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dreams of gaia tarot- XIV-self

The Dreams of Gaia Tarot- Key 14-Self, represents the I Am, as does the Thoth Tarot-ATU 7- The Chariot. In the Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Key 14 represents the 6th reason for being. It is about establishing a individual label and worded definition free identity. Your cultural identity, is not nor ever has been you. It is a worded definition supplied by the "Few who Rule the Many" and/or Patriarchy. You have been forced to be what you are not. Therefore, this journey towards the Real Self, the one already approved of, signed-sealed and delivered, as the Soul's Persona, is represented in this card and all journeys begin with Self-Realization. We already know the Patriarch's "divide and conquer" elements of enforced law, indoctrination, dogma and "peer pressure", that are used to quash the independent, the creative, and the authentic, because "the few that rule the many" profit in one way or another, from dependency. Hence, those who perceive what is ethical, moral, and what is legal as 2 different beasts, are people that threaten the status quo, who are silenced by indoctrination, incarceration and law.

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You are and always have been told what is beautiful, acceptable, normal, right and what is wrong . To disagree or are independent thinkers, are met with contempt, anger, force, ridicule and even incarceration as a banishment from society. Independent thinkers are considered to be radicals, rebels, and creative people as eccentric or crazy or freaks, and any other type who defy tradition convention. Yet part of the masterful use of hypocrisy that is used to confuse you, so that you can never gather one's inner forces and conquer the dividers, tells us time and time again, that we should embrace our differences, be creative and strive to be authentic. The Patriarchy's instruments of control, are the medi, religious organizations, educational institutions, and our programed parents, who teach us how to behave , how and what to think, what to believe (believe doesn't require knowledge) and what and how to feel. The Soul is silenced by the "clanging of symbols, and blaring of trumpets" that has become our obfuscated brain that has been trained to become an "artificial intelligence" controlled by the Patriarchy. The Self is not artificial, it is the I AM, the One and Only True Creator of Identity. Self is all you will ever know.

Because of the superficiality of our modern self-conscious, we each have a "hole in our hearts" that needs to be filled and as all enslaved thinkers think, we seek saviors. Once these saviors were Messiahs now they are "Superheros", thanks to modern media. Truth is your Savior resides silently within you, awaiting your call (*The Kundalini is known as the Inner Soul). You are the Soul's Self-Image, and it is immortal and infinite Energy and called "Beauty" on the Qabalistic Tree of Life and you are it's most beloved. The Soul never caged "your-self", for there is no "your- self", you are the Self envisioned by the Soul as Itself. You are information/knowledge, not data to be absorbed and automatically exuded as is a computer, you are the "Wisdom of the Ages", made manifest. So what is that damnable hole, that even lovers won't fill ? It is the shadow left by the identity you rejected so you "could fit in" and thereby, avoiding discomfort. Hence, instead of living in your heart, it is coiled up and forgotten at the base of your spine. That is why "brainwashing" is called "pleasure-Pain training". The kundalini is often shown as 2 dragons or Serpents arising and intertwined along the body's spine, until it reaches the brain and/or crown chakra. Chakra is a Sanskrit word for "spinning wheel".


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    1. (in yoga) latent female energy believed to lie coiled at the base of the spine.

      • a system of meditation directed toward the release of kundalini energy.

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  2. What is Kundalini? — The Kundalini Guide

    Kundalini is a Sanskrit term from ancient India that identifies the arising of an energy and consciousness which has been coiled at the base of the spine since birth, and is the source of the life force (pranic energy, chi , bio-energy) that everybody knows.

The Key 14 Card of Dreams of Gaia, also shows the white doves of Venus flying, which also represent the Holy Spirit and/Whole Self, and in the foreground the blue roses of Sophia, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. Nothing is wiser than being the Whole You.

Your Authentic Self, is a Solar Force of Creative Identity called the I AM, who creates "Me's" as its self-awareness. The energy firing between the neurons in your brain, heart and gut, are you. You are Solar Photons, called the "fire" and/ or "Wands" in Tarot, or Spirit. Remember, you are a trinity of Spirit-Mind-Body. You are nor ever have "Been Alone", for you are Three in a House- a Ménage à Trois of great lover's who know they are you. My house (Beth in Hebrew) is the Temple of the Spirit that I AM. The Guardian of that Temple is the Whole Self-and/or "Wholly guardian Angel".  

