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Auric bodies and their functions.

· aura and chakras

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A brief introduction into the human Aura:

The Human being is much more than just a bag of flesh. In fact the word human, before the Patriarchs propaganda use of Latin, comes from the Mandarin Chinese word Hu, which means god and the Hindu word, Manas, which means mind. This in not superfluous since we are indeed of that divine order of Creative intelligence.

No matter your "given" name , our real name is from the Divine Creative and is I Am. To be honest, we use this god like command everyday so automatically that we are unaware of it! For example, have you notice that when you say, " I am so tired" that you get more tired! Well it is true, your body is the one who must enact your god-mind commands as it is the entity of your Psyche. Hence it is Psychosomatic. Therefore, the best way to defeat this negative-psychosomatic behavior is to liberate and expand the command with..."but I'll feel more awake in 5 minutes." Only 1% of us is physical (quantum physicist say you are less than 1 trillionth of a percent matter..) The other 99% of you are conscious states of subtle light that are called in Eastern Yoga, auric bodies. In all you have 13 auric states of conscious energy, just as there are 13 states of the Tree of Life in the Qabalah, but only 8 of the Aura bodies or Light Beings, are seen by psychics. The other states of energy (Ain), are just too subtle to be seen and comprise what is called your Super-conscious. In the Qabalah the invisible states of the One Mind, of which the Tree represents, are the Ain (No-thing), the Ain Soph (limitlessness or darkness) and the Ain Soph Ur (Limitless light). Hence, you are more spirit and/or invisible energy than form! Above all things know thyself, is the axiom of the Qabalah and of all aura readers (called Auric Seers).

The Human aura is of dimensional subtle light, which is how the readers use to define the non-visible light of living energy. Yoga has defined these bodies as Principles and the Western occultists have taken these principles and defined them as:

  1. The Super-conscious,
  2.  Causal Body,
  3.  Mental Body,
  4.  Emotional Body,
  5. Astral Body,
  6. Pranic Body,
  7. Etheric Body. 
  8. The Physical Body.

Note: many people list these bodies as the physical body is #1; However, this is wrong, for we started from the Superconscious on down the "Tree of Life", not from the body up. Each subtle body, of which the physical is not, is a conscious state of energy, often called a "Being" and enters the crystallized light body (physical) through spinning wheels of energy that are defined by the Sanskrit word, "Chakra".

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On the illustration the chakras are the colored stars shown vertically along the body silhouette.

The red chakra at the bottom of the silhouette is called, in metaphysical- English, the root or basil chakra, the orange chakra is the spleen or navel chakra, the yellow chakra is the solar plexus chakra, the green chakra is the heart chakra, the blue chakra is the throat chakra, the blue-violet chakra is often called the "third eye" and the purple chakra is called the crown chakra. The student must understand that these are general colors some of which is in these chakric areas but are not the whole of the color in these areas. Nor are the areas perfectly linear. The chakras actually are like peas in a pod, as they attach along the spine; However, that is not easily shown, so most illustrations place them on the front of the body. Each of us is a unique force of life called a Spiral Entity and/or Spirit . Hence, each of us have our own notes/frequencies in this magnificent electromagnetic symphony we call---Life. More shall be explained about these bodies and chakras throughout the weeks of this blog. For more info and or a reading appointment;

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