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Tree of life spread

Tree of life spread

The Tree of Life Spread relates how one is connected to the 10 Sephirotic Beings of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. From the Highest Ideals, wisdom to create new connections all the way to the Power to build financial and physical health. Even your capacity for lucid dreaming that can completely change your subconscious and self-conscious relationship. Making you the Power in your life.
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You will need to prepay , in order to set up and reserve a scheduled day, and time. We will be communicating on Zoom, and after you have set up a schedule with me I shall send you your Zoom Meeting invitation via Email; just use the ID# in the invite and the password, to log on at the appropriate time. This reading can be recorded, by request. Give yourself at least and hour of time so that all your questions can be asked and answered. Sometimes I am not happy with the reading, so I through out another one, at no extra cost to you.