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Thoth-queen of wands

Binah is the 3rd Sephira on the Tree of Life; she is called the Sanctifying Intelligence known as Understanding. The Queens are another aspect of this Sanctifying Intelligence.

Seated and enthroned, the Queens represent the forces of Heh (meaning window or sight) in the Divine Vibration of each suit. By bringing forth a material Force of each suit, the Queens, develop and realize the Force of the King. This is a steady, unshaken and enduring force that is not as rapid in motion, as are the Princes, but far more enduring.

The Queen of Wands in Western Magic is Queen of the Thrones of Flame. Queen of the Salamanders, or Slamandrines. The astrological attribution is the last Decan of Pisces--the first two Decans of Aries.

Because the Queens are about Materialized Force, there are no Angels represented here, rather the Elementals are the conscious force here.

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The Queen of Wands is called the Water of Fire, which would seem rather silly to mundane understanding; However, if we understood Water to be consciousness and Fire to be Primal Spirit, than this is less counterintuitive.

This fire is Vital Life Force, passionate, extreme and often violent in Nature, as it is the Motion in the movement of all things of Water, fire, Air and Earth.

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To show her great control over this Primeval Fire, the Queen of Wands of the Thoth, sits on a Throne of flames, one hand resting on a leopard and one hand holding the Wand of Fire, and on her head is the winged eye of Horus (the resurrected Osiris) atop a fiery crown of the Sun. Here the leopard represents the ferocity of fire under the on-hands control of the Queen; as the leopard is symbolic combination of Dark fire and light fire, the dark fire (energy) showing through the light fire as dark spots. The Wand, also a symbol of Will, indicates that she is also able to direct the Force she has tamed. This wand is also topped with a cone, representing the *Thyrsus, hinting at the mysteries of Bacchus and the pineal gland. Those mysteries merit further study by the interested student.

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Thyrsus staff tied with taenia and topped with a pine cone.

A thyrsus /ˈθɜːrsəs/ or thyrsos /ˈθɜːrˌsɒs/ (Ancient Greek: θύρσος) was a wand or staff of giant fennel (Ferula communis) covered with ivy vines and leaves, sometimes wound with taeniae and topped with a pine cone or by a bunch of vine-leaves and grapes or ivy-leaves and berries.[1]

*A thyrsus /ˈθɜːrsəs/ or thyrsos /ˈθɜːrˌsɒs/ (Ancient Greek: θύρσος) was a wand or staff of giant fennel (Ferula communis) covered with ivy vines and leaves, sometimes wound with taeniae and topped with a pine cone or by a bunch of vine-leaves and grapes or ivy-leaves and berries.[1]

The thyrsus, associated with Dionysus (or Bacchus) and his followers, the Satyrs and Maenads (or Bacchants), is a symbol of prosperity, fertility, hedonism, and pleasure/enjoyment in general.[2] The thyrsus was tossed in the Bacchic dance:

Pentheus: The thyrsus— in my right hand shall I hold it?

Or thus am I more like a Bacchanal?

Dionysus: In thy right hand, and with thy right foot raise it".[3]

Sometimes the thyrsus was displayed in conjunction with a kantharos wine cup, another symbol of Dionysus, forming a male-and-female combination.

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tarot-personality birth wheel.

This is the character of a powerful, sexually attractive mature woman. Great Sexual energy, means great creative potential, so this person is best off, if she pores her passion into the arts and/or career. Devoting her life to bringing something of value into being. She is a great lover of pleasure and can become totally devoted to it. She won't tolerate interference, so friendship with this personality archetype, requires one to let her be herself and enjoy the ride.

As with Primordial Fire, this personality must practice focus and willful control of her fiery nature, or all Hell will break loose! Oh, did I mention that the figure on the Throne is also considered to be that of the Goddess Hel who rules the underworld of deep dark and fiery emotions? And in Mythology, the underworld is where mundane souls go to be cleansed of memories of past life and cleansed for a ritual rebirth...of course, on Hel's initiative. You may also notice that she is shaped as if a volcanic mountain is her form. Hence, we are also looking at a Pelé, of Polynesian mythology, who among many positives, is also noted for her wrath.

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tarot of the ages-queen of batons

The Tarot of The Ages-Queen of Batons, continues the tradition of the fiery enchantress, but in a primal warrior Queen interpretation. With hand on a leopard, showing her mastery of the fiery force and her animal nature, along with the flaming wand or Baton, depicting the fire element of the 4 Universal Elements of Pythagoras, she stands tall, and tattooed under a fiery sky. To a African Warrior male, she would be a "dream girl", for female power is greatly revered in Matriarchal societies. She has all the attributes of the Thoth Queen of Wands.

When the Queen of Wands is thrown during a reading, she represents:

  • Adaptability
  • Persistent energy
  • Calm authority that she often uses to add to her attractiveness.
  • Kind and generous to those who don't oppose her.
  • Hates opposition.
  • Powerfully gracious in love and friendship, all of which is on her own terms, for she is not "needy".
  •  Her passionate emotion creates a Tendency to be distracted from goals.
  • A deep desire to understand the deeper aspects of herself.
  • Hot passion and sharp wit.
  • A sympathetic and understanding person.
  • Capable of meaningful expression and love. 
  • Gracious hostess. 

The negative and/or ill characteristics of this Queen, as shown by accompanying cards:

  • Vanity and snobbery
  • A tendency to brood, thereby, making wrong decisions that promote acting in great violence.
  • Her great passion makes her easy to deceive, causing her to react stupidly, tyrannically and obstinately.
  • May be quick to take offense, harboring revenge without good cause.
  • Jealousy.
  • Deceit.
  • Possible infidelity. 

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