The Tarot of Eli,LLC: The Tarot of The Old Path- Ten of Cauldrons & The Thoth Tarot- 10 of Cups- Satiety.

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· Old Path Tarot


tarot of the old path- ten of cauldrons

The Tarot of the Old Path 10 of Cauldrons illustrates a happy scene of a wealthy and contented family surrounded by seven cauldrons, while each person is holding one of their own. Water is the element of this card as it is of all the Cauldron cards, and it is represented by the color of clothing and the reflective cauldrons themselves, as well as, the cascading waterfall in the back ground.

There isn't much more message in this card than that of loving family life, abundance and contentment.

The primary meaning of this card seems to be happiness in the home, and coming through trials and tribulations well, with success and love abounding. Attaining the hearts desire.

The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety:

The 10 OF CUPS is known as SATIETY, and is attributed to Mars in Pisces. Crowley calls this card, The Lord of Perfected Success, as this is the influence of MALKUTH in the unconscious Mental World known as Briah. Satiety, is word meaning, filled to the point of excess, though it is hard to argue that excessive happiness is a negative thing; However , it could be distracting. To reiterate: MALKUTH, Earth, is the 10th Serphiroth on the Tree of Life, and is therefore,the placement of the 4 Tens.

The Ram headed cups signify the sign of Aries/Mars. What is exceptional about this card, is that the general astrological meaning of Mars in Pisces doesn't apply. Pisces is a watery sign, and Mars would signify a dispersal of energy to a point of frustration.

However, the meaning here is that fiery Mars causes the Waters of Pisces to rush furiously into Briah, bringing great success on the Material plane of Malkuth; but this success is fleeting, as the off kilter cups imply.

The imagery of this Thoth Tarot card expresses the opinion that all happiness is inspired from above, i.e. comes from the Divine Self. One could say that Happiness, is a higher-inner state of energy consciousness.

To be sure, when Tradition Tarot is used for Divination, it is best applied to Mundane matters, where as the meaning of the more Arcane Thoth Tarot, may be different as it is often applied to a more subtle plane of Inner Spirit. However, the small cards are objective and usually traditional meanings apply. The Placement of the cards, in the reading will clarify this statement.

The divined meaning of THE 10 OF CUPS AND THE TEN OF CAULDRONS:

  • Matters definitely arranged as wished.
  •  Permanent and lasting success.
  • A person who has come through misfortune, yet has remained steadfast in love and has found security and happiness
  • Love surrounding family life.
  • Happiness in the home.
  • Attaining one's heart's desire.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Optimism.
If ill defined:
  • Sentimentality. 
  • Bathos.
  • Inner emptiness.

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