hermanubis and Typhon, Hermanubis is a dual god, combining Horus and Anubis and is written as Heru-em-Anpu, meaning Horus as Anubis. Sword in hand, Heru-em-Anpu is often depicted in mythology as the slayer of Typhon, who is often illustrated as a snake or crocodile, Typhon was of Greek origin and was involved in the wars of supremacy of the Gods. But as time develops the complexity of Myths, Typhon became the dark aspect of Osiris known as Set. The combination of these symbols plays out the counter-changing influence of Light and Dark energy. In Quantum physics, Dark Energy is the Pushing Force, the "vibrations" that spins the universe and pushes galaxies it outward. Knowing this may cause one to wonder if "death" and/or transformation is the pushing force for Life. Also the word Fortune comes from the latin-*Fortuna- a Roman copy of the Greek Tyche-a goddess of chance. For more information on this goddess of chance, click on the links in both below paragraphs.

*Fortuna, in Roman religion, goddess of chance or lot who became identified with the Greek Tyche; the original Italian deity was probably regarded as the bearer of prosperity and increase. As such she resembles a fertility deity, hence her association with the bounty of the soil and the fruitfulness of women.

Fortuna | Roman goddess | Britannica


Tyche (/ˈtaɪkiː/; Greek: Τύχη, Túkhē, 'Luck'; Ancient Greek: [tý.kʰɛː]; Modern Greek: [ˈti.çi]; Roman equivalent: Fortuna) was the presiding tutelary deity who governed the fortune and prosperity of a city, its destiny. In Classical Greek mythology, she is the daughter of Aphrodite and Zeus or Hermes. The Greek historian Polybius believed that when no cause can be discovered to events such as floods, droughts, frosts, or even in politics, then the cause of these events may be fairly attributed to Tyche.

Tyche - Wikipedia

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the tarot of druids- key 10-boadh

The Tarot of Druids- Key X-Boadh, depicts the Celtic goddess of battle, whose terrible prophecy ends the mythological cycle. She is as Fortuna/Tyche, in her divinatory meanings, for she is above revelations, changes and instability, when her card is surrounded by ill defined cards.

The Goddess Badb (Boadh) is also a goddess of prophecy and omens. She appears before battles to predict death through her trance-like cries. And, of course, the Morrigan is the most famous seer and prophetess of all from these old Irish texts.
As we can see, all of the attributes of shamanism were well established in Irish tradition by the time these stories were given their Christian makeover by later monks. Click on below link for more information on the Celtic myths.

When the Fortune or Boadh tarot card is thrown during a reading:

  • It indicates that in the next 10 weeks or 10 months there shall be new opportunities for creating fortune in the querent's life.
  • Life is moving and being busy here, so breakthroughs in prosperity and abundance are approaching fast.
  •  Generally this is a good luck card depicting rewards and recognition for things completed.
  • The cycle of the law of attraction, where like attracts like.
  • Unexpected turn of events-Good fortune.
  • Perception of karma.

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Turns for the worst. 
  • Fatalism.
  • Instability. 
  • Fleeting benefits.

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