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Thoth- Queen of Swords

Binah, the 3rd Sephiroth, is often called the Sanctifying Intelligence and known as the Parent of Faith. The Qabalistic Word Binah itself means Understanding. What is often not realized is that she is also Chronos/Saturn who is the oldest of ancient gods and known as Grandfather Time. We may know him as "Grandfather Time" but the highly restrictive nature of time, birth, aging and death are the ultimate result of the gift of Life bestowed by Mother Binah. So once again the Sexing of the Sephiroth proves to be insubstantial for complete understanding. It helps to remember that each Sephiroth has an expressive-male-electric state and a receptive-female-magnetic state of consciousness.

The Queen of Swords represents Water of Air, which is also called Specific Water in the Realm of Primal Air. Water is the element attributed to consciousness and air is the element attributed to mind. Therefore, she is as Crowley stated in the Book of Thoth, "Clear, conscious perception of Idea, the Liberator of Mind".

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The Queen of Swords is the Western magic Queen of the Throne of Air-Queen of Sylphs and Sylpides, attributed to the last Decan of Virgo and the first two Decans of Libra.

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The severed head in her left hand reminds me of Kali Ma, the Hindu Goddess of Life and Death. Here the Queen of swords has the severed head or mask of The Patriarch and the Sword of Geburah (and extension of Binah) in her right, pointing downward toward earth; indicating that she removes the masks of deceit and definition supplied by cultural thoughts or as defined by the Military Industrial Empire of the Patriarchy. Therefore, she is also the destroyer of illusion.

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Yetzirah, (The world of Air) is the world of deception and only keen perception, and observation are the Sword that slices away all fantasy, delusion illusion and unreality floating around as "reality" in this realm of dreams.

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The Queen of Swords also has upon her solar-crowned head, a child's head viewing upward, implying that only the innocent child is unfettered by sterile concepts and useless ideas, for they haven't been programed to believe in a Ruler's definition of themselves. She returns the Solar Child/Soul to the Primal Identity it had upon creation, rather than the profaned soul of man-made reality.

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The severed head, also implies that The Queen of Swords is the Sanctifying Intelligence; one that removes the "head of man" bring us into the Understanding of the ways in which each of us are deceived by thoughts while also teaching us to transcend them as the "heavenly human" (Horus-Egyptian or Adam and Eve Khadmond of Qabalah).

Thoughts began by words are the Trickster, the "devil inside"- ego that fools us into believing survival thinking as true-consciousness, when all in all it is the division believing animal mind of the subconscious. Love/Union is the consciousness of the Sanctifying Intelligence that has given our immortal Spirit Form. Immortals don't worry about survival. They love and created mortal being as Self-Information. Thus, “tough love”, can be the Sword in Her hand, which is the domain of Geburah that is called Severity. Another aspect of the Great Binah and her "tough love" corrective abilities.

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The Queen of Swords, represents the pure, extensive clarity of thought. She symbolizes the watery regions of Air, which Crowley called, "the elasticity of the element, and the power of transmission". Sufi's would call the crystalized light behind her head, "the light of pure intelligence". In Qabalistic Tarot, every Queen is a symbol of mature woman, and/or very expressive woman in life or the "inner woman/anima, of the outer man. What is definitely shown here, is a woman who has freed the power of her mind from patronage. She thereby corresponds to those woman who are journalists, managers, and independent entrepreneurs, attorneys. In other words, a woman who has made a name for herself in what is considered to be "male professions". She is the naturally independent woman who tends to be seen through the eyes of men as the aspect of the masculine and less feminine experience of the eternal feminine. She is a representative of critical reason, a mind of clarity but seems emotionally ambivalent because her femininity (water) is not compatible with the distinctly masculine element of air in all parts. Nevertheless, this card can indicate an important awakening process of "Above all things, know thyself".

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Santa Muerte-Queen of Swords

The advice of the dead:

Your experience will enable you to deal with and better manage whatever happens, directing it towards positive and constructive outcomes.

--From the Santa Muerte Book of the Dead- by Fabio Listrani

The Santa Muerte - Queen of Swords depicts a Santa Muerte an auster and severe image. The ace of spades shaped upper facial area, depicts the playing card suit that represents swords, while she is also carrying a sword across her shoulders that represents a burden of experiences that enrich her rather than subjugate her. Matured from overcoming delusions or privations of patronage, she personifies the ideal of wisdom, intelligence and brilliance of mind.

Therefore, we have the same definitions of the Queen , as given in the Thoth explanations.

When the Queen of Swords is thrown during a reading:

  • The querent desires to discard, pretense, masks, roles or defenses that hide their true self.
  • Wishes to develop or is developing intellectual thinking.
  • Is undergoing a sense of resolution and commitment.
  • Is experiencing intellectual maturity and is experiencing well-tuned mental facilities- Sharp of wit.
  • Experiencing the Wisdom generated by sorrow. 
  • Finding Wisdom through the acceptance of Pain with courage, and honesty.
  • Strong willed and determined this woman will can bear whatever life presents her with.
  • Deep comprehension of frightening truths, Able to think the unthinkable and giving expression to the unspeakable. Seductive and provocative.
  • The professional, who can handle situations capably, quickly and efficiently.
  • Intelligence, wisdom, and resourcefulness. 

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Calculating  coolness. 
  • Insuperable distance. 
  • The "ice cold" Woman.

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