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Occult consultation.

Occult consultation.

I offer a question answer format for occult information concerning your dreams, astral projections, Qabalistic philosophy, Western Magic, and any questions about the difference between what are "twin flames" and what are "soul mates". What are the Anima and Animus aspects of the Soul. What are Auric fields and the various light bodies and what do they operate as? There are no tarot readings offered here, only a question answer period online, face to face, via Google Meet. I will answer any question concerning the occult powers and "above all things, know thyself " philosophy and questions on the Gnosis. PayPal will contact me when you have purchased this consultation period, and I will then contact you via your email and set up the schedule with you. This is a one fee charge and not by the hour, so I will answer a multitude of questions. Give yourself at least an hours' time so I can answer all your questions and even recommend books that will help you understand your power as a "spiritual being". Thank you for your interest and may you live long and prosper.
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