The Tarot of Eli,LLC-Brief 2 on Aura and Chakras

The human 8 bodied Aura and Major Chakras

· aura and chakras

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Shown as the cloudy golden area on the perimeter of this illustration, the Super-conscious may seem like a vague undefined essence of yourself. However, it is the Androgynous parent of all your states of mind. In the Qabalah this is the domain of Kether, the Crown on the Tree of Life. In essence this is the Underlying energy conscious of the Universal Life. It is more than the Parent of- I Am for it is the Divine Will to Be.

We only notice this inheritance from Divinity when we have become so totally introspective that we are "thoughtless" and we then feel a great bliss. This "bliss" would be sense of "the Divine Creative observer" who awaits your acknowledged divine self-awareness.

The deep ocean of Spirit where all "spirits" are from, is called the Ain and or "No-Thing" and/or Abyssal Womb of the "first Motion" and/or first spiral of frequency...Spirit being a Spiral Entity or twisted frequencies called a "harmonic" of Will. There really are no descriptions that can do Spirit justice. Hence, the "word masters" knew there is no physical way to pin this Divine Essence of Self down to a material description. It is From the realm of the Divine...and it is your "Master Within", "your Secret Lover", who makes the body "breathe life" and who can be imagined as an all white radiance, sitting on a White Lotus amid an inner dark blue sea of "no-thing".

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To be made manifest, you are loved into being from the "inside of infinity". Hence, adored into manifestation and praised into operation, from this Nirvana . The Essence of this Super-conscious is in all states of conscious which we see as Unconscious, sub-consciousness, and self-consciousness. It is closely associated with the Crown (Sahasrara) chakra and is often called "Enlightenment". When this chakra is open it has also been called the "Christ Light", or Samadhi, as it radiates a white light. We all have this body, but few of us know ourselves as divinity, so among the mundane, this chakra is usually a place of yellow and orange colors which represent rational and ambitiousness thought processes of the survival mind which spends its life trying to avoid death and discomfort. Both of which are wasted endeavors that tend to dumb us down.

Now more will be stated about the Great Psyche that surrounds your form, in tomorrow's blog on the Human Aura=The Causal Body.

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Through meditation , mandalas and mantras, can one "tune up" their Auric Fields and open up the great flow of energy, represented by each chakra. For more information on Meditation/Mantras, click on this excellent meditation link:

You will not regret visiting this meditation site. It is the first step in taking action towards "Knowing thyself". Do it!

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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