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· Tarot of the spirit

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Thoth- knight of swords

The 2nd Sephiroth- Chokmah is the realm of the Thoth Knights and traditional Tarot Kings, and is the beginning state of conscious energy that is masculine in action. Chokmah (wisdom) is the "idea of male" and its mate, Binah (understanding), is the "idea of Female". Now we have the concepts of Father-Mother God and/or the Divine Creative.

Chokmah being the 2nd Sephirot, called---Wisdom, is also the Force behind the four 2's, as well as, the 4 Knights.

The 2's symbolize the Forces of the 4 Kings, who are Knights, and the 4 Queens uniting and initializing the Forces. The Knight-Kings are considered in Western Magic as the Fathers of and initiators of Material Forces.

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The Knight of Swords, is also known in Qabalah as Lord of Winds and Breezes (not the "pull my finger" kind that was Grandpa). King of the Elemental Spirits of the Air, the Sylphs and Sylphides. This is a very Strong masculine mental force whose zodiacal attributes are the last Decan of Taurus and the first two Decans of Gemini. Here we have Specific Fire in Primal Air that is the personification of a Force behind the World of Astral Images and ideas. This Power is violent, aggressive, and a cutting edged force that is much like an overheated wind. He is storm and violent emotion applied to an apparently manageable mind.

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The symbols of this Mad Movement, is depicted in the art of the Knight of Swords, as his maddened steed is charging down from the heavens, with tempest about, and armed with both sword and poniard; he is the very personification of the idea of attack. The Bull like power of Taurus is represented in his steed and the Twins of Gemini are shown in his armament. The crest on his Helm is a revolving wing, showing violent motion in air, much like a helicopter beats the air into submission. However, the 4 wings are also 4 directions, meaning that he is easily moved in the direction the "wind" of mass mind blows.

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tarot personality birth wheel

Such a character, if manifest as a personality that is born from May 11th to June 20th would be that of a person who is:

  •  Clever, skillful, active and subtle. Being that he is fierce, delicate, and courageous, much like a Dragonfly, does not keep him from being prey to his ideas which come as inspiration without consideration.

All of this changes when this card is ill dignified. If such occurs, he is incapable of decisions or purpose, and any action he takes is so weakened by his mental indecision that it is easily brushed aside by opposition. Often this one finds, that inadequate violent action is merely futile effort at best.

However, we choose to dignify this Knight-King, he is the "Extended Flame of mind" as Zoroaster calls it. Here the True Will to Force, as Chokmah's masculine wisdom is exploding in the self-consciousness. The Taurian influence, makes it steadfast and the first Decanate of Gemini makes it inspirational. Thus an Idea tends to absorb the entire life of the individual in the blinding light of concentrated aspiration. Therefore, the Knight of Swords implies the danger to this state of mind, for the first Decan is also known as "shortened force" and that shortened force is symbolized by the poniard; shortened force and/or inadequate violence, often comes off as defensive and stubborn behavior.

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the tarot of the spirit- father wind

The Tarot of The Spirit-Father Wind, depicts the King/Knight of Tarot as a tempest of activity, riding the bull of the heavens. This is a very powerful analytical period in the querent's life. Here, boundless ideas, are highly brilliant and very rational. However, there is a caveat: as one moves through intense mental processes, it is easy to lose touch with the spiritual, loving, and physical being that you are.

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The Wind Father, is presented as one who is merging their Spirit-Mind-Body, as Self. Here the Bull is seen as the Lunar bull of life and death cycles and signifies rebirth through death. This bullish energy is wild and can take this one in any direction. Hence, one is witnessing massive internal change. Such change requires one to surrender the process of his thoughts to the Universal Collective Mind. Since one cannot possibly develop this state of mind on their own, they must invoke it during a relaxed state of meditation, allowing the bull/Chokmah to teach them and when they understand the bullish nature of the Eternal Will To Force, they will be able to love and appreciate Chokmah's wisdom.

Also depicted in Will to Force's/Father Wind's wild ride is his ability to control the direction of this bullish ride himself. Hence, the yoke is in his hand. Here in his dream-like meditation, the waking -microcosmic-consciousness is linked to the Macrocosmic Consciousness and/or Universal Collective Unconscious Mind. The Will to Force of Chokmah, opens one's heart to Divine Reason. When one understands Divine Reason, they are able to transcend the divisions of self on the wings of transcendence, and/or Wings of the Holy Spirit (Whole Spirit is-Spirit-Mind-Body) that are shown waiting above the bull rider. The spheres of *yin yang (Binah and Chokmah)and/or the Divine Creative decorate the wings of Whole Spirit. The receptive/magnetic Feminine and the Active-electric Masculine.

Both Tarot Cards, Thoth and Tarot of the Spirit, carry the same divinatory meanings.

*Yin and yang - Wikipedia

  • Overview

In Ancient Chinese philosophy, yin and yang is a concept of dualism, describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. In Chinese cosmology, the universe creates itself out of a primary chaos of material energy, organized into the cycles of Yin and Yang and formed into objects and lives. Yin is the receptive and Yang the active principle, seen.


The querent is or may be experiencing:

  •  The Will to transcend.
  • An analytical period, where the power of idea and motion come into play.
  • Letting go of old beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve the motion of the individual.
  •  The querent is a person of tough- minded common sense which is usually based on preconception and prejudicial determinations.
  • The arrogance of a powerful mind turns on itself in its own desire for control.
  • Tends to judge harshly but with scrupulous fairness.
  • A lawyer, senator or doctor.
  • Mastery of creativity and confusion, as he sees new points of view, while brainstorming new thoughts that vent the mind.
  • Intellectual, and mental prowess whose only emotion is to control.
  • A strong personality of fiery emotion and powerful thought.  

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Too much emphasis on mind.
  • Emotional coldness.
  • Biting and cynical criticism.
  • Dazzling ambiguity.
  • Fickle instability.
  • The snare of believing everything you think.

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