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dreams of gaia tarot- VII the sage

The Dreams of Gaia-Key- 8 The Sage, correlates to the Hierophant of Thoth Tarot, because of the keywords that are related to the Sage; Sharing, Communication, Knowledge,Information, Culture, Tradition, Advice and Manipulation. The sage is seen as an older man, sagacious in character, entertaining, expressive, knowledgeable informative and mysterious in nature. Being also an perceptive storyteller, he can read his audience with skill and ease. Being a bit of a magician and a master communicator when the Sage appears in a divination, it refers to the sharing of knowledge and communication. Hence, Philosophy, Religion, Mythology, culture, politics, history, science, astrophysics etc, are all subjects the Sage loves to learn. Infact, there seems to be nothing that he doesn't seem to love to learn and communicate about. He loves to understand the how and why of everything and must develop his knowledge to the greatest level he can achieve. Knowledge, is his true passion, and being the storyteller brings him great joy. Hence, the Owl of wisdom symbology, and the lone wolf, by his side. He holds the staff of a wizard and their is a oreal behind his head, decorated in a modern interpretation of Druidic/Celtic labyrinth-like design.

When the Sage is thrown in a divination, it implies:

  • Time to be the Storyteller.
  • Communicate your thoughts and the resulting feelings.
  • Know your audience.
  • Devote time to research and investigations.
  • Learn the traditions and culture of others.
  • Know your ancestors and heritage. 
  • Sage advice both given and received.
  • There is no good time to give unsolicited advice. 
  • Question your traditional reactions and responses. 
  • Be wary of the smooth talker.
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dreams of gaia tarot-XXIV-faith

The Dreams of Gaia- Key 24-Faith, has the key words associated with it that are also compatible to the ATU 5 of the Hierophant-Faith, Self-Belief, Confidence, Divine Connection, Trust, Severity, and Surrender. This is the 7th of the Influence cards in the Dreams of Gaia Tarot. To have faith in yourself is a beautiful thing and goes along with the Qabalistic Axiom of, "Above all things, know thyself". Faith in self, inspires a feeling of serenity that is unshakable, giving one a strong foundation no matter how severe the situation faced. Here, one has confidence in self, when facing new and challenging situations. Being less troubled by the "survival minds" (subconscious) needs of surrounding itself in walls promoting a sense of false security, one who has trust in oneself and their abilities gives them a greater chance of success in career. With such self-belief, one is more confident in taking well considered risks, making them healthier, and happier because they are under less pressure, and emotional and mental stress. Fear is the "survival mind's" foundation, while Faith in Self, is the foundation of a Creator.

The Faith card, depicts an angelic being, the Holy Guardian Angel of Western Mysteries, (The Soul) The Lotus of the Mother and the All Seeing Eye (I), the symbol of the Original Identity of the One/the One Self. The symbolic Crane of Wisdom, and the Lone wolf, of the independent thinker. All supported on the strong back of a tortoise, whose patient strength, who carries its own security wherever it goes.

When thrown in a divination, the Faith card implies:

  • Faith is beautiful.
  • Self-belief helps you overcome.
  • Faith n self, inspires confidence.
  • Doubt breeds mistakes.
  • Cruel words can do lasting harm.
  • Do not give up because of past mistakes.
  • Set yourself believable goals. 
  • You matter, your presence is enough. 
  • Do not be unkind because others are unkind to you.  
  • Take delight in compliments. 
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thoth- atu 5-the hierophant

The Path of Vau, The Hierophant- ATU 5, is the 16th path, on the Tree of Life. Leading from Chesed (mercy) to Chokmah (wisdom) and is known as the Eternal Intelligence. The Path of Vau is the uppermost path on the Pillar of Mercy (Right hand Path). In the Golden Dawn texts, this path is described as, “The Zodiac acting through Taurus upon Jupiter". Here, Chokma is Jupiter, and his action is the spermatic potential of the Manifested Universe Chesed, the Yod of Microcosm (Microprosopus), is the Father in Manifestation, while Chokmah (the Yod of the Macrocosm (Microprosopus) is the Supernal Father.