Therefore, the Self card represents the courage to step free of the labels others have bestowed upon you, and redefine yourself as the Soul's, most beloved, and what you inner-psyche (inner soul) knows you to be. Yet you must know how the "social you" was constructed by your past, to be able to answer, Who were you? Who are you? Who do you wish become? "Above all things, know thyself" is an oft repeated, axiom of Western Qabalah. To know Yourself, requires great courage and self-determination to follow your own path. Self must be redefined in a non-restrictive and/or limiting manner. I Am is Self, and it is existence, full of Potential, and therefore, Identity is a "freedom of choice" and not a indoctrination. No word can define you, only Manifestation can and guess what, You are already "made manifest" and as one who many called a Messiah said, "Truth is made manifest"! This is because "Truth" is information, not data. Information is "made manifest" in this realm of matter. You are a Form of your Soul. We also know information as knowledge. To make a long story, that never ends, short; you are information of I AM made manifest. That is why many philosophers state that you are Gods, or as Plato stated;" To know thyself is to know g God". or as some are quoted in saying, you are made in the image of God,i.e. Spirits collective identity of Self which we call a Soul, who then manifests that knowledge of self as YOU! Know I know there are 2 "u's" in your brain, the enslaved cultural self and the God Self. It is time for the God Self to advise the enslaved, and suffering fear based self to ,"Get over yourself and get on with YOU, for impeccability is what we Do!"

When the Key 14-Self card is thrown in a divination, it implies:

  • It is time to establish a unique and individual identity.
  • Free yourself of labels and definitions.
  • Exercise your unlimited potential; I Am---
  • Identity is fluid and changing. 
  • How has your past shaped you?
  • Who you are is for you to determine. 
  • Self-realization.
  • Self-Manifestation. 
  • Center.
  • Peace. 
  • Acceptance.
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dreams of gaia tarot- XVII-journey

Motion or change and identity or rest are the first and second secrets of Nature: Motion and Rest. The whole code of her laws may be written on the thumbnail.


The second card to be reviewed, is the Dreams of Gaia-key 17-Journey, for this one also is comparable to the Thoth -ATU 7- The Chariot. For here is represented, experience, character, the past, cause and effect, consequence, conditioning, environment, external influences and providence.

The Journey card represents the first of the 8 influence cards. What we call our "life journey"is made up of past choices, decisions, experiences and other moments that have influenced and shaped the person you "think" you are now. You are a sum of all that you have experienced and your journey and the person it manifested plays a fundamental role in every decision and every choice you make. The Soul, is a Psyche, A Mind that is a perfect copy of the Universal Collective Unconscious, that we call The Mind, and/or God. For All is Mind. Hence, the Soul has much more information, wisdom and experience from a Universal I AM that has developed over a period of more than 14 billion years. Your personality, is only as old as your body. Hence, who would listen to, a personality who is only as old as its body, trying to manipulate your identity, a Collective Soul, whose wisdom and experience goes far beyond any time you can imagine? The Group Soul of Civilization is called the Patriarch and it is only about 5, 000 years old, and is a collective of history made by "rulers" who controlled definition by enslaving the identities of "the people". So would you then choose a tyrant slave master as one to build your personality? I may be a slow on the uptake, but even in all my slowness, I would Choose the Soul to build my identity....for I may be slower than some, but I ain't stupid! I Am Spirit-Mind-Body and proud to be it. How can anyone get better than being Spirit-Mind (psyche)-Body? The Soul, a collective of information that goes vastly beyond billions of years, calls me ITSELF and loves the I Am I represent....good enough for Me!

The Master's journey, is "the path less traveled", for each of us have only "our path" and ours are the only feet on it. Being yourself is good enough for the Divine Creative, so who gives a "rat's ass" about what a Tyrant or its minions identifies me as. I have been called and "idiot", yet the fools that stated this, have no idea what that word means. It was coined by those who tried to conquer the Celts and Anglo-Saxons, and it's original meaning was, " a man who can't be ruled". So I Am glad to be an "idiot", for the enemies of freedom have called me that and as my dear old departed father has said, " A man is known by the enemies he has, not by how many friends he has." I must be doing something right!

