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The Starman Tarot- Prince of Cups

I artfully negotiate for the best solution.

The Starman Tarot- Prince of Cups, illustrates the archetypal Knight Gallant, the Grail seeker, the diplomatic Knight who doesn't readily seek battle but prefers behind the scenes diplomacy. However, he is emotionally comparable to the mythological god Tempest and is ready to act swiftly and cleanly to achieve the best results for all. He carries the most difficult task of balancing his feminine emotional side with his fiery masculine spontaneous side. This makes him a lover of depth where his passion makes him "damn the torpedoes, battle speed ahead!" His fiery heart causes him to leap head long into romantic love. However, his fiery masculine call to ready action, inclusive of his feelings, makes him a fine loyal, trustworthy and supportive friend and family member. The watery emotional temperament, brings a contemplative, measured and reflective pace to his temperament. Hell and high water cannot stop him from rescuing the one he loves. Therefore, he risks much pain and heartbreak on his road to true love. It takes real courage to keep the flame of exuberance alive in one's heart in this day and age. Yet he does, and with gentlemanly flourish. Hence, his exuberant outfit and golden glow about the head.

The Starman Prince of Cups, is standing on a platform in a deep cave, which is an ancient symbol for the Abyssal Womb of the Divine Creatrix, and reaching for the object of his desire, the Holy Grail which itself is a symbol for the Divine Creatrix. Stalagmites and stalactites, above and below him, have formed into phallic shapes, and a nude woman lays out on the shore of a deep pool below. All symbols of his fecundness and sexual nature. Always seeking that perfect Anima, that resides in his Unconscious, he is doomed to find the end to many romances, as the perfect woman goddess he seeks is rare if not impossible to find in the outer world. Yet he is loyal to this image that he sees reflected in woman and jumps in where angels fear to tread. Instead, of seeing himself as adrift in a hostile world, he sees everything as a message to guide him to his most powerful possibility. The elixir of this exuberance lies in the very depth of his heart, it is the Holy Grail, and essence of wonder and joy that cannot be extinguished by a world of hostility.

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Tiphareth-the 6th Sephiroth and the Four Princes

The Princess are the Son of the Queen and King, thus they are governed by Tiphareth, The Son/Sun of God.

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Thoth-prince of cups

The Princes are wholly activated by the Queen and King, adding to their complexity as they have no motive power of their own. They are force, but a stable one, as they are being pulled along in their chariots.

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The Figures of the Arch Fairies (Elementals) are the Lion, Eagle, Man and Bull. These are the Four Kerubim of Qaballah. They are very ancient symbols for the elements of multiple religious belief systems. Not only appearing as Gods of the Assyrians, the Four Animals in the Old Testament vision of Ezekiel, they also are the four symbols of the Christian Evangelists and on the Thoth Prince of Cups, the Eagle , as symbol of Air and the Higher Mind, is pulling his chariot.

In the vastness of Kether, the Primordial Elements radiate into Tiphareth, becoming the united rulers of the elements that are individually expressed in Tiphareth. Anthropomorphically personified, The Princes are the balance of the Four Elements in Tiphareth. Being the most refined aspects of the Solar- Personality, the Four Princes are the Elemental Kings in ourselves.

It should be no surprise then that the Princes can be taken in any direction by Divine Will. Thus, the forces of the:

  • Prince of Wands may be applied with Justice or cruelty; 
  • The unconscious flowing motion of the Prince of Cups may be subtle and artistic; or it may be evil. 
  • The rational mental activities of the Prince of Swords, may produce ideas that are either creative or destructive.
  •  And last but not least, the material qualities of the Prince of Disks, may cause growth for good or evil. The Grounding Element for the Prince's lessons, are the Princesses, who rule the earth from the Northern quadrants.

When thrown during Divination, the Princes often represent the coming and going of an event or person and the Princesses often represent the approval or disapproval of a matter.

All four Princes are dependent on the Union of the King and Queen. Unless set in motion by the Royal couple, the Prince’s power is illusionary. To reiterate" The Princes are the personified Elemental Forces, of those 4 elements that are brought into balance in Tiphareth.

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The Prince of Cups is known in the Mysteries, as the Prince of the Chariot of the Waters, Prince and Emperor of the Nymphs and Undines, as he represents the last Decan of Libra and the first two Decans of Scorpio.

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He is Specific Air of Primal Water. Hence the Eagle drawn chariot.

By now, you may know the Yod Heh Vau Heh formula of Tetragrammaton, which is also shown in the Prince of Cups. Here we see the water Lotus and the cup that is issuing a serpent. The Serpent represents Chokmah, the Phallic Yod Force and in this card, it has the fiery unsettling and sexual qualities of Scorpio. The cup, Womb, is Heh, and encloses the Yod serpent; a Victorian way to show phallus and womb and/or the King and Queen in Union.

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The Prince, as Vau, carries out the activities of Yod and Heh combined, here then is Water (consciousness). The Eagle drawing the Chariot, is the Kerubic symbol for Air (also the highest symbol of Scorpio). And as we know, if we've swam in a river, the Eagle also suggests that the calm appearance of water, may become violent and fiery energy-currents, when a Tempest is applied. Thus, in the Prince of Cups, Water suggests the Universal Unconscious which bears the dynamic energy of the Fiery Mind. Hence, what activity we can expect from the Prince of cups personality is on one hand, elastic, volatile and hydrostatic equilibrium; on the other hand, the catalytic faculty and energy of steam which is shown in the Tarot card as wings of tenuous vapor, sprouting from his back that is also suggesting a spiritual sense of vaporization.

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Scorpio is noted as being the most Mysterious of Signs, making this card very complicated in its Water imagery. The Lotus is sacred to Water. The calm and stagnant Lake beneath the Prince, is shown being disturbed by heavy rain; Rain being the volatile expression of Vapor that has become clouds. The reason the lake is shown stagnant, is because of the Alchemical secret process of putrefaction which is also symbolized by the scorpion (not shown because it is secret), the other two processes of Scorpio are shown as the Serpent and the Eagle. Sexual force and Higher Mental Motion, in that order.

The fact that this Thoth card is Libra going over into Scorpio, suggests great volatility, as this influence implies tremendous power, energy and weight.

Such a person must be well mated, with good will and sincerity, for loyalty is all important to keep their good nature. When this is so, they are extremely romantic, sensual and generous to a fault and are great lovers. Assigning the astrological sign of Pisces to this card, implies gentleness, understanding, kindness and hyper-sensitivity.

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tarot personality birth-wheel

As I've said before:The Princes represent the coming and going of an event or person.

In the case of the Prince of Cups, the morality or moral characteristic of such a person is implied as:

  • Subtlety, secret violence and craft.
  • Being also an artist in all his ways, he would be intensely secret.
  •  The calm and imperturbable surface he displays mask his most intense passion.
  • He accepts only external influences that aid him in his secret designs. 
  • His conscience is not that of an ordinary person, for it is of a more impersonal nature, making him suspect and distrusted by acquaintances.
  • He is perfectly ruthless and inspires fear in those that distrust him.
  • His abilities are immense, going beyond ordinary senses in to realms of the subtle. He is, however, fluid and being volatile as well, does not care to work in harness.

As far as personal events go, the Prince of Cups represents for the querent:

  • A personal process of the quiet inner aspect of the female principle where self-reflection, inner meditative peace and awareness are being experienced by the querent (The person the reading is for).
  • The event of Mind is turned towards deep feelings and artistic visions with the necessary passion to do them but with the secrecy that may prevent it.
  • Is completely involved in emotional sensation, psychic awareness and spiritual awareness. All of which they have in abundance.

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