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Thoth- 3 of Disks-Works

Lord of material works.

The Thoth 3 of Disks-Works represents endurance, strong physical determination, and tenacity. This is the ability to give the "works" to what you want. This is the card of nobility; that of trade, skilled labor, renown and glory.

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The pyramid symbolizes focused power as commitment and priority. The blue light surrounding the pyramid states the capacity of clarity; clarity about what you will or will not give your energy, mind and body to. In other words, “the Works". The gray waves in the background represent confusion; However, this confusion has been broken through by the lighted pyramid of clear intention, clarity of priorities and commitments producing the waves radiating outward from the pyramidal blast of clarity. The 3 red wheels represent the alignment of mind, heart and action from Binah, the 3rd Sephiroth. Here we see in very small images, the symbols for Sulphur, Salt and Mercury suggesting the sustaining competition of the 3 Gunas of the Hindu system. Crowley states:" It is the material establishment of the idea of the Universe, the determination of its basic form".[The Book of Thoth, pp, 212, 213]

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The astrological sign of Mars in Capricorn adorns this card, as Mars is the planet of activity, energy, vitality and assertion. Capricorn represents, the assertion of Mind, Heart and Action with focused intention moving in the same direction of tangible and secure manifestation. To the Universal Self, "The Works" is Life Itself so when we align our soul (heart), mind and bodily action towards priorities, commitments and/or what we wish to give "the works" to, we align with Universal Priorities which can enhance all that we are determined to do. All we have to do is focus, begin with what we have, and the Universal Priority will accelerate us towards our goal. Therefore, we need not to "know"everything, or gather all that is needed before we take action, for even if we are going in the wrong direction, a moving car/person can be turned to the proper road or path by the guiding hand of Spirit, one that is not in motion, cannot.

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Therefore this card represents the influence of Binah (Mother-Goddess) in the physical world. of Assiah. The 3 of Disks , therefore, represents, trade, skilled labor, physical persistence, tenacity, endurance and strong determination to get the job done. For the Alchemist and Qabalist, Works represents the combinations of Mercury, sulfur, and salt or the material letters Aleph (air), Mem (water) and Shin (fire). As stated, illustrated on this Thoth card is the pyramid of crystallized forces rises out of the Great Sea of Binah.

Since this card represents the Divine Ability to create material manifestation, it reminds us that we must keep heart and soul involved in our creativity in order to manifest our ideals. To see our dreams as children to be born, and go about paying attention to detail and dedicate our heart and soul towards this goal. This is love of being, in order to nurture our dream into fruition. To those who love creating---expressing their soul into matter, diligence is the only time limit because they love the act of creating more than the goal attained; such people are in -tune with the Great Work which is "As above, so Below". It is not what you become that is important, it is being "you" that is important in order to keep transforming energetic presence. Living the Now, is better than hoping to be living a future---which is liquid and only swirls to the currents of your present motion and by restricting your actions to the past emotional reactions to life, is to be dead in the moment!

The Four 3's of Tarot are associated with Binah who is the Great Mother and is called UNDERSTANDING. In Understanding, the idea becomes fertilized and/or Known, once known, a child can be born as "In-Form-Action".

  1. The  3 of Wands is called Virtue, and/or The Lord of Virtue (Husbandry), for in this state of conscious energy, the idea of will and dominion has become interpreted in Character
  2. The 3 of Cups is called Abundance and/or the Lord of Abundance where the idea of Love has come to fruition. 
  3. The 3 of Swords, is called Sorrow, implying the Universal Melancholy of  creation-"the energetic let down" after birth is given. The idea of division, of mutability, which is the "airy' quality of things, is made manifest in the 3 of Swords. The 3 of Swords is named SORROW Not the vulgar sorrow of individual discontent or disappointment but the Sorrow of the Dark Binah, and of the Dark Isis. In German this great sorrow is called Weltschmerz, the Universal Sorrow. It is the mysterious quality of Melancholy. I find it easier to understand the 3 of Swords by understanding the Great Mother's sorrow over her seeing the Bright Shimmering Beauty of Her Children and because of "freedom of choice", unable to intervene when watching her children become ugly in their own minds as they identify themselves as monsters and/or profane their identity. All of which happens when fear is the foundation of our ideas/identity rather than Love.
  4. The 3 of  Disks, is about the Great Work of I AM ME. 
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The 3's are far enough down the Tree of Life to begin seeing definite differentiation between the suits, giving birth to the idea of division----so that "many can be made from the One who is Three".