The Dreams of Gaia card-Journey, shows a young person "doing something right", as this person travels their own path. The butterfly in the foreground symbolizes freedom and regeneration, which is what happens on such a journey of Self Realization. This one is also carrying a Magical Staff, whose cap is glowing with bright light, a perfect symbol of a Kundalini that has risen up the spine and causing an " adorable fire" in the brain.

When the Journey card is thrown in a divination, it implies:

  • You are created by your experiences, it is time to create your own.
  • Are you a "walking dead" who lives only in the past?
  • Smile over the good and make peace with the bad. 
  • Act with reason and purpose, for the indoctrinated personality reacts, while the Spirit Acts. 
  • Don't make your truths a prison. 
  • Avoid movement in unwanted conflict. 
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thoth-atu 7-the chariot

The Thoth Chariot represents the Universal Key of change/movement combination of stillness-activity: of movement and repose.

Every individual is touched by change multi-dimensionally in their areas of Earth, Air, Water and Fire, as symbolized by the four pillars, the four wheels, and the four animals. These four elemental aspects of ourselves combine to create who we are, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The spinning disc in the hands of the charioteer, symbolizes the wheel of fortune (esoterically the Grail that is both Red and Blue) that we have free-choice and can choose fortunate, positive, and abundant changes for ourselves.

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The 10 crystals on the golden armor represent the ten powerful positive choices of the Ten Sephiroth on the Qabalist' Tree of Life; The crown, which is "the crowning achievement", wisdom, understanding, mercy, severity, beauty, splendor, victory, foundation and kingdom, in that order. These 10- states of conscious energy are multidimensional movements and repose that are known as "Our Greater Self".

Is the Path of Cheth on the Tree of Life, the word Cheth means enclosure, or fence and that is The enclosure which the Chariot provides for the Charioteer and called the *Merkabah in Hebrew and/or "the Throne of God".

Merkabah/Merkavah mysticism (or Chariot mysticism) is a school of early Jewish mysticism, c. 100 BCE – 1000 CE, centered on visions such as those found in the Book of Ezekiel chapter 1, or in the hekhalot ("palaces") literature, concerning stories of ascents to the heavenly palaces and the Throne of God.

Merkabah mysticism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In the THIRTY TWO PATHS OF WISDOM, Dr. Paul Foster Case stated:

The Eighteenth Path is called the House of Influence (by greatness of whose abundance the influx of good things upon created beings is increased) and from the midst of the investigation the arcana and hidden senses are drawn forth, which dwell in its shade and which cling to it, form the cause of all causes.

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Between Geburah (Severity) and Binah (Understanding) the Great Mother on the Tree of Life, runs the Path of Cheth. This is the highest and most profound Path on the Pillar of Severity and introduces the Personality to the Supreme Spiritual Self that wraps our Soul in the Golden Armor of Protection so that the Psyche can be carried through the unmanifested Universe, and/or Dark Matter and Dark Energy. The Chariot is the enclosure that holds the Soul in a state of peace, as moves through all planes. In his BOOK OF TOKENS, Dr. Paul Foster Cases stated this about the Chariot:

I am the hedge of protection

Enclosing the field of existence in this field thou dwellest,

And I am thy defense,

Against the darkness which is without.

Yet is this hedge of safety

Alas a wall of limitation,

And the darkness against which it defends thee

Is the radiant Darkness of the Limitless Light, too brilliant for thine eyes?

The Darkness that Case, refers to is that of the Limitless Light of Kether, the very pinnacle of the Supreme Spiritual Self. Pictured in the Chariot, the experience of the Spiritual Self is known in Alchemy as the "Exhalation", where the Alchemist becomes the Philosopher's Stone. In the Western Mysteries, this card is considered to be the "Holy Guardian Angel" of the Personality/self-consciousness.

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The Thoth Chariot, shows the influences of both the Hindu Tattvas and the biblical text of Ezekiel with its "living creatures" being represented as 4 Sphinxes pulling the Chariot. These Four Kerubim (angelic beings) represent not only the four Tarot Elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth, but also each has four sub-elements, as do the Tattvas, and are represented as the four faces of the creatures.

