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Qabalistic Thoth Master Tarot Classes..

Qabalistic Thoth Master Tarot Classes..

Learn the most esoteric of Tarot- the Thoth Tarot Deck. 8 weeks (recommended) of 2-hour classes-once a week. Taught evening, afternoons, or morning, via live video. The student will read the tarot, according to proven Qabalistic layout patterns and utilize the philosophy of Qabalah, Tantra, astrology, and alchemy, (Qabalah is a Hebrew word for "receiving"). The student/Aspirant will learn the Qabalistic Tree of Life, and it's numbered Sephiroth (numbered circles) and so much more. Student must have: A Thoth Tarot Deck. A textbook-The Qabalistic Tarot-by Robert Wang and a computer, or smart phone. Each 2 hr. class costs $100.00. Extremely cost efficient for what you receive, as I also channel vital energy through the class into your auric field. That's easy, since the light used to transmit along fiber-optic cables is an easy frequency to piggyback higher vibrational energy to you. My 40 plus years of Western Hermetic Qabalah and Magick, can't be purchased they just come with the teachings.
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Another most helpful book, and one I often use in class, is: THE CROWLEY TAROT-The handbook to the cards. Author-Akron.Hajo Banzhaf.   I would recommend that the serious student also purchase this one. It can be found on Amazon. These classes are more than learning a robotic tarot layout and/or pattern. The Qabalistic philosophy of Thoth Tarot, is about receiving intuitive information from the Source of your consciousness. How to stimulate and expand this process, how to scry these cards for even more occult information.  The progressive initiation of the Paths to higher mind and so much more than can be written in this space. If you really want to know yourself, these are the classes for you.