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· Tarot of Druids

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Thoth- princess of cups

The Thoth Princess of Cups-represents mastery of emotional objectivity achieved by working through manipulation, jealousy, possessiveness and seduction. She symbolizes the earthly part of water or its faculty of crystallization. The Princess of Cups, represents the Grail's power of manifestation, she is the power of water that gives substance to idea, to support life and to form the basis for chemical combination that is often called solution. She also represents the power of earthly water that gives substance to idea, to support life and to form a basis of chemical combination. Here, she is shown weaving a fabric of life out of crystallized water. She is the daughter of floods representing the image of a soul that, driven from the shores of everyday life, dreams in the water of the Universal Collective Unconscious.

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  1. The turtle in the sea shell symbolizes the capacity to offer emotional loyalty and longevity to others by being objective and non-possessive.  Here, once again, Lady Frieda Harris represents Hindu Philosophy, as the Tortoise is symbolic of a steadily moving platform supporting the 4 Elephants (4 elements) "who holds the world on its back”. In other words, represents the foundation of Life-Force for the Earth which may seem slow in evolutionary terms, but is persistent and undaunted.
  2. The Swan coming out of her head, represents emotional security and the ability to communicate her feelings, desires and concerns in realistic and meaningful ways (the dolphin emphasizes this ability). Again, the Princess of Cups in the Thoth Deck is represented as a dancing figure robbed in a flowing, crystal edged garment, all of which indicates her flowing and crystallizing abilities. Therefore, we can determine that she is an active rather than passive force from the Great Mother. This determination if continued in the imagery of the Swan taking wing. The Swan is  also the symbol of AUM (of oriental philosophy) that is the vibratory harmonic of Universal Creation.
  3. The crystals on her gown, show a crystal clear ability to look at things as they are instead of what see wants to see. 
  4. The free floating lotus blossom shows her trusting heart. She is devoid of a possessive and controlling heart. This is Elaine the Virgin Moon-goddess of Arthurian legend, who was the keeper of the Grail in the Grail temple, where she wove the tapestries of life, death, and fate. She is the "Dispenser of Joy" but also a source of hidden knowledge, bestower of mystical insight and the gift of wisdom. The Ace of Cups, is the root of the powers of Water. This is Water, in its most arcane form, Life-Fluid, (Dew of the Mother) symbolically represented as Water, Blood or Wine.
  5. The Dolphin that is disporting in a foamy- sea, symbolizes the power of creation known as the Royal Fish, which is also known as the first matter and/or the first material.
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The Ace of Cups, the power personalized by the Princess, is the compliment to the Ace of Wands, as is the Sun to the Moon and the Lingam to the Yoni and represents the essential form of the Holy Grail (The Womb with a view). The Princess and the Ace of an element are inseparable.

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The Great Mother, Binah, is often symbolized as the Dark Sea and in the Thoth Ace of Cups, she is both the Sea and the Lotus: The Lotus being the fertile expression of the Great Mother.

Descending from above, a ray of light representing the Holy Ghost and beneath the Grail we have the Moon. The Waves of Life-Fluid behind her upper body, are shown as a web of fluid energy which is what the tapestry of Creation is woven from. To many Native Nations, this would symbolize the Work of the Great Spider Woman,

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tarot personality birth wheel

The Princesses are called the Thrones of the Great Mother, as they represent on earth, Mother's rule. Root powers are without intelligence and thus not focused on an idea. The Princesses are the Intelligently Focused Energy of a Root Power and are aware and more personalized intelligences with conscious characteristics. These Great Daughters of the Great Mother, have their own peccadilloes, and it behooves the practitioner of magick to know them. For instance;

  1.  the Princess of Cups has an infinitely gracious character that is voluptuous, sweet, gentle, and kind, romance, and the perpetual dream of rapture are her very nature. 
  2. Unlike the Volcanic nature of the Princess of Wands whose spontaneity burst forth without a lot of thought . 
  3. The Princess of Swords, is often called the "wrath of god", and represents the "mood fighter". 
  4. The Princess of Disks- is Persephone, the goddess of spring and the end of winter. 

To the shallow thinker, the Princess of Cups may seem indolent and selfish, but that fact that she goes about her work silently and effortlessly dispels such interpretations.

These Princesses Are Elemental Archetypes, and can be communicated with; However, their nature is in direct union with a Force beyond the practitioner’s control. In Western Hermetic magic, tried and true rituals of magick are recommended when summoning so that these forces can be contained before there is overwhelming flow. In the Case of the Princess of Cups, the practitioner’s personality could be overwhelmed by the extreme dreamy rapture of her nature and become unable to operate in the day-to-day world. The Princess of Cups represents the myth of the Undine, the feminine water spirit, who first receives her immortal human soul when she has found a victim (husband) among the human beings. Therefore, she corresponds to the sweet seductress who represents the unrequited longings within us more than love itself, desiring to draw us down to the original well-springs.