Geburah, is often symbolized with a Pentagram, or five pointed star, that has the Four Elements crowned by the Spirit. Thus, making 5 the number of Geburah on the Tree of Life, Geburah is a Red Force, and is symbolized on the Thoth card as Red Wheels, meaning that the force of Geburah (Severity) is the motive force of the Chariot. As most of us know "Severity" is a corrective.

Geburah is complimented by Chesed (Mercy) on the Tree of Life, and this compliment is seen in the constant usage of the number 4, Chesed number. In the Thoth Chariot card there are 4 Sphinx, and 4 columns (Four Universal Elements) holding up the starry canopy or heavens of Binah (The Great Mother- Empress Card key 3). These four elemental columns are called the “4 columns of the Tree of Life in a Solid Sphere", adding a little more of the arcane to this card. I suggest the curious student gets the book, THE QABALISTIC TAROT by Robert Wang, as it is a fine text for understanding the Arcane.

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Above the Golden Armored figure on the Thoth Card is a crab, symbolizing the sign of Caner Woven into the canopy is the word "ABRACADABRA", which Robert Wang thinks is an apparent pun on "ABRAHADABRA", a word that Crowley called, “one of the most important key numbers of the Liber Al...The word of the Aeon....the cypher of the Great Work", which when using Qabalistic Geomatria (numerology), (Book 777 of Crowley) adds up to 418. Using the math of numerology, we do the sum, 4+1+8= 13, the Key 13 of the Death Card of great spiritual change and transformation of the One energy that can't be created nor destroyed.


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Crowley understood that something martial is going on in the Psyche of the Seeker themselves. Much like the Bhagavad Gita, where the pursuit of enlivenment is symbolized by warring factions. On this highest Path of Severity, the Soul Warrior of Geburah has reached a pinnacle, as shown by the ten stars on his golden chest that represent Assiah or Matter. Seated in meditation, with the Holy Grail in his hands: the Cup (Womb) that we look directly into when using our Imagination to produce ideas, i.e. the womb with a view.

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The movement of the Chariot conceals a mystery (arcana) of great significance. The Chariot is reminiscent of the Greek Chariot of the Sun, Helios, as the four horses of the Sun pulled the Chariot of the Sun across the sky. This is significant as a representation, since the Chariot moves between the Light, centered in Tiphareth (Beauty) and the Supreme Darkness of the Limitless Light (Dark Energy) at the hidden side of Kether (Crown). Yet, there is even a more complex meaning suggested here, as the Sun is guided by the Moon! And in both Greek Mythology and the Qabalistic Tree of Life, the sun is subordinate to the moon. Since the Chariot is of the sign of Cancer, that is ruled by the Moon (and in which Jupiter is exalted), the Charioteer follows this philosophy of subordination to the Great Mother. The cardinal Path of the Moon, leads from Tiphareth (Beauty-Solar Logos) to Kether (Crown) as the Path of the Priestess. Water (Pure Intuition) takes precedence here and is represented by the Moon.

This is a Higher Path card, and requires much skrying, meditation, and arcane study, so this author recommends that you devote more time to this card than a brief lesson. At least, get the books I have recommended in this treatise and read them liberally! What is also noted here, is that the Male-Female relationship, is represented backwards here in our reflected world. The Male Force of the Universe is Subservient to the Female Force in order for Force to become Form. Idea is subservient to Understanding, for Life to progress. There is much to consider here, if one wishes to "Know thyself!"

  • When The Chariot card is thrown during a reading, the querent is reminded:
  • To devote themselves to the combination of activity and quietude so that they may have the drive to attain goals.
  • It is a time of clearing out the past, moving beyond and beginning with new energy while taking responsibility for one's present condition.
  • There is a need for victory here, by combining the images or content of the unconscious with the consciousness for the purpose of achievement.
  • The Chariot also signifies that the querent has begun controlling a situation by the force of their personality....a focus of Will.
  • The goal will need fighting for, but you have been granted the energy to win it!
  • It generally means that a new force is dissolving old forms.
  • This is a time for clearing out, moving beyond the past, beginning with new energy and taking full responsibility for the past. 
  • This is a time of supreme magical power and self-mastery. But as always, this explanation is too short for a more profound understanding of this Powerful symbol for Self movement and much more of the journey is required.

When ill defined by the surrounding cards:

  • High handedness.
  • Megalomania.
  • Ultimate failure because of obstacles. 

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