The formulation of the Supernal Triangular Engine that drives the Universe is , Kether-Crown, and Chokma-Wisdom & Binah-Understanding, establishing a stability that cannot be made unstable. We know the Triangle that begins all birth as many combinations of 3. Maid-Mother (Will to Form)-and Crone, each a special perspective on Womb-rite. Father-Son- and Holy Ghost (Will to Force), each an active part of the stable foundation of "the Spirit Fire" or rite of Phallus (I Will Be). Ocean-Rain-and River, each a process of Life or Ocean-Sun-and Earth. While the mind is made up of Unconscious, (The Spirit Mind of Universal Collective Unconscious) subconscious and waking conscious, we can go on and on but in all cases a fertilization is achieved and a child can be born.

The 3 of Disks (Pentacles) exhibits the crystallization of forces, which is also the idea of Earth. There is an obvious manifestation of Work having been done. This is also often called the Great Work and/or Life creating the Alive. This may make more sense to you if you remember that the “other-side of the Mirror", is the Dark Place where Life is the Supernal Triangle of the Tree of Life, and the Alive are the Child made manifest from this Union of Ternary Wills-Conscious Energy (Forces), that combine to make the Crystallization of Light the Reflective side of the Mirror! This conceptualization of a two-sided mirror goes far in explaining why "Mirror Magic' is so often used to insure manifestation of idea into a "living expression". Or you can say "from the warm, wet Darkness of the nurturing Womb/Grail, Light is born."

A lot has been said, but not many understand that the body is merely a Reflection, of your Psyche; the invisible you who is the majority of you. (You are physically 99.6% invisible), It is in the Dark, warmth, of your "infinite light" (Spirit) that all Life comes from...the body is Alive, but in itself is not Life! As stated, the body is a Reflection of Life. Think well from your deep dark places before emoting an idea, to be Alive and Well in the outside world of form! It pays to remember this axiom, “Do unto another as you would have done to you."...for that is in itself a Triangle of three---Idea, Cause and Effect. It is unbreakable in its stability. So it pays to know what your ideas create. If you identify "others" instead of "Another’s" (Everyone I see is another way to be Me.) you will keep lessening yourself until your life force can no longer sustain the body health and balance. To think less of others, is to lessen yourself. and profane your own identity. Your thoughts, ideas, and opinions only affect the Cause of Yourself. Your Reflection, enacts your Deep thoughts, into "aliveness". Your body is the only one who feels your thoughts and then must enact or react to them. We are not responsible for how "others" react to us. We are, however, the response of reaction to our own thought! Others are just another way to be Divine Children; Children who have the Goddess given Freedom of Choice; gifted Divine Children, who have a right to their identities, be they ill or well thought out. Individuals are unique and necessary parts that are needed to drive the Universal Identity of I AM.

Love, is intelligence as it is both wise and understanding---not the act of a simpleton but of a Powerful Spirit Being. To Love Being----is to be love.

The Magus knows, that to be able to "think" means you are not the effect called Thought, but the Cause of it. So my thoughts aren't "my precious", they are the cause that effects the Alive and hopefully ordered enough to work effectively. I then have the Knowledge to make, and remake thought to improve the function of my body, rather than think that I am the thought I think, and must defend those thoughts to the death, which then elevates idea above the Alive. This is silly as eliminating the Alive or at least enslaving the Alive to thought when being Alive is granted by an Immortal Soul and its expansion and liberation from mind's own self- imposed limits; which is the very reason for the Union of Spirit and matter. Self-Reflection, requires bodies! To make Thought Sensual, and/or intimate, it is necessary to create a screening process; a living form to be observed as Active Knowledge, before Wisdom can be created! We are a creative Spirit who can devote our though controlled “time/space" to "expanding and liberating" the"Body of Knowledge" from the fear based survival thinking of the animal domain. This in turn expands and liberates self-awareness and/or Identity! By the feelings of Love or Fear generated by the Communion of idea with a sensual- living laboratory, ideas become experimental processes that either free the body from the past or bind it to the past. Idea alone is not enough to properly operate the Alive! Life depends on the Threesome of the Divine Wedding, which is the triangle made of Idea, the Union of Wisdom and Understanding, to create the Beautiful Bright Child called Knowledge!

