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Thoth- ace of disks

The Ace of Disks, is the seed of the Energy Transformation that we call Earth and Earth is ruled by the Princesses, each in their own section of the Northern quadrant. The knowledge of the new Aeon of Horus, dispels the archaic concept of Earth as an evil, passive, immobile, even dead element. Rather, Earth is a transformation of Intelligent Energy Conscious that many moderns call Gaia/Gae who is represented in the tarot as the Queen of Disks.

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Now this may all be new to us of the "Divide and conquer" military industrial complex indoctrination, but as I tour my Soul, I find a Perspective-Personality, of Native American manifestation, who named this Intelligent Force of Earth, Grandmother River. This "primitive" personality, as did the Alchemists, seemed to understand that the “Water and Sun/Fire" union, transformed dead stardust into organic soil; into living forms, long before our scientist "discovered" this very concept in the study of Thermodynamics as the one energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed.

The Thoth Ace of Disks, is invariably linked to the Princess of Disks and is a styled rendition of a Molecule that represents the union of Spirit with matter, and shown in the background is the Emerald Green of the Aeon- of Isis (Grandmother River). This Emerald Green is of the King-Scale color decided upon by the Egyptian Hierophants. However, this green is not the original vegetable green of Isis but that of the “emerald-spring green" of the new Aeon following the resurrection of Osiris as Horus. Nor are the disks considered to be the dead chemistry of coins; rather they are the whirling emblems of Star, Planets, and atoms etc., all of which are whirling spheres set into motion by the declaration of Kether-Eheieh, meaning "I Will Be; A shouting out-loud that caused the first motion in dark radiant matter.

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There is the new doctrine of Tetragrammaton (YHVH) in Hermetic Qabalah and Western Magic, where He' --the final earthly component, and the Daughter (Princess), is set upon the Throne of the Mother, to awaken the Eld of the All-Father. In the words of Zoroaster, Tetragrammaton (YHVH) is a “rebounding, whirling forth, crying aloud," Therefore, the Name YHVH is not a dead symbol, but a whirling Sphere of Divine Action.

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The center of the Thoth Ace of Disks, is a complicate Hieroglyph representing the "the chosen priest- and apostle of infinite space" and/or the "prince-priest the Beast." (Liber AL. I.15.). In the center of all is yet another form of Tetragrammaton, the Phallus, showing Sol and Luna, with the number 666 inscribed, as to equilibrate the seven sevens adding to 156 (Babalon-The Scarlet woman.)

Many great minds have already delved deeply into the Phenomena that is the Princess of Disks, so I recommend that you get the Book of Thoth, and scroll to pages 210-212 for further information and references.

This central cypher is enclosed in a Heptagram that is interlaced with Pentagons whose sides are extended forming a wheel of 10 spokes, bounded by a Decagon encompassed in a circular band with the inscribed name of TO META EHPION-- This grammarly incorrect statement of Greek wording has often left scholars guessing as to its correct meaning. However, Crowley himself seemed to treat it as a single unit, which he identified with the meanings “Initiation,” or “Entrance.” Making this the "Serpent Gate" to Meta Ehpion (Ophion). The core reference of the phrase is the serpent Ophion (the classical spelling) of Greek mythology, who was held to have ruled the world in the beginning alongside the goddess Eurynome, before being overthrown by Chronos, Rhea, and the Titans who were later overthrown by Zeus and the Olympians. The God wars are a common theme of many ancient cultural mythology.

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We don't have much written about the role of Ophion from the ancient Greeks. However to us moderns he became the centerpiece of the reconstructed “Pelasgian creation myth” popularized by the poet-scholar Robert Graves in his book, The Greek Myths. In Graves’ account, Ophion arose from the dance of Eurynome upon the waves of primordial dark energy. The two then danced/ mated, and Eurynome laid an egg, around which Ophion coiled himself until it hatched into the world. The two dwelt together long ages on Mt. Olympus until Ophion, in his pride, began to claim that he had created the world alone (Patriarchy), whereupon Eurynome kicked out his teeth and banished him to the underworld. Later on, he became Python the "first husband" attributed to the Pythoniea of Athens-seeress fame. Python's are noted for the lack of large teeth, as they are almost so small as to be nonexistent, so getting his "teeth kicked" out explained to the ancients this lack of serpent fangs. The dancing goddess and god, are not a new concept either, for the Hindu also had noted the dance of Shakti and Shiva. The Dance-explained the whirling force that all the universe is animated by; every atom spins and whirls.

About this whirling Disk are its six wings (6 is the number of the Sun/Son). The Thoth Ace of Disks is the glyph of Earth as understood in the new Aeon of Horus. Sol and Terra are known as living beings, one's constant companions in a Universe of Pure Joy. Upon close inspection, one can see that the shaped foliage-wings have cones and seeds, attached to the growth rings of a tree, implying fertility and growth. The same image is smaller and translucent , laying across the more detailed tree rings, implying the spirit of the tree. The central circle, is upon further inspection, represents a plant cell with its rigid wall and within is the beginning of cellular division which is very similar to the ancient Greek idea of an atom.

