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    Tired of the same old druge? The light at the end of the tunnel seems gone and you despair for the future?

    The magic is gone, and your life seems so mundane that passion's light has become night and you know not the purpose of your life?

    The Hermetic Magic of Qabalah (means-receiving) is vitalized in the Thoth Tarot and revitalizes the magic in you and allows the soul to communicate your purpose.

    The Inner Psyche language that is Tarot often has the answers to the deepest heart felt questions, of money, love, family, and career; often eliminating the contest of inner battle. Just go to the Shop Now for Tarot -page to reserve your in-depth, on-line Tarot reading today or sign up for The Philosophy of Qabalah and Thoth Tarot Classes. Don't forget to follow the blog for more insight into Qabalistic Tarot, or just click on my "Other Magic Web Site Button" for even more information, and blog archives that goes on for about 7 yrs.







  • Eli Serabeth-The Thoth Tarot Card Comparison Blog

    Qabalistic thoughts, musings, and metaphysical ruminations on Thoth and other Tarot.

    The Running Press Tarot-9 of Cups, displays a happy scene of 9 love cups forming into a fountain...
    The Running Press Tarot-8 of Cups, is also showing indolence in the image of a person who is...
    The Running Press Tarot- 7 of Cups, seems to be implying a kind of emotional balancing act. The...
    [From the Sepher Yetzirah and the Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom:] In Kether is the Radix of a...
    The Running Press Tarot-5 of Cups, keeps to its fun art, which seems less invasive to the...
    The Running Press Tarot- 4 of Cups, displays, a well feed personage who has emptied 3 cups of...
    The Running Press keeps to its playful art in the 3 of Cups. Here we have three Grails, as Maid...
    The Running Press Tarot- 2 of Cups, is obviously sticking to the traditional theme of human love....
    The Fanciful art of the Running Press Tarot, sticks to the Traditional presentation of the Grail...
    The Running Press Tarot artist, Julie Paschkis, has chosen to use the Traditional Tarot image of...
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  • What We Do is contact the real You.

    Psychic readings by Eli

    Besides Tarot Readings

    and Qabalistic Tarot Classes

    I am also an Auric Seer.

    Alive and in person

    Hand drawn and color Arua &Chakra readings-Thoth Tarot Readings.

    I will give live, hand colored and drawn readings of the Human Aura and the Chakras. In my own home, or that of the client. These cannot be done on line via video, as can Tarot readings, because of the nature of the electromagnetic spectrum of light.

    These readings revel the Real Soul that is you. They also show body health as the chakras change color to the amount of flow within and out of the body.


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    15 Card -Golden Dawn Tarot-Readings

    Giving one 2 possible future outcomes


    Aura and Chakra Medium- live in person readings  only.

    Teacher of the Hermetic Qabalah Thoth Tarot.

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    Teacher of the Hermetic Qabalah Thoth Tarot.

    On line Thoth Tarot Classes: Become a professional Tarot Reader and learn to "receive" from you Higher Self important information. Go to "shop now page".

  • Above all things Know thyself!


    only comes form self knowledge. .

    The Tarot is Psyche flash cards; depicting 78 states of your Real Person

    Use a text section to describe your values, show more info, summarize a topic, or tell a story. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore.

  • People & Places

    Find us all over the world wide web@ eli-lsmerchantile.com

    I Care about People

    We all belong to each other.

    I am Spirit. You are Spirit. There can be no greater value statement. Spirit is a Collective, and we all belong to each other.

    I Am always answering comments to our daily Blog on Tarot and Metaphysics. just

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    or go to our custom form and request a reading or email, info@eliserabethtarot.vp


  • Our Core Values

    are based on everyone I see, is

    another way to be me.

    Always Ahead

    Tarot, aligns the human aura and chakras.

    You are a Psychosomatic Creator. Meaning, your Psyche directs your energy as Chakra's throughout the body/soma.

    The feeling of  companionship.


    Hi, I am Eli, I am a very occult Soul and as a Psychic medium, I link soul to soul with those I give Aura or Tarot Readings to . This makes for a highly accurate and unforgettable experience.I know that everyone I see is another way to be me.

    Enjoy the Journey

    Be Present:

    Your life is your intent. Above all things know thyself, is your true journey. Your purpose is to be a unique connection of the "Above and the Below"! So let us work together to get this connection complete.

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