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· Declarative -Thoth

Above all things, know thyself!

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Thoth-Princess of Swords

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The Declarative Tarot -Flows of Perspective Mind-Mindful Self-Declaration.

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Represents the earthly part of Air. She is the fixation of the Volatile. She represents the influence of Heaven on Earth and brings about the materialization of ideas. 

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There is some suggestion of the Valkyrie, in the Princess of Swords card and as a psychopomp she also represents Artemis with characteristics of Minerva, there are many names throughout history for the Goddess of a thousand names. She represents the anger of the gods, and on the Thoth card she wears a helm of serpent crest, which symbolizes the serpent-haired Medusa. The heavens and clouds whirl about angrily, while she is stabbing downward with her sword. In the background is a profaned altar, whose fire of Spring and its promised renewal, has gone out due to apathetic induced lack of attention which angers this Valkyrie. With Her Sword of "Volatile Mind" she cleaves away the dross of dark emotion, so the pure essence of emotion (energy-in-motion) is seen as golden pinwheels of light, made clean and fertile for a new materialization of constructive Ideas. Much like Michelangelo, who was known for his perceptive chisel that cleaved away all but the image he saw in the marble she cleaves away the dross of moods.

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Valkyrie as Psychopomp-assisting the Souls of the Heroic Warriors

The Princess of Swords and the *Valkyrie, represent the influence of Heaven on Earth. As stated, there is a representation of the "Anger of the Gods" here. Therefore, Lady Freda Harris depicted her Princess Helmed in a Medusa headdress as she flies in front of a barren altar, avenging its profanation, as shown by her sword stabbing downward. (The Human Soul is the altar---the profanation is "indoctrination of Patriarchal culture"). All around her angry storms rage in the sky. In Norse mythology she is a psychopomp (usher of souls), one who collects the warrior dead and carries them to Valhalla, the Great Norse Ale-hall while they drink and brawl awaiting the end of the World known to the Norse as Ragnarök. According to Norse mythology the world will end at Ragnarök, a time of great destruction when the gods will wage an ultimate battle with the giants and other evil forces. Ragnarök has not yet arrived, but the events leading to it have already been set in motion.

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Tarot Personality Birth-wheel

The Archetype personality of the Princess is of a stern and revengeful nature. She is firm, aggressive and wields destructive logic with great practical wisdom and subtlety in material things. Her natural cleverness and adroitness in managing controversial affairs makes her a master of settling controversies. Therefore, she would be a good ambassador. People thus characterized may seem slow mentally, as they are crushed by every responsibility, especially when it comes to family affairs.

We must remember that the Princesses represent the "Throne of Spirit", and that the Princess of Swords has the option of "blowing everything sky high"(Crowley)...she has that potency of mind. If ill dignified her qualities are dispersed, she becomes incoherent, and all her gifts form into an animal cleverness, a low cunning, that is unworthy of the means. Thankfully, such personalities are exceedingly intelligent although they are "Children of Misfortune" which seems to be the most unhappy of people. However, their Soul knows what it is doing, and we all know that sharp chisels are needed to "cut away the dross" so that the real beauty can be revealed in any sculpture. Therefore, her logic can be cutting and destructive, especially to what she believes is nonsense, as she is both firm and aggressive. and often chasing "crazy dreams". She also shows great practical wisdom in material things. Being adroit at controversy, when affairs are controversial in nature, she shows great cleverness and dexterity in the practical management of these affairs.

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Since the Princesses do not rule degrees of the Zodiac, rather they are elemental beings we do not have examples of personalities who are related to the Princess of Swords Archetype (However, most of us know a personality who is always fighting dark moods within themselves). Hence, the astrology of the Princess of Swords Rules from the North Ecliptic Pole from 0° Capricorn to 30° Pisces, with Aquarius at the center. She also rules the Americas. This may explain why the North American and South American continents are always fighting their own "dark moods", as well as those of other nations.

