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· Tarot of the spirit

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Thoth-prince of cups

All four Princes are dependent on the Union of the King and Queen. Unless set in motion by the Royal couple, the Prince’s power is illusionary. Since my personality tarot card is the Prince of Cups, My Anima (my Queen), Elizabeth (Eli Sheva) has set my power into motion, so I know this fact personally.

The Prince of Cups is known in the Mysteries, as the Prince of the Chariot of the Waters, Prince and Emperor of the Nymphs and Undines, as he represents the last Decan of Libra and the first two Decans of Scorpio.

He is Specific Air of Primal Water.

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By now, you may know the Yod Heh Vau Heh formula, which is also shown in the Prince of Cups. Here we see the water Lotus and the cup that is issuing a serpent. The Serpent represents Chokmah, the Yod Force and in this card, it has the fiery unsettling qualities of Scorpio. The cup, is Heh, and encloses the Yod serpent; a Victorian way to show phallus and womb and/or the King and Queen in Union.

The Prince, as Vau, carries out the activities of Yod and Heh combined, here then is Water (emotional consciousness).

The Eagle drawing the Chariot, is the Kerubic symbol for Water (also the highest symbol of Scorpio). And as we know, if we've swam in a river, the Eagle also suggests that the calm appearance of water, may hold violent and fiery energy-currents beneath the surface, Therefore, implied in the Prince of Cups, the Universal Collective Unconscious which bears the dynamic energy of water. Hence, what activity we can expect from the Prince of Cups personality is on one hand, elastic, volatile and hydrostatic equilibrium; on the other hand, the catalytic faculty and energy of steam which is shown in the Tarot card as wings of tenuous vapor, sprouting from his back that is also suggesting a spiritual sense of vaporization. Hence, the Prince of Cups also represents the coming and going of a person in the querent's life.

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Scorpio is noted as being the most Mysterious/Occult of Signs, making this card very complicated in its Water imagery. The Lotus is sacred to Water/Binah. The calm and stagnant Lake beneath the Prince, is shown being disturbed by heavy rain; Rain being the volatile expression of Vapor that has become clouds. The reason the lake is shown stagnant, is because of the Alchemical secret process of putrefaction which is also symbolized by the scorpion (not shown on card because it is secret), the other two processes of Scorpio are shown as the Serpent and the Eagle. Sexual force and Higher Mental Motion, in that order.Assigning the astrological sign of Pisces to this card, implies gentleness, understanding, kindness and hyper-sensitivity.

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Tree of Life (The God Molecule)

However, the Prince of Cups represents the "Storm King", a mythological deity of many polytheistic religions. In Egyptian Thoth Tarot, the Storm God is Horus, the Egyptian beneficial storm, sun, and war god that was deemed personified in the pharaoh.

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*A weather god, also frequently known as a storm god, is a deity in mythology associated with weather phenomena such as thunder, lightning, rain, wind, storms, tornados, and hurricanes. Should they only be in charge of one feature of a storm, they will be called after that attribute, such as a rain god or a lightning/thunder god. This singular attribute might then be emphasized more than the generic, all-encompassing term "storm god", though with thunder/lightning gods, the two terms seem interchangeable. They feature commonly in polytheistic religions.

Storm gods are most often conceived of as wielding thunder and/or lightning (some lightning gods' names actually mean "thunder" but since you cannot have thunder without lightning, they presumably wielded both). The ancients didn't seem to differentiate between the two, which is presumably why both the words "lightning bolt" and "thunderbolt" exist despite being synonyms. Storm gods are typically male (especially the lightning/thunder ones), powerful and irascible (the irascibility is probably a trait because of the command over thunder/lightning, thus the god's power over this aspect of the natural world influences his personality). Rain and wind deities tend to not be portrayed as wrathful as thunder/lightning deities.

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Tarot personality birth wheel.

Hence, the Prince of Cups is a personality of great passions, turbulent sexual energy and emotions. If he is under the control of his anima, he is very intuitive, artistic, metaphysical and more controlled in his emotional passions; although, he is still very explosive if he feels a threat to his ego or his loved ones. He loves with considerable passion, so he can become the "Wrathful" lord of lighting when loved ones are threatened. Strong personalities are always the most exciting and the most dangerous. Therefore, he can be the Knight of Hearts, the romantic spirit, the sensitive hero, guardian of love, and protector of high ideals, as well as the swindling con-man and deceitful seducer. Depending on the connection with his Anima (divine feminine). If this card personifies a woman, this description corresponds to the masculine portion of her being--the Animus.

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the tarot of the spirit-brother water

The Tarot of The Spirit-Brother Water, also assigns the glyphs of Scorpio and Libra to this card. Implied that he is the water warrior and love man. He is shown walking in the Cosmic Sea as he is spiritually lead to leave the earth behind. Here, the spirits are holding him aloft as wings, so that he doesn't sink into the abyss. He is attuned to the deepest frequencies of both above and below the abyss. Hence he hears the sound of "Om". OM is the most elemental of vibrations. It is the sound of the void. Frawley says: “Om is the prime mantra of the Higher self, Horus or Atman or Adam Khadmond of the Qabalah. It attunes us with our true nature. It is the sound of the creator, preserver and destroyer of the universe, who is also the inner guru and prime teacher.

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Adam Khadmon - The Heavenly human.

His cup is his heart (Anima) that extends out into the universe and is reflected as a mirror image from above. He exists on both sides of the Cosmic Mirror/Sea. It can be said that the Water Brother is our own mirror image as we completely attune to the messages of the Universal Collective Unconscious and/or cosmi sea. Or as Crowley states, we are a reflection on the mirror of our Soul.

In the case of the Prince of Cups or Brother Water, the morality or moral characteristic of such a person is implied as:

  • Subtlety, secret violence and craft.
  • Being also an artist in all his ways, he would be intensely secret.
  •  The calm and imperturbable surface he displays mask his most intense passion.
  •  He accepts only external influences that aid him in his secret designs. 
  •  His conscience is not that of an ordinary person, for it is of a more impersonal nature, making him suspect and distrusted by acquaintances.
  • He is perfectly ruthless and inspires fear in those that distrust him.
  • His abilities are immense, going beyond ordinary senses in to realms of the subtle. He is, however, fluid and being volatile as well, does not care to work in harness.
  • The fact that this Thoth card is Libra going over into Scorpio, suggests great volatility, as this influence implies tremendous power, energy and weight.
  • Such a person must be well mated, with good will and sincerity, for loyalty is all important to keep their good nature. When this is so, they are extremely romantic, sensual and generous to a fault and are great lovers.
  • He is a bridge between emotions and mind.

As far as personal events go, the Prince of Cups or Brother Water represents for the querent:

  • A personal process of the quiet inner aspect of the male principle where self-reflection, inner meditative peace and awareness are being experienced by the querent (The person the reading is for).
  • The event of Mind is turned towards deep feelings and artistic visions with the necessary passion to do them but with the secrecy that may prevent it.
  • Is completely involved in emotional sensation, psychic awareness and spiritual awareness. All of which they have in abundance.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards:

  • Selfishness.
  • Lack of sympathy.
  • Lack of sensitivity.
  • Naivety.

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