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The Starman Tarot-Queen of Swords

I serve a noble cause.

The Starman Tarot-Queen of Swords, depicts a modern interpretation of the ancient "Ice Queen" and/or the Hindu Durga. Because of her coolness and controlled emotion. This is because she is a highly forthright, principled and intelligent woman who is tied to her duties as a monarch. She is not afraid to send heads rolling when her people or kingdom is threatened, but she does not care for such action, as the tears on her face show, for she would rather build alliances with her adversaries, that use brute force. To her, war is a failure of diplomacy.

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In the Starman Tarot interpretation, Durga is dressed in a Starman Samurai Kimono, representing her self-discipline, courage, independence, honor and willingness to serve her people and kingdom, no matter the consequences; including personal sorrow. She is a mother who is not afraid to apply "tough love", no matter how uncomfortable it makes her. She rules both life and death, and her ancient symbol has always been an Owl, as they see in the dark of night/death, and are representatives of wisdom/life. Hence, the Owl above her golden Moon, also a symbol that represents the Divine Feminine. There are many symbols representing this Great Mother of Form, such as the serpent intertwined hair, representing the many waves of light-frequency that she creates life from. Floating in the air is a book, symbolizing knowledge and/or the invisible Sephiroth Daath, womb of the Orphic egg. Hence, the egg shaped hole in the books pages. She carries both staff and sword, for she is both Shepard and justice keeper of her people and kingdom. She is head of state and offers excellent counsel, and constructive criticism, with a piercing intelligence and well earned wisdom.

As a personality archetype, she is perhaps a perfectionist, yet she is phenomenally capable, knowledgeable and engaging, with a brilliant intellect that is able to penetrate the bull-shit and get right to the core of a matter, whether the matter is personal, corporate, or political. She is the Crone, the Kali Ma, remover of illusion.

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To reiterate, Binah, the 3rd Sephiroth, is often called the Sanctifying Intelligence and known as the Parent of Faith. The Qabalistic Word Binah itself means Understanding. What is often not realized is that she is also Chronos who is the oldest of ancient gods. We may know him as "Father Time" but the highly restrictive nature of time, birth, aging and death are the ultimate result of the gift of Life bestowed by Binah. So once again the Sexing of the Sephira proves to be insubstantial for complete understanding. It helps to remember that each Sephiroth has an expressive-male-state and a receptive-female-state of consciousness and/or Electric male and Magnetic female. And before there was a Cronos, there was Juno, the 2 faced goddess who ruled time, but this was before the misogynistic Patriarch's religions took over and gave all the Power of the Divine She, to their Male hero, a warrior god-He.

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Thoth- queen of swords

The Queen of Swords is Water of Air, which is also called Specific Water in the Realm of Primal Air. Water is the element attributed to consciousness and air is the element attributed to mind. Therefore, she is as Crowley stated in the Book of Thoth, "clear, conscious perception of Idea, the Liberator of Mind".

The Queen of Swords is the Queen of the Thrones of Air. Queen of Sylphs and Sylpides, attributed to the last Decan of Virgo and the first two Decans of Libra.

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The severed head in her left hand reminds me of Kali Ma, the Hindu Goddess of Life and Death. Here the Queen of swords has the severed head of The Patriarch and the Sword of Geburah (and extension of Binah) in her right, pointing downward toward earth; indicating that she removes the masks of deceit and definition supplied by cultural thoughts or as defined by the Rulers,i.e., those who control definition.

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Yetzirah, (The world of Air) is the world of deception and only keen perception, and observation are the Sword that slices away all fantasy, delusion illusion and unreality.

The Queen of Swords also has upon her solar-crowned head, a golden child's head viewing upward, implying that only the innocent child is unfettered by sterile concepts and useless ideas, for they haven't been programmed to believe in a Ruler's definition of themselves as they are not defined by words.

The severed head, also implies that The Queen of Swords is the Sanctifying Intelligence; one that removes the "head of man" bring us into the Understanding of the ways in which each of us souls are deceived by thoughts constructed of words, while also teaching us to transcend them. She creates image, not words. For no word can create a living image.

Thoughts began by words are the Trickster, the "devil inside", that fools us into believing the survival thinking of a slave, as true-consciousness, when all in all, Love is the consciousness of the Sanctifying Intelligence that has given our immortal Spirit Form. Immortals, made in the evolution of light, don't worry about survival. Since all of us are from the evolution of light, each of our souls comes from the Gigantic Solar Photon Sun, in the center of our Galaxy and whom you really are is the Bio-Photons/Spirit- that powers the brain and body of a earthly being. Thus, light has evolved to become a master of living form, for the purpose of sensual self-awareness. Light may carry data as photons, but it can't sense that data until it is "Understood" by the Divine She/Binah where it becomes in-form-ation. Information becomes form in this Universe. Mother of Form, resides in all of our light, as Imagination. By becoming physical, light/Spirit has evolved to the state of Sensual Observation of Self. The One Great Self, that is the only complete mind and/or "Wholly Spirit"and/or the I AM. Hence, each of us is an understood data bundle of I Am-carried by a collective of photons (Soul), called the "golden child" and therefore, have become form. I am the energy that "thinks", a photon- evolution of I AM...i.e., a Sun of God, who is in quantum entanglement with the Galactic Center. Hence, we are the "As above, so Below". This is what the Queen of Swords wants us to remember by removing the illusion of worded identity of the War monger Patriarch who rules by enslaving the mind of individuals and/or indoctrination.

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tarot- personality birth-wheel

As a personality, the Queen of Swords persona, is one born between September 12 to Oct. 12. She has all the Qualities of the Starman Queen of Swords and as listed below.

When the Queen of Swords is thrown during a reading:

  • The querent desires to discard, pretense, masks, roles or defenses that hide their true self.
  • Wishes to develop or is developing intellectual thinking.
  • Is undergoing a sense of resolution and commitment.
  • Is experiencing intellectual maturity and is experiencing well-tuned mental facilities.
  •  Sharp of wit.
  • Experiencing the Wisdom generated by sorrow. Finding Wisdom through the acceptance of Pain with courage, and honesty.
  • Strong willed and determined this woman will and can bear whatever life presents her with.
  • Deep comprehension of frightening truths. Able to think the unthinkable and giving expression to the unspeakable. 
  • Seductive and provocative.
  • The professional, who can handle situations capably, quickly and efficiently.

If ill defined:

  • Calculating coolness.
  • Insuperable distance.
  • Phony.

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