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Many of us don't realize that the Archetypes of the basic 16 types of personalities, as represented in the Court Cards and seen in our world, are also Elemental Forces. Because of the thinking of "Divide and Conquer" we have forgotten that our human bodies, are Elemental Beings! Because of the thinking of "Divide and Conquer" we have forgotten that our human bodies, are Elemental Beings and as "Suns/Souls of the Divine Creative" are the Elohim Nephilim that rule all elementals with observation alone! We are a Spiral Entity (Spirit) and not of the elements but masters of them. Therefore, we are not seeking to become more Spiritual, as some would have us believe, for that would be like a fish in the Ocean, looking for water! Spirit is Spiritual/Spiral and also that being infinite and eternal, makes the concepts of  more or less a ridiculous concept. We are already spirit, and Spirit isn't divided, for it is the "willed sexual energy" of 0=2.

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We are succeeding in becoming a united Life Force; united with that which it activates, i.e. The Alive Form. We are attempting the Whole Union of Master (Spirit-Mind) and Masterpiece (Form) which is often called "As above, so below". Therefore I find that New Age Enlightenment is a misconception, as we are I AM (Force of existence) who builds a Me (Manifested Awareness) and the knowledge of the Universe is already achieved----obviously! The “Me” needs to seek nothing, it must operate only by the Will of the “I AM”, that seeks awareness through the process of creating Self-awareness/self-information as manifestation or as “Me”/in-form-action.

The "body of Spirit", is how thought/idea can be examined sensually/intimately! Isn't that what "Sensors" are for... up close examination? The Body is a "Sense of I AM Presence" as the fish is a Sense of Ocean. Therefore, as a fellow I AM, I did not come to seek spirituality (I Am That), I have come to seek a sense of presence; to be intimate with self-identity, so that I can examined my creativity (imagination) for errors that may impeded the Great Work of As above so Below! I am a Qabalist, because receiving my inherited knowledge from the Divine Creative, allows the Will of Kether/The All/ to become manifested as a "self-consciousness"- I AM Me. That will of the One, began all creation with the shout of Eheieh-Hebrew for "I Will Be". Fulfillment of that will is "I AM Being". Therefore, it is the Will of spirit-mind-body, conjoined to be I Am Me.

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the tarot of druids-knave of chalices

The Tarot of Druids-Knave of Chalices, depicts a Druid priest, filling the chalice of a knave (Traditional Tarot didn't have princesses, instead knaves or pages were used) a word that originally meant a boy or servant. In modern times knave means a, rascal, rogue, scoundrel which are disparaging terms applied to persons considered base, dishonest, or worthless. The Page or Knave was often shown as a young person, drawn so that it was an effeminate image. Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris choose to make this effeminate image a Princess. This is because in Medieval Christian Society, woman were scorned as the reason for the mankind's fall from grace and expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Hence, to use an image of a woman of power, was to fall under the scrutiny of the inquisitor. To even practice Tarot, was to get yourself branded as a heretic and burned at the stake. So Tarot became a "card game" with the Knave as a Jack. However, the Church even tried to ban card games, but these were considered to be minor offenses and often ignored.

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The Gundstrup cauldron is an archaeological find of a Celtic Cauldron, believed to be used by Druid priests, to preform ritual magic in and bless water, wine etc. It is believed that it became the "Holy Grail" of the later Christian world. Hence, the Knave is receiving a chalice full of "sacred water".

When the Princess of Cups or the Knave of Chalices card is thrown during a Divination for a woman, it states that:

  • Help has arrived from  new companions.
  • She is objective, and realistic of heart.
  • Emotionally loving and realistic rather than attached and clinging.
  • Love of art.
  • Fearlessly diving into the depths of the Soul. 
  • Esthetics.
  • Fantasy.
  • Intuition.
  • Mediality.
  • Poetic charm.
  • Gentleness.
  • Sensibility.

When thrown for a man, the Princess of Cups represents his

  • Inner feminine nature (anima) that is committed to offering emotional longevity while being loyal in realistic non-possessive ways.
  • Personifies a sensitive , scintillating young woman who appeals to him emotionally.
  • The Princess of Cups or Knave of Chalices may represent both genders, and a person in their life who is one's own age or younger and who may be teaching one lessons about emotionally letting go.

When the Princess of Cups is thrown during a reading for a female, it represents the Divine Feminine's wisdom.

  • A gentle, soft , feminine man who sparks her feelings, a medial being with high ideals and a great intuitive grasp.
  • A dear sensitive child  who touches her and causes her inner heart-streams to flow like springtime waters after a cold winter.
  • Emotional detachment that is free of jealousy.
  • Being rapturous and gentle, kind and tender.
  • A personality full of romance, dreams and loving vision but also a dispenser of hidden insight and wisdom (see Elaine the Moon Goddess).

Ill defined, the Princess of Cups, suggests;

  • Flightiness, shallowness, and inability to accept reality.
  • Misuse of love.
  • Deception.
  • Seductive spells.
  • Bubbles in the air.


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