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The name Yod He' Vau Heh (YHVH), often called the Hebrew name for God, is attributed to the Court Cards, where Yod, is attributed to Knights, Heh-to Queens, Vau- is attributed to Princes and the last Heh-is attributed to Princesses/Pages, the Earthly Manifestation, as the ultimate issue of the original Energy in its Completion, i.e., crystallization. However, they also represent the counter-balancing and re-absorption of the Energy. They are also the Silence into which all things return, the reintegration of energy.

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What many do not realize is that we are all Spirit/Intelligent Light-Celestial- Energy, just as the Earth is the crystallization and/or a coagulation of Stars. Therefore, if one is a shamanic or Western Magic Practitioner, the Spiritual Intelligence that is Earth, will visit you to just relay information or to hold a meaningful conversation with you, appearing as an opposite sex of what you assume yourself to be, which facilitates the flow of energy-information as energy moves from pole to pole. That visitation is an example of "elemental being", as is your physical body. You are a Vital Celestial Life Force (A Soul) that owns a human body. Not a human seeking vital energy.

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It behooves you to remember your truth is "I AM" (existence) but what you "Am", is all an assumption. Hence, Spirit can assume any form and as spirits we have chosen the Homo Sapiens form so that we may intimately experience information as creation and thereby, become Wisdom.

The Princess of Earth has visited me often, even in such wild places, that no one else is in, such as Deer Mountain, in Ketchikan, AL. She came out of the Forest on the summit, she smelled like the forest, but was clean and in good health and we held an enjoyable conversation, as Lady Earth felt like an incredibly old and dear friend, and she knew all the lifetimes I manifested a personality on Earth. "Old Souls", a term often misused to define old personalities (Souls are infinite, therefore they can't be old or young, rather they are from other star-systems), are known to Earth. We are "Old Personalities", mostly of the Anu, who came to Earth to mine her gold by creating the miners (homo sapiens) and later we came to love the Earth and wish only to keep manifesting a body with Her and spread her DNA throughout the Solar System, if not the galaxy. The Earth can also be a psychopomp and carry you, the persona of aware consciousness, to the True Solar Soul that you are thereby, insuring the personality-resurrection/reincarnation. Besides all this, Lady Earth will often bestow gifts to those she approves of and after her visit to the mountain, I became a "Water Witcher". I always knew how deep and where water was. I have 42 clear water wells to my credit, a gift from the Lady-Princess of Earth. The Princess of Swords is the aspect of Gaia, which works the America's as her domain. She is a personification of Earth that homo sapiens sapiens can communicate with as Shaman often do. Something all people of America and the World should do. We are her "guests" from other stars and we owe her the respect of a guest towards a very generous patron.



In Norse mythology, a Valkyrie is one of a host of female figures who choose those who may die in battle and those who may live. Selecting among half of those who die in battle, the Valkyries take their chosen to the afterlife hall of the slain, Valhalla, ruled over by the god Odin. There, the deceased warriors become einherjar. When the einherjar are not preparing for the events of Ragnarök, the Valkyries bear them mead. Valkyries also appear as lovers of heroes and other mortals, where they are sometimes described as the daughters of royalty, sometimes accompanied by ravens, and sometimes connected to swans or horses.

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The Declarative Tarot- Flows of Perspective Mind-Mindful Self-Declaration (Princess of Swords) represents the process of how our thoughts become the foundational pattern of our choices and therefore, our life-motion. Every thought we apply emotion to (energy-in-motion) is emoted into our life as a "self-identity". This is because Self-Awareness is our purpose to be. As beings of Star-Light, we are all Photons which have no mass. Hence, we are energy created minds (Souls-Solar- Self) full of dreams of what "I AM" but without the sensuality necessary to experience what we think we are. The Homo Sapien Sapiens is designed to receive the Star's Children that are harmonic frequencies and vibrations of the electromagnetic energy generated by the Solar intelligence of the Milky Way. We are radiated from the Central Sun of the Galaxy and many of us have manifested on other planets before this one. The greatest wealth a Solar intelligence can have is a manifested planetary avatar and/or a body. Be mindful of your greatest wealth!