When you understand the 3s, you begin to understand your Godhood. as "3 in a house".

To a Qabalist, the Great Work is to make the "As above, so below", which is a process of "Above all things, know thyself", all of which is achieved by remembering the Spiritual journey "down" the Tree of Life by consciously traveling "back up" and thus opening our personalities to the Great Personality-Supernal Triangle, that began this process of Macrocosm to Microcosm. To "Remember thyself", is to know your divinity, not just believing in it.

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The Heavenly Human-Adam Khadmon

Part of the Great Work is to establish a "Knowing Evolutionary" state of “expanding and liberating", the animal brain from, survival thinking limits that keep it from Wisdom. To a Qabalist, Wisdom is the ability to "create-see error-and correct it", for we know that Wisdom is 50% error, and 50% correction; to the animal brain to make error is feared as a survival blunder thus keeping it from progressing. The wise know that we must make mistakes when creating in a "cause and effect" universe, as entropy is part of all material creation. Entropy, is always seeking to "proceed from order to disorder (2nd law of Thermodynamics), and the Universal solution to that chaos, is to keep up motion by constant change. In other words, "to expand and liberate" creation from previous boundaries. If you know yourself at all, you will know that the Soul's Human Being is the Solution to conscious limitations. We have the "Mind of Goddess/God", often called Imagination; Imagination is what I call "the Womb with a view”. Thus we can see beyond our senses, we can plot and give birth to futures. We are visionary in our sight and see beyond the entropy of the moment. To know thyself, is to know that the moment doesn't contain you and that it is just a moment, whereas you, are a Master of Time /Space and have the power to change moments, just by perspective alone, thus changing the forward momentum of the future.

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Tarot Illuminati- 3 of Pentacles

The work of the Master.

The Tarot Illuminati- 3 of Pentacles, illustrates a traditional view of the 3 of Pentacles, but again with a stunning beauty. Here the Master Craftsman seems to be Japanese, instructing a Tibetan and a Chinese in the art of his workings. However, this is a combined knowledge of the 3 as seen by the Chinese lady holding the instruction Scroll up for his scrutiny. Hence, we have a implied image of the Divine Trinity that constructs the Universe. The "I Will Be" of Kether, the "Will to Force " Wisdom of Chokmah and the Understanding of Binah who is "Will to Form". All forming the Eternally stable I AM. This Pyramid of 3 is also shown in the stacking of the Golden Pentacles, that the Japanese persona is pointing at.

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The traditional tarot art of the Rider-Waite-Smith, 3 of Pentacles.

Since this Tarot Illuminati card is also about "As above, so below", the meaning pertinent to the Thoth Card are also applied here. The Tarot handbook that accompanies the Tarot Illuminati Tarot deck - 3 of Disks begins with an admonition; "My friend, let me tell you this: never tell a craftsman what to do." This is a good idea for peaceful reasons.

When the 3 of Disks /Pentacles is thrown, the querent is or will be experiencing:

  • If the 3 of Disks is surrounded by Trump (Major Arcana), the querent is on the Spiritual journey of the Great Work, and is accomplishing the Task of Remembering the "As above", thus manifesting it "so below". 
  • When thrown this card declares that in the next 3 weeks or 3 months is the best time to get clear on your priorities, commitments and to determine what you are willing to give "the works" to. It is also the best time to reassess or clarify your relationships with Capricorn people (December 21- January 21). 
  • This is a time where clarity seems to come out of nowhere allowing you to see clearly priorities and commitments that you wish to tenaciously stick to making them solid and stable in your life.
  • Paid employment, in the next three weeks or 3 months.
  • Successful business transactions from working and constructive force.
  • Building up, erecting, and realization and increase of material things.
  • Cleverness, in business that entertains a certain selfishness as they are keen in the matter of gain.
  • A time of inventing, engineering and creating where all things material is moving together within 3 weeks or 3 months.
  • Communal work, where working together brings about success.
  • Skill or talent achieving great results.
  • Investing every part of yourself in a project.

As in all cards, the definition is modified by dignity. If ill dignified by the accompanying cards, the 3 of Disks /Pentacles implies:

  • Represents narrow and prejudiced thought and sometimes the seeking of the impossible.
  • Senseless fervor without any direction.

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