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Above all things, Know Thyself!

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Thoth- Knight of Wands

Lord of the Flame and the Lightning; The King of the Spirits of Fire; King of the Salamanders.

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The Spiral Tarot- King of Wands

The Lightning Lord of the Knight of Wands, is called the King of Wands in the Spiral Tarot. Crowley wanted dynamic motion and protection applied to his Kings as well as the medieval romance of YHVH represented in his King Cards (King, Queen, Prince, and Princess), so they are rendered as Armored Knights on Horses/Chargers. The Court Cards are roughly descriptive of persons whose Sun or rising sign at their nativity falls within the Zodiacal attribution of the card.

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The Knight of Wands represents the fiery part of Fire---The Lightning flash--- and he rules from the 21st degree of Scorpio to the 20th degree of Sagittarius. This Knight's power comes from the 2nd Sephiroth-Chokmah, the first masculine polarity of Energy. Obviously this is an active personality archetype; so active that he has been called the god Valraven by the Danes. Valraven was said to be the one that gave the secret of magic to mankind, much like the Greek god Prometheus gave fire to mankind. Valraven becomes Hel’s (Goddess of the Underworld) husband king and lord of the underworld. The myth supports the qualities of generosity, fierceness, impetuosity, pride, impulsiveness, and swiftness in what is most often unpredictable actions. However, if ill defined, he is evil-minded, cruel, bigoted and brutal. In both the Thoth Tarot and Spiral Tarot, this ill definition will be shown by the nature of the cards around him.

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Because he is "as a lightning flash”, if s/he fails in their first effort, s/he has no resource. Obviously, when needed, this Personality trait can be helpful when the goal is known, and the issue at hand and the Intent is well thought out. However, this is not the lightning like trait of this card, so the Querent is advised to be apprehensive, yet calm and resolute while being energetic and aware of untimely action, thereby, going forward with confidence of their own ability. This is a revolutionary personality, startling in its passion, and perilous in its charge as shown with the Dark Horse leaping. Lots of Primal Sex Force, (represented by the flaming Ace of Wands in his hand) which is also the masculine fertility aspect of Kundalini in the lightning sense of masculine electric force in the sphere of Malkuth. Well placed, the Knight of Wands persona has the power to face all odds. Such King/Knight of Wands personalities known to us moderns are:

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Indira Gandhi Born-Nov 19, 1917 ;

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Robert Kennedy-November, 20, 1925- ;

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Mary Queen of Scots-Dec 08, 1542.

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Robert Fulton, Nov 14, 1765

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Frank Sinatra, Dec. 12, 1915.

As you can see the Knight/King of wands produces a powerful and attractive personality . The Explosive  Nature of this Knight of Wands, is well depicted on Lady Frieda Harris's flaming image, as if he is riding a rocket shaped like a black Charger and that comes with great risk! If the aim is off, or if there is not enough emotional-fuel to continue, s/he will crash in a most dramatic way. If there is too much emotional- fuel, there will be a personality explosion.  However, if everything goes well, this launch is one of spectacular success and their very energy makes them attractive to others.


As history shows, a real steady mind is needed to handle such explosive force/Yod power and the only safe bet is that this force is well contained in the Magnetic Force of the Female- Anima-within or in a relationship with another individual. The Cooling forces of the "Water" (woman) aspect of magnetic female force are needed here for without this Female balance this personality is quick to anger which easily flashes into rages and violence. If a lot of cup cards, or a Princess or Queen are thrown in this reading, the querent may rest assured that the water is there to handle and/or contain this volatile personality.

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The Spiral Tarot-King of Wands

The Spiral Tarot- King of Wands, illustrates a strong-friendly King dressed in robes of fiery colors, holding a wand in one hand and a gift of wheat in another. Since the Knights/Kings all represent the 2nd Sephira, Chokmah, they represent the ultimate male authority. An authority that is as much about a male in a relationship, as it is about the Animus (within) the person that is the inner-knowledge about self and the domain of the suit he represents. Master of his own process has been achieved, as well as, overcoming the lesser ego-self, and reaching pure consciousness in the "Sex Energy" (fertility) of Spiritual Will. Hence, he has a perfect understanding of the Yin/Yang, Female-Male, forces that are the Harmony of Spirit. He is aware of the gentility of love, the unconditional depths of those waters in the Great Sea of Mother Binah. He exalts in the feminine powers of empathy, love, intuition, and emotions, as he offers the Wheat of Artemis, the Greek Goddess of Agriculture. Kings are also healers, making this a card of arrival and carries significant responsibilities with it. A strong male-like Leadership is represented here, with his enviable persistence, he achieves his goals. His generosity knows no bounds and he is strong and brave. Therefore, S/He must understand the significance of error and how it is 50% of all Wisdom, and thereby, not interfere with another's path to Wisdom. In other words, he may be able to teach one how to "fish" but never "fish" for them. To do so would violate their ability to " know themselves". His axiom is: "Above all things, know yourself". He sits on a Dragon Thrown emphasizing the element of Fire that this card represents. The symbol for the Universal Fire Element is the upright triangle, shown on the left upper side of the King.


  • Humane ideals.
  • The Moral qualities of Activity, fierceness, impetuosity, impulsiveness, and swiftness in unpredictable actions. 
  • A spiritual evolutionary, who is shedding old perceptions for new spiritual insight. 
  • Much movement and energy while experiencing a new conviction. 
  • Releasing and letting go of an old identity or self-image. 
  • An entrepreneur who is achievement oriented, creative and self-expressive.  
  • Positive male power personality that has the energy to handle long term goals, and handle extremely complex situations. 
  • Full of wit and charm, having a warm good nature, a sense of humor and love of fun. 
  • A calm and possibly stuffy person. 
  • A rooted quality that gives strength.
  • Meeting interesting people.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards , it implies:

  • Despotic nature.
  • Egotism.
  • Intolerance.
  • Intellectual Snobbishness.
  • Confusion and the resulting weakness it creates.

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