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As mentioned, Kether is symbolized as the Point, The Crown (of diamonds) and the Buddhist Swastika, and if you have been following the blogs, you know the point to imply completeness unto itself, without dimension or external definition. The Point is also attributed to the number 1 which mathematically has the potential for all other numbers.


The Crown symbolizes the Holy Guiding Spirit to which we may aspire.


The Swastika, is actually a Buddhist symbol for the "First Swirlings" of manifestation and represents the swirling motion around the Point that emphasizes self-contained motion.


To reiterate: the Four Aces are the Root Force of the Alchemical Four universal elements of Fire-Water-Air-Earth. The Ace of Disks is the Root Force behind physical manifestation that governs the motion within the movement of Matter.

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In Qabalistic philosophy, the Ace of Disks represents the influence of Kether, "The First Swirling" in matter or the World of Assiah. It is a card of materiality, but not necessarily good or evil, nor is it necessarily wealth.

The card represents the Green of Spring, of fertile new growth, and the Aeon of Isis, the mother of Form who is normally shown as Emerald green, but in the Ace of Disks the Aeon is shown in spring green after the Resurrection of Osiris as Horus; Horus being the New Aeon.

The Wings represent the Four Archangels whose powers balance each other and create stability through the Four Elements. The six wings also represent the number of the Sun and the implied union of Earth and Sun that creates the living organic organism that is the living earth.

As we know atoms to swirl, and planets to revolve, we know that matter is a swirling motion and not a static one at all. Thus the card implies swirls and movement within a stable image or as Zoroaster Stated, “rebounding, whirling forth, crying aloud." Implying swirling frequencies of energy that cause motion.

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The Greek words for “to the mark the beast" appear in the center of this card as the 666. The number 666 also shows in this card, designating that the Earth is the world of the Animal/Instinctual mind, as its highest form. The God-Mind (Hu-Manas) has changed this by expanding the mammalian predator by Genetic Manipulation of “fallen Angels” and the Animal DNA of earth. Therefore the homo sapiens sapiens body is a G.M.O, for the purpose of advanced evolutionary work; The Great Work, which is to bring the above cosmic mind and the below, animal mind- into perfect union. Unrealistically, the Beast is seen by some as a lowly thing, whereas the Divine Creative has seen the Beast to be worthy of Angelic status (son of God). I don't presume to question the Divine Creative in this, I just exalt in my inheritance. Doing my best to be the "As above, so below", in its most intimate in-form-action.

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According to Crowley, the central Hieroglyph is that of "the chosen priest and apostle of infinite space," (The Husband),"The prince-priest the Beast" [Liber Al. I.15.]. Thus, the Phallus is shown as the central symbol of this card, as that is the symbol of Tetragrammaton ("rebounding, whirling forth, crying aloud,") again showing the Sol (Phallus) Luna (Yoni) union of reflected light. Crowley took this card as his personal Hieroglyph, so deep study is required to understand his deep and subtle meanings implied by this card. Purchasing his books and reading them over and over is this author’s suggestion.

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the tarot of the spirit-One of earth-form

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The Tarot of The Spirit- One of Earth-Form, represents the receiving of the gift of productivity. Something new is happening in the material body. Here is the union of external success and internal harmony.

The Coin, representing the One Earth, is in the middle of the 7 pointed star. The coin is considered to be the symbol of the Sun (son) and the circle cross of the 4 directions which also represents the psyche (soul) in perfect equilibrium. It is also the 4 point analysis of the earthly pattern of dawn, noon, dusk and darkness; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter; Wind, Fire, Water and Earth; breath, lifeforce, blood and body; insight, energy, feeling and action. Hence, the 7 pointed star represents the star of manifestation and shown as the combined energy of the square and triangle aligning on the material plane. According to the authors, the coin and star inside the concentric circles are a shield of energy polarization for protection and endurance. Color represents certain aspects of united balance in all energy centers on the earth plane:

Green=Fertile Earth.


Yellow=Divine Reason (sun/son of the Divine Creative).
Blue=communication and healing.

The entire card shows the integration of Will to Force and Will to Form and their manifested in-form-action on the material plane. Everything we aspire to is represented on the One of Earth card. It is the magic of Spirit-Mind-Body, in equilibrium.


It implies:

  • Union between the physical and spiritual aspects of the querent.
  • Beginning a new pathway in life that will bring satisfaction.
  • A new planting of seeds, for a new home, job, career, or some form of security.
  • Materialization of ideas bringing stability to skills that produce results.
  • Could also be a time of meditation; an inward pulling of energy.
  • Good beginnings for financial wealth, material gain and worldly status.
  • The beginning of any new material form
  • A most auspicious card showing the bringing together of internal and external talents and resources. Even if ill dignified it shows a sharing of treasure.
  • Also the Card of a Shaman, or one who is practiced in the arts of Earth Magick.
  • It represents materiality in all senses, good or evil and is therefore, an illusion. 

when ill defined by the surrounding cards:

  • Miserliness. 
  • Gain at any cost.
  • Seeking power by controlling others through monetary manipulation.
  • Enforced labor.

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