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Therefore, the Path of the Hierophant is a powerfully masculine one (Electric Force), to which the Bull-Taurus is applied and image definitively applied to this card. Being "Fixed Earth", this is a stable foundation; a stabilizing extreme. This is the absolute foundation of the process of revelation.... where the inherited Knowing of the Creator, where THE Great Father, is expressing Its experience through the Supreme Spiritual Self to the Psyche/Soul that is Tiphareth (The Sun of Beauty) through the architecture of Chessed, the 4th Sephiroth. Thus memory is involved and the solid foundation of "Above all things, know thyself" is established as a Universal Inheritance for the Divine Child.

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The meaning of the Hebrew word Vau or Vav, is nail or hook, implying a nailing together, or binding, and links the Macrocosm (The Great Universe) and Microcosm (Manifestation), and/or The Greater Self to the lesser Self of the Personality, forever linking us to the Divine Spirit. THE HIEROPHANT is related to teaching, which relates Higher ideas into Lower organisms that is often called, "As above so below". The Hierophant is a state of conscious energy that is the only source for our understanding of the inner Spirit/Spiral energy conscious. This "Magus of the Eternal" is stated by Dr.Paul Foster Case (Founder of B.O.T.A.) in his text," THE THIRTY-TWO PATHS OF WISDOM, as being the," .... Pontifix, the 'bridge maker' who provides a connecting link between outer experience and interior illumination." Thus, the Hierophant gets the discriminating experience of the Body-operating-Personality, while teaching that very same Personality its inherited Divinity from the Soul. Thus, The Hierophant can be said to "Learn by Teaching" and the Eternal Intelligence can be called "Life" and/or the Reasoning behind manifestation, implying that a teacher who learns from his students, is a great teacher.

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Crowley's main concept was the "grounding" of the 5th- Key, using the corner symbols of the 4 Kerubim (Guiding intelligences of the Four Elements) as the tentative expressions of the primordial Elements of Kether (Crown) that are passed down to Chokmah as the Sphere of the Zodiac. Interestingly, we think of the Zodiac as 12 signs, but it is really four ternaries... Where each element is broken down to three signs. To the Qabalist, this relates to Yod (hand) Heh (Window) and Vau (Nail).

The Administrator to the emerging duality that is Chokmah (Phallus -Womb, male-female, electric-magnetic) is the Hierophant and it given form or structure by Binah (Great Mother represented as Venus and/or Isis standing within the Hierophant) which begins as manifestation below the Abyss (Dark Energy and Dark Matter) in Chesed (Mercy). Thus, relating to Tiphareth (Beauty-Synchronicity), the central point of manifestation. This relationship is shown in 2 ways, first as the letter Vau, which is related to "The Son/Sun" (Child of the Divine Creative), and Tetragrammaton and the second is the number 6 which is related to Tiphareth, through the Mercy of Chessed. Crowley shows this by the Pentagram on the chest of the Hierophant as the four elements are combined under the fifth Element-Spirit, thus forming the 5 pointed star, which is the Sign of Man. The Pentagram image, confirms the Great Work known as "As above, so below", a process in which the symbolic Moon always is a key part. For the Moon is both above and below the Sun on the Tree of Life, as it is both implied as Yesod (Foundation) and is the Path of the Priestess and is exalted in Taurus.

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Let us not forget that Taurus is also ruled by Venus (shown as dark female Isis figure), referring us to the Empress, the Path of Daleth, between Chokmah and Binah. THE EMPRESS is Mother Nature, and/or the fertilized Universal Consciousness that is the foundation of the HIEROPHANT'S teaching.

THE HIEROPHANT'S teaching is intuitive, as it is on the "feeling" side of the Tree of Life (Venus-Netzach side), applying intuition to concepts collected by reason and built up by memory.

Edward Alexander Crowley warns that the Hierophant is not necessarily benevolent, affirming an idea in Dr. Paul Case's -Book of Tokens, that Vau (the 5 ATU or Key) is the severe root of Geburah; Crowley states: " Thought the face of the Hierophant appears benignant and smiling , and the child himself seems glad with wanton innocence, it is hard to deny that the expression of the initiator is something mysterious even sinister. He seems to be enjoying a secret joke at somebody's expense. There is a distinctly sadistic aspect to this card..."

