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Thoth-knight of cups

  • In the Thoth Tarot Kings are called Knights, who are armored sitting astride their powerful "Spirit Force" steeds. The Knight of Cups is the fiery part of water, this may sound strange to the neophyte; However, the fiery part of water is the Power of Solution. The Knights all reside in the 2nd Sephiroth-Chokmah who is Will to Force.

The Knight of Cups is not unlike the fiery attack of rain or springs. He rules the Zodiac from 21st degree of Aquarius to the 20th degree of Pisces.

  1. The Armor, bright wings, and the leaping white charger, all represent the most active aspects of water.
  2. The crab represents the sign of Cancer, and the aggressive nature of water and its regenerative state, as crabs individually regenerate by shedding their hard outer shell. Cancer, the cardinal sign of water, is the symbol of inner absorption, which comes to the fore, entering into consciousness.
  3. The Knight of Cup totem is the Peacock, as the very nature of active water is its brilliance. The Peacock is also the totem of the Peacock God Myths who has multiple "I's"...eyes being the glyph for Identity. Hence, the One Divine Self, with many "selves". 
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The fluorescence characteristics of the personality signified by this card are surprisingly passive, as dictated by the Zodiacal attribution. With the qualities of Venus, he is a graceful dilettante (a weak Jupiter). Passively amicable and quick to respond to attraction but the stimulation fades away as he is not very enduring. Emotionally triggered by outside influence, this person has no real material depth of character. The Knight of Cups has an undeniable innocence and purity that is hardly clouded by his ill dignified sensuality, idleness, and untruthful nature. In fact, he may be so superficial that it is hard to reach any depth in him. However, as all still waters, he runs deep and he carries a secret depth. He embodies the fiery realm of Water in search for transcendental experience, redemption, and mystical union with the source.

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This card represents Dewi, the ancient lord of the Abyss, who is also known as Bran the blessed who later became the Christianized Fisher King or Rich Fisher named Bron. He represents ageless power and strength, a reliable protector of the needy with a quality of irresistible force underlying a calm surface.

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Tarot personality birth wheel.

The Knight of Cups, is a personality archetype of people between February 9th to March 10th.

There is great difficulty in rightly mating water with Fire, as the swift violent nature of fire (Knight of Wands) ill suits a character that is naturally as placid as water. It is a rare persona indeed that has mastered the balance, so most often we find the personality mismanaging his affairs and unless good fortune attends him, his career and life is littered with a trail of failure and disaster. There is a mental/emotional "civil war" here, and this can lead to depressions, and/or schizophrenia. The abuse of stimulants, alcohol, and narcotics is not uncommon with such a personality. As always the case, the surrounding cards will help the Tarot Reader decide the positive or ill dignified nature of this card and often within the Reading is recommended the nature of correcting the unwanted behavior of this ill dignity. All in all, a very fun bubbly, bright person to be around---as long as you show attraction, to stimulate his attention. Good fun for short visits as he loves "waxing poetic"!

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the Tarot of the spirit-father water

The Tarot of The Spirit-Father Water, is about a gentle period where one must trust in their instincts and conscience. Having faith and maintain your self-confidence are most important at this time.

Shown on this water card, Father of Water rides the wild cosmic seas on a steed that represents the energy and fortitude of the subconscious. He must trust in his steed, for all to be well as the horse has the energy and intuition to use the currents most productively. Swimming diagonally he escapes the rip tide, that would otherwise pull him in. The sea is all diagonals, which denotes activity. The glyphs for Aquarius and Pisces are shown on this card. Making the Father the sparkle that dances on the sea, showing once again that he is more light than depth.


  • The optimist.
  • Issues with family and/or relationships.
  • The Spirit of Water. One has attained their position of authority by listening to their conscientious, by action and looking ahead into life.
  • Becoming aware that a psychic process in one’s life has come to an end.
  • Releasing and old emotion by realizing it has run its course and is no longer operative in one’s life.
  • The ability to love. A counselor or caregiver who is creative and imaginative.
  • A seductive personality that is good in the art of love.
  • Intuitive understanding.
  • Sympathy.
  • Willingness to help.
  • Considerateness.
  • Wisdom.

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Seductibilty.
  • Duplicity.
  • Instability.
  • Helper syndrome.

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