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Thoth- knight of wands

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Thoth Deck Tarot. The Court Cards are roughly descriptive of persons whose Sun or rising sign at their nativity, falls within the Zodiacal attribution of the card. It describes the core persona of a person. The Tarot Kings, or in this case the Thoth Knights are all aspects of Chokmah, the "first male" aspect of energy in the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

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The Knight of Wands represents the fiery part of Fire---The Lightning flash--- and he rules from the 21st degree of Scorpio to the 20th degree of Sagittarius.

This is an active personality archetype that has been called the god Valravn by the Danes. Valravn was said to be the one that gave the secret of magic to mankind, much like the Greek god Prometheus gave fire and magic to mankind. Valravn becomes Hel’s husband king and lord of the underworld. The myth supports the qualities of generosity, fierceness, impetuosity, pride, impulsiveness, and swiftness in what is most often his unpredictable actions.

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If ill defined, he is evil-minded, cruel, bigoted and brutal. This ill definition will be shown by the cards around him. Because he is "as a lightning flash”, if he fails in his first effort, he has no resource and can turn violent. Obviously, when needed, this Personality trait can be helpful when the goal is known, and the issue at hand is well thought out. However, this is not the trait of this card, so the Querent is advised to be apprehensive, yet calm and resolute while being energetic. Beware of untimely action and go forward with aware confidence of their own ability.

This is a revolutionary personality, startling in its passion, and perilous in its charge as shown with the Dark Horse leaping. Lots of fertile sex force and/or charisma, represented by the flaming Ace of Wands in his hand. He is the masculine part of the Kundalini duo and is the lightning aspect of masculine electric force. A real steady mind is needed to handle such explosive force/god power and the only safe bet is that this force is well contained in the Magnetic Force of the Female--within or in a relationship with another individual or by the anima of this person. The Cooling forces of the "Water" (woman) aspect of magnetic female force are needed here for without this female balance this personality is quick to anger which easily flashes into rages and violence. If a lot of cup cards, or a Princess or Queen are thrown in this reading, the querent may rest assured that the water is there to handle and/or contain this volatile personality. With harmony within the individual, that of the anima and animus internal marriage, he then is powerful in his art or career.

This is a great personality, bold, adventurous, and a "Proper Spear Point" in battle, and as long as there is the female empathy, and nurturing qualities balancing it, he is also merciful. Otherwise, a perfect demon. Fiery part of Fire is not easily contained and the person or querent who has this personality archetype will raise up just fine from childhood, if they have understanding parents who won't try to "drug them down" from high levels of activity but rather channel this powerful persona into many activities that capture their attention. Needless to say, active parents work well with this child's personality. Abusive parents will easily turn this bright flame into a horrendous monster. We have the Fire of a Dragon here! This is the fiery nature of the Yod [Spirit] which in the mind is shown as a Fiery-Will. It may help you to know that Spirit is Power and is not always friendly. Spirit is will and fecundness and sometimes great will without empathy learned from many manifestations, can cause great harm!

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the Tarot of the spirit-fire father

The Tarot of The Spirit-Father Fire, like the Thoth Knight, also depicts a battle king/knight mounted on a black charger surrounded in flame and carrying a flaming wand/lance . This image depicts a high energy moment of movement, leadership and sense of conviction. There is a caveat of caution here as one must be careful not burn oneself out in this high energy movement. This card is displays the glyph of Scorpio and that of Sagittarius (beneath the hooves of the horse). Father fire is the "fiery spirit" who is open to all possibilities. However, he is the fiery flash and as cautioned before, quick fiery motion is his only recourse, and if that fast, impulsive action doesn't get the job done, he has no other recourse. Hence, his fiery wand burns at both ends.

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The Fiery Father is depicted in the white hot flame of spirit while he is riding the beast of radiant darkness (dark energy) into the limitless light. Upon the Sea of Wisdom, does this dark horse tread, so cold is this sea that it burns like dry ice. This is the dry I (eye) of the One of fire. He longs to be wetted by Binah, his consort of Understanding. Chokmah is shown as a gray colored sphere on the Tree of Life, because gray is a combination of white and black,/light and dark, as is wisdom. There is limitless light in darkness and radiant darkness in light. This implication of light and dark are forever dancing together is shown in the swirls of gray, black and white that are forever combined in one another. The divinatory meaning of the Father of Fire is also that of the Thoth Knight of Wands.



It implies:

  • The Moral qualities of Activity, fierceness, impetuosity, impulsiveness, and swiftness in unpredictable actions.
  • A spiritual evolutionary, who is shedding old perceptions for new spiritual insight.
  • Much movement and energy while experiencing a new conviction.
  • Releasing and letting go of an old identity or self-image.
  • An entrepreneur who is achievement oriented, creative and self-expressive.
  • Positive male power personality that has the energy to handle long term goals, and handle extremely complex situations.
  • Full of wit and charm, having a warm good nature, a sense of humor and love of fun.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards:

  • Despotic nature.
  • Intolerant.
  • Egoistic.

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