In this thought, Crowley is not alone, as most authorities agree that there are some unpleasant aspects to this ATU/Key, having to do with its position intermediate between the Abyss and the Bellow. This issue was further related to Gnosticism by Richard Cavendish, in his work, The Tarot.

Taken in descending order, the Major Arcana from the Juggler/Fool to the Hierophant/Pope, refer to the Gnostic idea of the Creation of the Universe. For it is believed that the One became Two by thinking. Hence, there was Mind then Thought. The Fool or Juggler, can be equated to be the Divine Mind, (Holy Spirit), the Female Pope, with the thought of I AM in its original purity, and the Empress as the thought after it has become impregnated by the mind to become the Mother of all the lower powers. Therefore, the Demiurge or cosmocrator, the maker of the visible world was among those lower powers. The Gnostics frequently identified the Demiurge with Yahweh or Jehovah of the Old Testament( Enlil of the Sumerian Annanaki). He was regarded as an evil power, the maker and ruler of matter and flesh in which the divine spark of spirit is held prisoner...something with which I don't agree. For we, spirit, can leave the body at will. But the Gnostics are not alone in this belief, for many believe that the physical senses deceive us into believing that we are a body phenomena rather than a Spirit/Mind. This is all subject to debate; However, the Gnostics maintained that the evil Demiurge invented conventional religion and morality to keep men enslaved to him by inducing them to worship him and obey the laws. This is true of Enlil of the Annanaki ("Those who from the sky came")who was one of those "Ancestral Astronauts" and genetic scientist from the section of the sky showing the Orion system, who invented homo sapiens and religion to keep the new slaves in fear of "god" so they would work the hard labor, especially the mines, for the Annanaki. Read the books of Zecharia Sitchin, the archaeological translator of the Sumerian Clay Tablets . These Tablets written in Cuneiform are far more ancient than the Greek Gnostics. Any way you look at it, the Lesser Creator (Demiurge) who rules over manifestation, was the great deceiver. Therefore, the initiate of the Valentinian Gnostic Mysteries was taught to ignore the authority of this creator. One may find it quite surprising to find the same language expressed in early Christianity. Thereby, causing one authority to express the question of , "Is Gnosticism Christian Qabalism?" Except for the name of "Jesus the Christ" (It came from the Greek Zeus Christos,) we are in a completely Jewish descriptions of the World. These are the Mysteries of the Zohar and of the Hasidim.

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To me the Hierophant intelligence, is the Great Librarian of the Akasha, a great embellisher of his favorite stories, and therefore, to be taken with a "degree of salt". He is however, helpful in finding the ancient knowledge that is "shelved" in the library of the soul's experience in the Universal Collective Mind. Just examine closely his opinions and comments, trusting in the intuition of your own. Take nothing for "gospel", for you are of the Greatest Intelligence, the whole Tree of Life. Time to trust your soul/psyche as the Child of Knowledge, that it truly is.

When the HIEROPHANT card is thrown during a reading:

  • The querent is experiencing the Principle of learning and teaching which is a desire for making things tangible.
  • The querent may be seeking guidance from a counselor who has knowledge and authority or is wishing to.
  • There is a choice here, of aligning oneself to a philosophy, religion and/or set of beliefs to which one feels a sense of loyalty.
  •  Being free to disentangle oneself from any belief system, the querent still chooses to be involved.
  • There is an espousing of moral, ethical, and spiritual values which may attribute to oppressing others, especially when espousing orthodoxy.
  • There can be an inner sense of obedience to authority, imagined or otherwise, contributing to gullibility.
  • Be true to you. 
  • Above all things, know thyself. 
  • Your presence is enough to solve any issue you face.
  • You exist because the Divine Creative has faith in you. 

When ill defined by the surrounding cards, the Hierophant implies:

  • Intolerance.
  • Presumption.
  • Esoteric arrogance. 

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