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Upper left of this card, is a stripped cricket from Indonesia. Its black and white stripes make it stand out, for it is unapologetic for being its true self. Hence, this is a representation of being true to oneself in form and function and thereby, serving as a declaration of inner self-trust and authenticity. Also, crickets chirp the vibratory truth of the environmental temperament and weather. Crickets ask if you know the song you sing.

The Solar Central Figure radiates confidence in knowing it is supposed to exist as itself and thereby, allows the inner eye to inform the senses to focus. The sonata of balance frequency flow is shown as the pattern on the body of this Solar being (Soul). Holding what looks like magnified glasses represents how we see ourselves is what we most reflect on others for we really don't see others, we see what we think, which a process is called mental transference by psychologist. The blooms in the upper right, represent Eye Bright flowers. Eyebright flowers want us to understand the joy of vision. It is an herb that opens the eyes to see the world as it really is. The lower flowers represent the Lily of the Valley represents the need to hold your thoughts in clusters of wholeness, a collective of happiness, love, and joy of being. This cluster of love creates empathy and compassion for the others in life, who are also attempting to realize self through the trials and tribulations of this self-awareness experiment called " Me". We all should remember that all experiments are a failure until they aren't.

*Lily of the valley has represented different things across the centuries. In the Victorian era, it symbolized a return to happiness. In ancient times it was associated with humility and purity, as well as the goddess Ostara (from whose name we get our modern Easter). It's also been associated with the Greek god Apollo, who is said to have created it so his nymphs would have a soft carpet to walk on. In contemporary times it is associated with motherhood and happiness, but most formally with spring, especially May.

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The "feminine qualities" of the Princess of Swords are not about the gender of the person, but rather they are about the joyful discovery of spirit in all things. Although a bright mind and with plenty to say, the person needs guidance, for they are very unprepared for the journey ahead, as they are restless and rarely sit still. As Didymos Judas Thomas quoted Jesus in the Gnostic Text of the Nag Hammadi Library, " Let the seeker seek until he finds, when he finds, he shall become troubled; afterward he shall become astonished and when he becomes astonished, he shall know that he is ruler over all". These are the 4 emotions of seeking spiritual truth.

  1.  The need to find happiness in the stuff of the outside world, which is unrequited and is most troubling. 
  2.  One's troubles drives them into introspection, and finds the love, happiness, and value they seek has always been there, deep inside.
  3. Finding the Truth of Self in the innermost mind leaves one astonished! Also, after much introspection one finds that by observation alone, they can change anything they observe... That all is Mind, and that Mind declares its identity by stating "I AM...". When Princesses become Queens, (maturity) they know that they are Ruler over -All.
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Just as in the Thoth Princess description, this Declarative Tarot Princess has an extraordinary personality adorned with significant potential. Although, a person with a difficult character, s/he has an analytical mind, is very smart, energetic, and emotional.

When the Princess of Swords card is thrown during a reading,

  • It may represent a young woman or young man with brown hair and blue eyes who shows great wisdom.
  • Strength, acuteness, subtleness in material things.
  • She or he is graceful and has great dexterity.
  • Clear sightedness. 
  • insight.
  • Objectivity.
  • Bright intelligence.
  • ...has a lot to say and communicates well.

If ill dignified, by surrounding cards it implies:

  • She or he is both frivolous and cunning.
  • Often, she becomes incoherent as all her talents tend to combine forming a species of low cunning. This produces a kind of mental slowness, and her mind becomes the prey of constant anxiety, crushed by every kind of responsibility, especially in family affairs.
  • She or he is either a mood fighter or defensive to the point of rash decisions.
  • Aggressive. 
  • Fragmentation.
  • Destructivity.
  • Unexpected news or events are expected that will not allow already made plans to come true.

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